Monday, May 8, 2023

Angus McSix And the Sword of Power (2023) Napalm Records - © 2023 Dan's Movie & Music Report – Danny Templegod


Above Image: (C) 2023 Angus McSix from their official page. Skaw, Angus, Thalia and in the back Sebulon!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie & Music Report readers. Although I have reviewed several musical releases on my site, my intention is to balance my movie reviewing with some great music. A perfect place to begin my quest is the the amazing Napalm Records release of the debut release of Angus McSix.

Angus McSix is essentially a super-group comprised of well respected members of groups who they are either a current part or past part of. Thomas Winkler is the the vocalist, with a well publicized exit from 'Gloryhammer' Seeb of course is the mastermind of 'Orden Ogen' . The incredibly talented guitarist Thalia came from 'Frozen Crown' after and amicable split from the band in 2020. The mighty drummer, and I do mean mighty, goes by the name of Skaw in Angus McSix is well respected and will make sure everyone in the band is in tip top physical shape!!

The double CD which is quite clever packaging includes a second all orchestral version. I love this! I think there are times when it is great to have the option to listen to classical music, while driving! Both discs sound great, in headphones and at maximum volume through speakers.

Musically the two stand out tracks are 'Sixcalibur' and 'Laser Shooting Dinosaurs'. I listened to a detailed interview with Thalia where she discussed that she had the option to of course add solos to the songs, but like the true pro she is, she only chose 'Sixcalibur' as she said it was important not to distract from Thomas vocals and the vibe of the song. This brings me to my next point, it is extremely obvious that Thalia is an amazing guitarist, yet manages at the young age of 23 to recognize that it is now about consistently ripping solos in every song. I mean I really love power metal, but at times, over soloing just feels at times unecessary.

'Laser Shooting Dinosaurs, which incidentally has an over the top hysterical animated music video is just fun and creative. Again this band is made up of professional musicians who respect each other's talent.

Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention the worlds ultimate diss track 'Masters of The Universe' I mean the lyrics are next level hysterical and just maniacal. I mean, “Glory left my hammer, now I wield a sword” Seeb and Thomas really created a unique project.

I have watched some of the live performances from their first tour with 'Warkings' and the mighty

Thalia and Thomas danced with a dinosaur on stage! The crowd loved it! I feel that this band was made to perform live and in 2024 I am sure they will hit the USA! This new cd is perfect. Rating an 11 out of 10, as everything in this realm is one better!!

This brings me to my final point, three cheers to Napalm Records for literally delivering on all levels with the incredibly high quality releases and support of women metal as well. With my next review I plan to tackle Ignea's new CD!

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