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Outcast Movie Review

Above photo: Chinese Poster for 'Outcast' (C) 2014 Yunnan Film Group

'Outcast' is an odd film, an amalgamation of U.S. and Chinese talent. Starring Nic Cage, , and . Basically the film is a story of a murder and sort of revenge, all set against the backdrop of odd Crusade style uniforms and time period, with mish-mashed time period devices and variety of English dialects.

'Outcast' opens with a medieval, crusade style battle, dare I say melee. Actually the battle sequences on the 3D 97 minute film are enjoyable, not super long, but good enough to evoke an emotional response. Not really sure however if the Crusaders in the 12th century actually made it to China, mainly because the country was still in the Confucianism stage of evolution. Skewed history, but still possible to make a fun film, however, sadly other aspects of the film make it fall flat.

Character development in 'Outcast' is on the fly, but never delves deep enough to full care about, nor even like or dislike any of the characters. The younger cast members, the children of the fallen leader actually are the most likeable ones, and it is easy to develop a sympathetic ideaology to them, however the same cannot be said for much of anything else. The film travels from battle to battle rapidly, and when the cast is not fighting the dialogue is rather week and uninspiring.

Above Photo: (C) 2014 Yunnan Pictures

I wanted to enjoy 'Outcast' as I think that the combination of U.S. and Chinese film making can and needs to work. In order for films like this to work a concerted effort in dialogue, perhaps mixed languages, and or accents need to be upgraded. If it is an historical type drama, even a work of fiction to at least set it in a backdrop of the proper time period. There just were not any knights Templar in China in the 12th Century. Finally cast actors and actresses with a zest for emotion.

Overall I give 'Outcast' a 5 out of 10. I do admit that the battle scenes, action, and stunts are fun and perhaps worth a rent, but that is about it. Hats off go to Nick Powell, and the entire action and stunt team, as it is a difficult transition from stunt man to director, and I am sure his next film will be a leap forward.

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Uppercut! Exclusive Behind The Scenes Photos And Video From The 2015 Action Film!

Above video: (C) 2014 Maria Tran- Shout out to Dan's Movie Report!

Uppercut is still in production, watch for exclusives as they come! In the mean time check out Maria Tran's other cool film called Hit Girls, and her action demos! Like Her on Facebook!  My review and link to Hit Girls is @

As always, watch for more exclusives direct from Producer Marcel, including a detailed full contact, ultra-violent and adorable interview with Maria Tran in 2015! On the only real independent source for exclusive movie content on the web, Dan's Movie Report! Forget the zeros get with the heroes!

Check out the film on IMDB @

Yoson An Interview (C) 2014 A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

ABOVE PHOTO: Yoson An publicity shot for 'Ghost Bride' (C) 2013 Clinton Tudor

Greetings my valued readers, I hope you all had a joyous holiday season. For my final interview of 2014, I present to you, all the way from New Zealand, Yoson An. Yoson is a multi-faceted performer who first caught my attention as the lead actor on David Blyth's horror film Ghost Bride (See Review:  ) In addition he has starred in two television shows for HBO in New Zealand, one called Flat3 and the other a horror mini-series called Grace. Big things are planned for Yoson in 2015, I am happy to have a short chat with him about Ghost Bride, and keep reading Dan's Movie Report as next year Yoson will discuss his newer projects!

Chat about your childhood, and what made you become interested in acting.

I was born in China and went to an international school there until the age of 6. My family then moved away from China and went to live in Australia for 2 years, then to New Zealand, and have been in New Zealand ever since. I've done some musical theatre in high school and absolutely loved it. But I didn't really get into acting until the 2nd year of my University Studies.. I just did not enjoy what I was studying at all and thought to myself "is this really the path I want to take? and do what I don't enjoy for the rest of my life?" So I just started exploring really.. first started with free student short films, then went onto acting classes and got myself an agent I can trust. Have never looked back since. 

Continuing the discussion of your background, I know you have some action and martial arts experience chat about that and some additional training you have developed.

My dad threw me and my sister in Karate classes when I was about 9 and I've practiced Karate for over a decade now (I have a black belt). Some of the other martial arts intrigued me as well, such as Ninjutsu and MMA, I also trained in them for a few years. But I don't like fighting, I learn a Martial Art more for the philosophy behind the art. I'm a very peaceful person :)

ABOVE PHOTO: Yoson An as Jason in 'Ghost Bride' (C) 2013 ILA Film Productions

Chat about the process for being selected for Ghost Bride.

I saw an ad on a website called Starnow for Ghost Bride and I thought to myself, why not? So I applied. But I didn't hear back from David until 3 weeks later.

Many times I see that ads are a powerful tool to begin the process. Did you have to go through auditions, or was it more informal?

Oh did I have to go through auditions... I did about 6-7 auditions for Ghost Bride, including call backs. It was insane! David had me on the edge the entire time during that process (bless him). It was my first feature film audition, so I was incredibly nervous as well. But there really was no reason to be nervous, David's a really nice guy and made sure I was comfortable during the audition process.

I respect the audition process, also it is good practice for future film and TV roles. Ghost Bride has some cool story ideas, when you read the script, what went through your mind as you read the dialogue for your character Jason? Did you see any of yourself in Jason

To be honest, Ghost Bride was my first feature so I was ecstatic when I got to read the script. I did also see a little bit of me in the character when I read the script. The film's idea is very unique and original as well I must say, the part that I enjoyed reading the most was the climax, I just wanted to keep reading to see what will happen next in the story.

ABOVE PHOTO: Yoson An as Jason kisses Rebekah Palmer as Sky in 'Ghost Bride' (C) 2013 ILA Film Productions

In the film your character Jason has a strong relationship to Rebekah Palmer's character Sky, how did you prepare for the on screen chemistry?

Rebeckah and I got along since day 1 of the shoot, even during the auditioning process. So I didn't have much to prepare for in terms of acting as a couple, we kind of just went with it since we're get along really well behind the camera anyway.

Rebekah seems very cool, look forward to interviewing her in 2015! Chat about working with David Blyth, and some of the information he has given you for Ghost Bride and your future projects.

It's been very interesting working with David, I was never really into horror films until I met David. So I now have an experience as to what goes on behind a horror film set. It's best to just enjoy the journey of making the film because that's where the fun is.

(ABOVE PHOTO: Yoson as Jason shares a moment with Fiona Feng (Mey-Ling) (C) 2013 ILA Film Productions

Chat about the process of working on lower budget films in New Zealand.

Ghost Bride may have been a lower budget NZ film, but the crew were all professionals and many of them have worked on the LOTR and Spartacus etc. I have also had the opportunity to work on big budget productions myself, and I feel that with lower budget films you have much more flexibility and things 'get done' in a much quicker pace.

That is good to know about the professionalism of indie projects. I know many big budget films shoot in New Zealand, do you feel that many of the local actors and crew are allowed the same chances that outside people are given?

I wouldn't say 'many' but there are a few, but more and more of them are coming to NZ. So in that aspect, I do feel that local actors and crews are a little more disadvantaged than actors and crew members from LA for example. But in saying that, I heard 2015 is going to be a big year for the New Zealand film industry. Fingers crossed!

I hope more film an TV opportunities come to native New Zealanders. What are some of your future desires in film, people you want to work with and types of projects?

I wish to write/produce/direct/act in my own films in the future. Working with Christopher Nolan would be amazing.

Is your ultimate goal to move to the USA?

No, I wouldn't say that's my 'ultimate goal'.. No offense to the US, but I quite like it here in New Zealand, I really enjoy nature. But I'm not saying there won't be a possibility of my moving to the US though, that's just not my ultimate goal in life. I think my ultimate goal would be finding peace and happiness within myself; acting on my highest excitement at every moment with zero expectations of what the outcome ought to be, I believe that's the ultimate formula to happiness for anyone. 

I respect your honest answer, Hollywood at times does not seem to realize that films are worldwide, and there are many opportunities away from the U.S.. Outside of the obvious, what are some other projects you have lined up in 2015?

I will be doing my first theatre production in early 2015, and also planning to shooting my own feature that I'm writing at the moment. I'm not really sure what I'll be doing yet, I'll have to go with the flow and whatever the Universe brings me :) 

Thank you for your time Yoson, I know we will be chatting in the near future, I look forward to seeing the TV shows as well. Have a great new year! For further information check out Yoson on his official Facebook page @ his IMDB page is @ Definitely keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more in 2015!

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Knock Movie Review (2014) Short Film

Above Photo: Poster for 'Knock' (C) 2014 Joseph I. Martinez

From the clever horror mind of Joseph I Martinez comes a 5 minute blast of creepiness called 'Knock' After a dare, Emma goes to the abandoned mine and knocks three times. She claims she has heard three knocks back, and a mystical being called  "The Cavewitch" The two ladies hole up in the bedroom in fear for their life.

'Knock' has a 'Candyman' style premise but the mystery is never solved. Actually 'Knock' would make a great feature length film. With only a 5 minute run time, the audience is thrust into what essentially is the middle of the film, kind of like a Poe short story.

'Knock' Behind the scenes. Noelle Ann Mabry, Arielle Branchfeld, Joseph I. Martinez ,David M. Brewer. (C) 2014

All of the aspects of 'Knock' are totally pro in feel. David M. Brewer
who also was the director of photography on 'Insidious' gives the audience an up close view of the fright, we see fear on the actress faces, and the creepiness of the surroundings. Lighting, shadows, and almost ghostly images permeate the film to add urgency.

'Knock' Behind the scenes. Noelle Ann Mabry, Ashley Pallas (C) 2014

Acting from the two leads as Emma, and as Murielle, is consistent and not over the top, which happens in horror films. Amazingly enough they look scared, but the screams, whispers, and facial expressions, denote an air of insecurity, not just fear.

Arielle is experienced in the horror genre and it shows.Her mannerisms and expressions add gravitas to the production. Many horror films suffer from the either dis-interested or unconvincing actor, emotionless or the other extreme of over the top faking it.

At times, short films that run only 5 minutes do not give the audience enough to chew on, in 'Knock' the view is treated to a cornucopia of subtleties and multi-layered textured concepts and directions the story could travel if fleshed out.

Watch for the film at festivals, and later in 2015 to be available for online viewing!  Check out the film on IMDB for more info @

KNOCK will make its world premiere as an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2015 Pasadena International Film Festival!!passes-events/c1mya the festival runs February 11th thru the 15th.

In addition to his new film 'Knock' Joseph Martinez also has another amazing film out called 'I See You' Starring Celina Jade! Check out  'I See You' on Vimeo @ my review is @

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Lady Bloodfight In Production! Hong Kong 2015! (Exclusive Report!) (Exclusive Photos!)

Update: 3-12-15: Greetings my fellow action fans!!!! As promised over the course ot the next few months Dan's Movie Report will be THE exclusive home for all things Lady Bloodfight! Lead Actress Amy did her interview prior to the production due to her busy schedule. Now that the film has wrapped and in post, ready for a slated November 2015 unleashing! Bey Logan and Jet Tranter have been asked and accepted the challenge!

Bey Logan is a legend in HK action! Prior too Lady Bloodfight he worked on the new Crouching Tiger film! Currently he works in Asia, China and HK. Currently he works @ 
  Bey Logan resumes participation in The Weinstein Company on its Asian production and acquisition. The first major project is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel. Various exciting acquisitions for North American and international markets are also in the pipeline

Jet Tranter is a powerhouse of action and intensity, she brings her A game to every project she puts out! here is her 2014 showreel prior to filming Lady Bloodfight!

Follow her and like her!

Update: 2-18-15 Hot new exclusive photos from Behind The Scenes of 'Lady Bloodfight' (C) 2015! Principal photography is complete on the Bey Logan produced film starring Amy Johnston, and directed by Chris Nahon! Check out the brand new IMDB link @

Above Photo: Amy Johnston poses for pre-production on 'Lady Bloodfight' (C) 2014 Uri L. Schwarz

Update February 12th 2015: Lady Bloodfight principal photography almost complete! Actress Amy Johnston reports exclusively to Dan's Movie Report that the film is in the final stages of principal photography only 3 more days til wrap! Amy provides these exclusive quick snaps on set of the action film in Hong Kong!

All above photos (C) 2015 Amy Johnston, exclusive for Dan's Movie Report!

Get in on the action! From Producer Bey Logan, (Crouching Tiger II: The Green Destiny) comes 'Lady Bloodfight' The film promises to be a full force action masterpiece featuring ladies in the forefront. Director Chris Nahon and action director Hung Yan Yan prepare for the action by scouting locations. The actresses including , Jet Tranter ( ) Jenny Wu, Lisa Cheng , Muriel Hofman and many more are in training for the fights and detailed action sequences!

Keep watching this space as production concludes, with more exclusive photos and video!

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Upcoming on Dan's Movie Report: Action Actor Vinicius Machado!

Greetings my action fans! As the year winds down, here is something to look forward to for the future an interview with Vinicius Machado!

Most recently, Vinicius played the controversial role of Nomar Arcielo on Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's new TV show "Power" on Starz.

With roles in many prime time TV shows, including "Cold Case", "CSI Miami", "NCIS", "Flash Forward", "The Shield", "General Hospital" - he is sought after today as a Hollywood talent around the world.

On the big screen, Vinicius hilariously played a valet attendant in the box office blockbuster comedy "Get Smart", starring Steve Carell. He also produces and writes – many of his self-produced, self-written projects are already completed and available for viewing online, while others are in development, and some are being filmed now.

Watch his demo reel here -
 Born in Niteroi, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil, Vinicius grew up in Orlando, Florida. An early love of performing birthed from dancing Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts) led to major roles in local theater productions, commercials, and feature films. His passion and talent eventually brought him to Los Angeles, where he immediately found success on Nickelodeon's hit series “Neds’ Declassified School Survival Guide”.

Check out his IMDB page for a full list of his credits here -

When not working, Vinicius spends his time with his three kids and wife, living the life they always dreamed of together. He is a big advocate of the charities Feed The Children and Vision for the World.

You can follow Vinicius on his social media here:

Twitter -
Instagram -
Facebook -

Alien Rising Movie Review (2013)

Originally titled 'Gemini Rising' this independent film will be released by Breaking Glass Pictures on January 20th 2015. Keeping this film review short, Alien Rising is a story of an ex-homeland security agent Lisa Morgan (). After watching her partner die on a mission, she wants to put distance between herself and her past life. Turns out Lisa is a twin and she is needed for some sort of top secret experiment on an alien and it's doppelganger.

Sadly the film unfolds at a pace that is about as urgent as a snail riding a turtle's back. Lisa is kidnapped against her will and she is forced to fight much larger agents to prove herself. While the fighting itself is not bad, the action feels like padding that serves as a distraction to the main story.

Lance Henrikson and the rest of the cast plod through what perhaps could have been a decent film, but the twin connection is never fully explained, and by the time the action gets going, the interest in the characters wane.' Alien Rising' has some rather questionable CGI but not bad for an indie film.

On the positive side, the film has some thought provoking concepts, with regards to the treatment of the aliens. The fact that it explores treatment of another species can of course correlate to the way the U.S. treats immigrants. Amy's acting is pretty good, given the tepid source material. Overall, I give 'Alien Rising' a rent only rating, 5 out of 10. The film is available on Amazon, follow the link below.