Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bad Meat-Movie Trailer

Actress/Stunt woman Monique Ganderton has posted a link on her facebook page to a cool horror film she is in called Bad Meat. The film tells the story of a boarding house for trouble teens that transforms into a killing ground as the staff ingests some rancid meat, and turns from disciplinarian fascists to blood thirsty killers. The Youtube link is below the picture.

Note to self: Stay clear of all Canadians who want to kill you, no matter how cute they are!

Check out the crazy trailer on Youtube @

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Born Bad-Movie Review

The Asylum's Born Bad is a study in how a brutal killer worms his way into the life and the mind of his victims. Actor Michael Welch does a masterful job of portraying a psychotic, neurotic, and cocaine using killer Denny, who preys upon the weak, and vulnerable.

After meeting Brooke Duncan (Bonnie Dennison) Denny slowly worms his way into the family's life. Fixing Brooke's step-mother's car, shooting hoops with her father he slowly gains their trust. Brooke is trusting at first, but she soon sees his violent side as he threatens her and slaps her before driving her home to her family.

One of the softer moments in Born Bad, Denny (Michael Welch) and Brooke (Bonnie Dennison) at a family dinner.

The story is not altogether original, but the tense drama heats up and held my attention throughout. By the end of the film I grew to really hate the antagonist Denny and learned to care about the Duncan family, including the father Walter played rather blandly by David Chokachi.

The tense drama in Born Bad builds into a crescendo of madness in the final 30 minutes, when the family must fight for their lives. The movie flies along at a rather frantic pace throughout, and never seems to bog down. The unrated version adds about 7 additional minutes of footage, more violence and some scenes with clothes in the off position.

I rate this flick a 6.5 out of 10. I recommend checking it out on Amazon. The DVD also includes a gag reel and a short behind the scenes feature. Amazon link is below.

Hit Girls-Movie Review

As a film reviewer I watch over 100 films a year and while some have repeat watch-ability some just fall flat. Many feature length films seem like they would have worked as a short film concept, because the added material is just padding to fill out the full length of the film. Hit Girls is a short film and I am glad the filmmakers decided to leave it at that. The two ladies Rosie Fellner as Emma and Gillian MacGregor as Megan are hit-women who happen to be friends and they constantly fight.

After killing Megan's boyfriend James played by Joey Ansah they proceed to bury him in the desert, but a huge fight ensues. I really liked the action. Stunt doubles Cecily Fay and Helen Steinway Bailey are used for the final fight sequence. The film is outlandish and rather maniacal but fun to watch. The ladies are enjoyable as actors, and the dialogue is rather entertaining.

I rate the film a 6.5 out of 10 and can be watched on Youtube @

The official website is:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hide-Movie Review

Making an independent movie is a difficult task. While I commend the Brandi Brothers for attempting a horror film, I have to admit I did not like the project. Hide borrows elements or shall I say is trying to be like Scream although it is filmed in the style of the Blair Witch Project.

The entire film consists of the killer making threatening phone calls in a scream type voice to the people he is going to kill. Finally later in the film he begins to kill his victims. Set up is minimal and the grainy shaky cam video gets rather tiresome after only a few moments.

The acting in Hide is not too bad, but the source material and script are so limited that the characters are not given much to work with. One girl walks around with a crutch and doesn't seem overly scared until it is too late. There is not enough dialogue and plot development to fill a feature length film, maybe it would have worked if it was a short film.

I rate Hide a 3 out of 10 a pass, but this is a first effort, I am sure the next film will be a step up.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Actress Jemma Bolt has new website...

Above Pic: Carve Productions

Actress Jemma Bolt, who plays Charlie in The Hike, has a newly updated website and fans can also follow her activities on facebook and twitter. She has a new acting reel available for watching on Youtube @!

Above pic: Innocent Jemma in The Hike.

For her official site slip your browsers over to

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On twitter check her out @!/jemmabolt

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Carjacked-Movie Review

In Carjacked Maria Bello plays a vulnerable single mother dealing with psychological problems. She stops at a gas station and forgets gas after picking up some bagel bites for her child. She has to go back in and when she comes back she is surprised by a bank robber in the back seat with a gun to her head.

Stephen Dorff plays the bank robber and is not really that scary, but that is not what is perceived at the time as she is forced to drive to a secluded park. He switches to the front seat and proceeds to get meaner and more violent.

The movie had some pretty tense moments, and centralizes the tense relationship between attacker and villain. The acting was pretty good, but I thought Stephen Dorff did not quite match Maria Bello's intensity and emotional effort. Maria Bello is an excellent actress.

I recommend Carjacked as a study of two central characters. I rate the film a 6 out of 10 and it is available as a pre-order on Amazon.

Monique Ganderton in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

In 2012 a new twist on the Hansel and Gretel story arrives in the theaters. The kids are all grown up an witch hunters. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton play Hansel and Gretel. Interestingly enough top stunt ladies Monique Ganderton and Zoe Bell star as witches, so this film promises full on action. European hottie Famke Janssen stars as Muriel. The 60 million dollar film has a March 2nd 2012 release date.

Above image: Short Film Love and Vigilance poster.

Check out her official facebook page @

Canadian born Monique is a top stunt woman and actress and is working on several projects including a cool short film called Love and Vigilance with Sam Hargrave. She has numerous appearances in many recent big budget films including the latest Conan film. Watch for future reports and news from Monique as she blazes her way through Hollywood!

EPA/PAUL BUCK (Image Credit)

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Brand new HD video of The Hike movie premiere online !

Zara Phythian chats about The Hike. (Carve Productions)

Producer/writer/actor Ben Loyd-Holmes dicusses The Hike. (Carve Productions)

Actress Zara Phythian has provided Dan's Movie Report with a fresh new link to The Hike film premiere in the U.K. The video was professionally produced by carve productions. In the video check out Zara and a couple of her co-stars screaming a bit after chatting about the film. Zara asks if she should scream into the mike, I say let out a yell into the ear of someone who is not suspecting it! hahaha

While most ladies scream in fear, Zara screams like she is gonna hurt something! (Carve productions)

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Screening of David Blyth's Horror masterpiece Wound in Somerville, MA USA!

Producer David Blyth has contacted me and informed me of a special screening of his cult horror hit Wound. It takes place at Night of the Bizarre - All Things Horror
Sat, Dec 3 2011, 8:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.
Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA, United States

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