Saturday, November 5, 2011

Upcoming on Dan's Movie Report...

Next year, 2012 will be a huge year for Dan's Movie Report! Watch for interviews with Angela Meryl, Ben Loyd Holmes, Cynthia Rothrock, Eileen Daly, and other surprises, including contests! Next interview Kantz.

Actress/ Stunt Woman Mam Smith says the the Stuntacular was a smashing success!

Mam Smith from her FB page

Every Halloween the good folks from the stunt community give back by supporting the Make-A-wish Foundation and put on a cool stunt show in L.A. The 8th Annual Stuntacular 2011 was a great success and Mam Smith who stars as the ruthless and cute villain in the new 3 Musketeers film posted a cool new video and shows the people having a great time. Stunt people are a close knit community always looking out for each other. Check out the two cool You tube videos below:

Dan's Music Report is ready to write about happenings in the stunt community. In 2012 look for interview with Actress/ Stunt Woman and now author Angela Meryl who worked on Kill Bill and recently won a Taurus Award (Stunt Award) for best fight doubling Beyonce in Obsessed! She will discuss her new book and her work on Battleship. I interviewed Angela 7 years ago for Vengeance Magazine.

If you are a stunt man or woman please send me news and photos I will post it, asap!

Mad Max: Fury Road will happen! Zoë Kravitz officially in the fold!

Zoë Kravitz with Elevator Flight (Image from Youtube KarmaloopTV)

I have been reading various reports about George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road from sites like E! online and Indie Wire reports that Fury Road will begin production in March of 2012! Actress Zoë Kravitz has contacted me and told me of her official involvement in the production. As soon as I get official update from her including a shooting schedule and character she will play I will post it on Dan's Movie Report. Look for set reports and other information on Dan's Movie Report. The film will also star Tom Hardy as Mad Max and Charlize Theron.

Zoë's band Elevator Flight is still performing at various venues and have posted a very cool new video on youtube slide your browsers over to

Curse Of The Phantom Shadow

Funding an independent film can be a risky venture for all parties involved. I present some initial news of a project called Curse of the Phantom Shadow. Mark Ross has assembled an enthusiastic team to present a film that pays homage to the old school spy thrillers like Dick Tracy.

The Website is

They are trying to reach a goal of 5,000 dollars to make the film and are currently at 1/5th of the goal. As I writer I must point out to research all projects carefully before making an investment. The project appears to have a decent head start in that props have been built and sample set images were sent to me.

I will review the finished project when and if it is completed, and wish Mark and his crew success on it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Actress/Musican Eileen Daly finishing theme tune for movie "Rose" and has new website!

Eileen Daly from The Courtesans website

Check out Eileen Daly with her new website @

Eileen is a great actress and singer look for interview in 2012 when "Rose" prepares for release! If you cannot wait to see her check out her most awesome movie "Razor Blade Smile" ! Make sure it is the unrated one! haha Eileen is at her violent best.

Aimee Spinks- Photographic expert and lensmaster--

Above Pic: Aimee Spinks from her facebook page.

Greetings readers of Dan's Movie Report! In my writings I have used many photographs and gave credit to the photographers if I am aware of where the image originated. As a photographer of musical acts in the 80s and 90s I appreciate talented lens people honing their craft. I have to give a special mention to one Aimee Spinks, who before she became a photographer was in training to be a stunt person. She was coached in Wushu Kung Fu by Liang Yang who starred alongside Zara Phythian in 'Underground,' and under him Aimee earned a national gold and world silver medal.

Above Pic: Aimee Spinks in action on her facebook page.

As a photographer it is important to know your subject before filming it. I learned how to play the guitar BEFORE I filmed people playing it! Aimee is well qualified and has proven herself time and again with amazing shots, rich in detail and capturing the mood of the subject. After looking over her site I am particularly amazed at her work with actress Zara Phythian showing her softer side and along with the lighting and mood sets a tone for her future work.

To enable herself to take a more active part in telling the story itself, Aimee began training as a camera operator and DoP (director of photography) and she is currently setting up her own production company, Babel Productions. As a result, Aimee is presently working as both a unit stills photographer and DoP though her aim is to make DoP'ing her primary career path.

Above Pic is Zara Phythian photo shoot with Aimee (C) 2010 Aimee Spinks

She is currently based in the UK, and will make an excellent addition to any photography project.

Contact her through her official site @

Look for new and exclusive photography work from Aimee on Dan's Movie Report!

Warrioress production complete, almost ready for distrubution!

Above Pic: You sir are on the wrong end of a flying knee! Cecily Fay as Boudiccu

Ross Boyask and Cecily fay are putting the finishing touches on the film Warrioress. The film is a female centric story and follows the epic journey of two powerful female warriors Cecily Fay as Boudiccu and Joelle Simpson as White Arrow as they travel across the land to fight a ritual dual and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

This is one lady that you want on your side in battle! Joelle Simpson as White Arrow

Seems easy enough except there are evil dangerous assassins lucking at every turn. Ms Zara Phythian portrays Falonex Assassin 1 and will stop at nothing to deter Cecily from her most noble goal. Warrioress promises to be full of action, and copious amounts roughness from the ladies, who bring decades of martial arts experience into the fold. Cecily just completed her work on Snow White and the Huntsman, she is a force beyond comprehension, because her sword work is legendary and lightning quick.

Judging from the pic below, many foes will be vanquished! One bad day to be a ninja!

Remember, 2012 is the year of the Warrioress!

Go to:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The question- Who is Jose Luck? It is a new movie!

Above Pic: Who is Jose Luck? Poster.

From 3 Heads Productions comes a new film entitled: Who is Jose Luck? The short info on the films plot states: "Four Wiseguys have a business meeting with their Boss and realize they have a problem in common that needs a solution. Jose Luck! That solution solves all of their problems and more." Who is Jose Luck? is billed as a combination of a crime drama and a comedy, judging from the unusual trailer (link Below) allows viewers to interpret the context themselves. This film has a Rev Bob Levy connection in that Joe Kearney, who often sits in on Levy's show is in the film. So this flick should be one interesting slab of celluloid or digital video.

You tube Trailer@

Official Production site @

IMDB site @

Buy from Amazon @

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Metal Tornado-Movie Review

This one kind of surprised me. Metal Tornado is like a ultra low budget version with mediocre special effects version of The Day After tomorrow. The story opens with a scientist creating a magnetic containment fields to harness the sun's solar flares into magnetic energy than convert the magnetic pulses into electricity. The experiment goes awry when the vortex spirals out of control and he is killed before contacting his old employer, The Helios Company. They are conducting the global test with massive satellites and two huge collection areas, one in Pennsylvania one near Paris.

After this pretty cool set-up Lou Diamond Phillips, working at Helios attempts to convince his bosses that the strange anomalies occurring around town are caused by his company. The believability of Phillips as an astro-physicist is at least higher than Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist, but not by much. He is so understated in his delivery I never felt the sense of urgency on screen. The magnetic rapidly spirals literally out of control, and the rest of the film is spent trying to stop it.

Sexy biker chick Lisa (Cinthia Burke), good thing her leather was not covered in metal, would not want to see her get sucked away!

The movie, while the science is flawed, is rather interesting, some of the acting is terrible most is average. I really liked Nicole de Boer as the empathetic scientist Rebecca and Cinthia Burke as the tough biker Chick Lisa. Thought they gave effort and put a little pizazz in their characters. Both are good actresses and hope they get bigger budget roles after this.

Rebecca (Nicole de Boer) witnesses the huge magnetic storm and surprise, she panics! She has no transporter to escape to DS9!

Overall I liked the film somewhat, especially as a TV movie, I give a cautionary rent to those who are into disaster or scientific related films Metal Tornado rates a 5.5 out of ten and decent, but does not blow as hard as it should.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011! Preview of the movie Hide, and Bai Ling Single "Rehab" on iTunes

Greetings ghouls and goblins, hope you had and are having a great day. Just as a site update, Dan's Movie Report has crossed the 10,000 page view count for October of 2011, and the 25,000 page view all time plateau! Thanks to all who have visited the site, the people supplying me with films to review, and special thanks to the ladies Bai Ling, Cecily Fay, Zara Phythian, and Zoë Kravitz for doing interviews in 2011!

Actress Bai Ling has a song "Rehab" available on iTunes @ The song celebrates her successful completion of rehab and thanks those who were supportive.

From Jamison Brandi and Jason Brandi and Brandi Brothers Productions comes the film Hide. A psychopath lures teens to play a deadly game of hide-and-seek is the basic premise, and it sounds rather interesting.

For the official site "Hide" your browsers to

A trailer is @

Look for future review on Dan's Movie Report!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse-Movie Review

The debate rages on among zombie enthusiasts, should they be slow moving or fast? My philosophy is that while the slow and lumbering zombies represent the original concept and idea, the rapid moving evolutionary aspect of the "newer" zombies is rather interesting. With Zombie Apocalypse, the viewer doesn't even have to make a choice because there are a little of both. Some move slow, some lumber, some limp, and some run, something for everyone.

Zombies are a coming in Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombie Apocalypse follows a ragtag band of survivors looking for refuge on a mythical island named Catalina. Ving Rhames and Taryn Manning star and lead the charge. I thought this was not too bad of a Scifi movie from The Asylum. The sets were decent for a low budget film, sometimes a bit sparse, however the CGI blood was kind of tame. I think the actual make-up should have been more complete, some of the zombies were not overly convincing.

There is some character development, not as much as the high quality The Walking Dead series. The development is on the fly as the group is always trying to get either avoid or run away from the oncoming zombies.

The acting in the film is average, Ving is his usual forceful self. I liked the character Cassie portrayed with intensity by Lesley-Ann Brandt. I thought she stepped it up and had some decent lines and some cool kills with her sword. She is a good actress and pleasurable to gaze at. Check her out in Spartacus.

Cassie (Lesley-Ann Brandt) allows a zombie to feel the end of her boot!

Zombie Apocalypse actually releases to home video from The Asylum in December. I rate this film a 6.5 out of 10 a definite rent and possible purchase if you are a zombie fan.

Pre-Order on Amazon @