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Craig Fairbrass Interview © 2020 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod

Above: Craig Fairbrass in Villain, Image courtesy of Saban Films, (C) 2020 All Rights Reseved

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. Once again another amazing interview! Actor Craig Fairbrass brings the action home in 'Villain' and chats about the film, 'Avengement', and how he keeps in shape. Craig is a down to Earth, honest and humble man, always looking forward to the next project with enthusiasm. Sit back, relax, and get ready for some pummeling text!

DMR: Starting with 'Villain', chat about the preproduction process, how long did you have, were there table reads?

CraigF: Yeah we did a table read first off..just to hear the words then we just chatted and got to know the other cast members- then we had a week of rehearsals just woking through scenes tweaking certain lines and just generally working scenes especially the scenes with my brother Sean and the heavies.

Above: Craig Fairbrass and Izuka Hoyle (Chloe) in 'Villain' - Image Courtesy of Saban Films (C) 2020 All rights reserved.

DMR: Chat about working with actress Izuka Holye, you really had some emotional scenes with her, what aspects of your own character did you explore prior to shooting that scene and how did Izuka help to bring out the emotions in you.

CraigF: Izuka is a lovely girl ..she put herself on tape for the role of Chloe along with a lot of other actors - we then had a short list who came in and read with me on camera - she was absolutely amazing, she nailed it and even in the audition with me we both got very emotional as the scenes came alive. When we were filming she great to have around a real positive energy and cared greatly about her work. For me, they were the most important scenes they were the back bone of there film its the only time you genuinely you have real empathy for Eddie. and I think they speak for themselves.

Above: Craig Fairbrass as Eddie Franks waits pensively. (C) 2020 Saban Films All rights reserved.

DMR: Chat about the emotional aspect of 'Villain' in general, the anger, grief, worries, what type of direction were you given on your character and what did you add in as improvising upon that?

CraigF: I went out of my way to make Eddie very naturalistic it was the emotional journey, the human story that attracted me to the part. I wanted to make him interesting , tough when he needed to be but above all vulnerable and to show the hurt and ultimately being a victim of circumstance with his own actions for wanting to do the right thing ultimately becoming his downfall

DMR: In my review I liked the film to a mix of 'Falling Down 'and 'Taken' curious as to your take on 'Villain' and what films played a part in your mind of character?

CraigF: What film did you watch?? TAKEN!!??:)))) No, no for me straight away my references were 'A History of violence' and 'Shane' - the man who really doesn’t wanna know anymore and wants to leave the life behind, being pushed to the limits and then having no choice but to take action and in doing he becoming a victim of his own actions. (Similar to me answer above)

DMR: Ahh yes, did not even think of the 'History of Violence' film! Watch 'Falling Down' though, a self depricating character. On to the action, chat about some of the training for 'Villain', did it carryover from 'Avengement'?

Above: Villian Poster. Image courtesy of the official IMDB page for Villain, (C) 2020 Saban Films All rights reserved, not monetized.

Craigf: There was no training it is not that kind of film, 'Villian' is more rooted in reality then fantasy high kicking violence. When the violence comes it is short and quick with impact, like real life but brutal and disturbing.

DMR: Speaking of 'Avengement', chat a bit about working with Scott Adkins on that film.

CraigF: Yeah had a nice few days on 'Avengement' - I like Scott he’s great at what he does, and even he wanted to stretch his acting chops on that one. I think the scenes really worked.

DMR: Wrapping up, chat about what new projects you have in the works, and perhaps your training regimen to stay in shape.

CraigF: I'm like most actors we all work out as much as we can as you get older its doesn’t get any easier..but its seriously helps to have some kind training and disciplined regime. Mine is a mixture of weights and cardio and sports.

DMR: Thanks again for this illuminating interview! Craig, great work in Villain and best wishes for the new films!

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Yessenia Cossio chats Ultimate Tag on FOX! A global EXCLUSIVE! © 2020 Dan's Movie Report- Danny Templegod

Above: Yessenia as Dynamite from ULTIMATE TAG! (C) 2020 Fox. Used for promotional purposes only

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers! Get ready to TAG in! Fox Networks is now airing! Wednesday May 20th!

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Over the course of the next several months I will have several exclusive interviews with Yessenia! Stage one, is of course The new show! Stage two: Punisher! Stay locked to Dan's Movie Report and for more exclusives!

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DMR Chat about Ultimate Tag, The new show hosted by JJ Watt. Curious if you can reveal how you were cast and how many weeks did it take to film?

Yessenia: We were going through the interview process, even before I was filming Exelton. In September of 2018 I had one of the show producers reach out to me through email, till today I have no idea how they found me, and they won't say it! (Ed Note-- ) Hmm I wonder also! They found me and just happen to know a lot about me, even what was not on the internet.
(hmm again I ponder this!)

They eventually passed me on to a few other interviewers. I felt the producers really liked me. They were looking for someone athletic, and with a personality, they felt comfortable with me. They told me they would be in touch in two or three months and December of 2018 came and I got booked for Exatlon and I had to leave in January and came back late February and they were trying to get a hold of me, thankfully after being eliminated from Exatlon I was able to get back to them in late February right on time! 

Above Yessenia on her previous show. (C) 2019 Telemundo used for promo purposes only.

DMR: WOW yes. Chat about how they contacted you.

They emailed me wondering if I am still interested in being a part of the show and I am like Oh my GOD yes! I remember them telling me the news over Skype, they were acting weird and mysterious, not really revealing what was going on. They asked me to go on a call at 5pm, then they said sorry for the delay can you go on a call at 5:30, then eventually at 6pm, I was like haha what the hell is going on, but I am assuming they are in a bunch of various meetings discussing the show. Well when I got on the Skype the first thing they said was “Welcome to Warner Bros!” I did not know what the TV show was for, what network, etc..., literally was surprised. I did not know it was for FOX did not know the production company. I just knew it was a TAG show, a basic summary and what they were looking for. Then they told me welcome to Warner Bros and it is for FOX network I almost fell back in my chair! I was so excited and shocked having just come back from Exalton and I had no time to get my mind and my body in sync, back to the level I needed to be. Actually it was a learning lesson for me in the sense of you always have to be ready, whether you feel like your ready or not! I am a vegan athlete and in the Exatlon show were were there were no menu options for a vegan athlete. I knew I had to recover from this really quick to get to this other show.

DMR: Chat about Ultimate Tag, and what it is about to you.

Yessenia: The Show is about explosive movements, chase, stamina, and resistance, so yeah it is like a dream come true for me. Seven or eight years ago I remember going on a tour to Paramount Pictures as a tourist just to look at the studios. Interestingly the lady guiding the tour said if you touch the gates it will give you good luck. Just make a wish and I promise you will come back. Either in a another studio as a tourist or even working for them! I am definitely going to touch the gate and make this wish and work hard towards it! I did not exactly shoot for Paramount but Warner Bros is an amazing studio I got to work with!

DMR: How was it to work with the cast?

Yessenia: It was a dream come true being in there with so many other amazing athletes, to be part of an extreme awesome show!

DMR: Chat about some of the specific training you had to do for this show and about what during the time in between downtime.

Yessenia: I did not have time to train, since I was on another TV show. I actually did not have time to train for Ultimate Tag and literally went from one show to the next. We had like two days and my parents flew in from Miami to be in the audience! Yes they are part of the show! They got to see me do my first run! Woohoo, (Ed Note. No Spoilers what happens)

DMR: How long was the shoot?

Yessenia: We shot twelve days straight, yes that much! It was insanity literally! It was amazing and a fantastic experience. The athletes were were all really tired but very excited at the same time. We did get to do a few runs through the course before, but it was for only a few moments, you had to be ready to go right way. Either way it was an enjoyable experience watch it on FOX! Check below for this cool motion!

Thanks for part one Yessenia! Get ready kids the young action hero has much more to say, phase two is The Punisher!

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Debt Collectors (2020) Movie Review (EXCLUSIVE) © 2020 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod

Dual Cover art, top (C) 2020 Samuel Goldwyn Films / bottom (C) 2020 Dazzler Media both photos are not monetized and all rights reserved to the two companies, again thanks for this!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, I was given the glorious exclusive opportunity to view 'Payback' a shot at reviewing the U.K. Screening copy! In the United States the film will be entitled 'Debt Collectors'.

Please see my brand new interview with Jesse V. Johnson over on the site @

Please note, I am reviewing the U.K. Version so there will be no spoilers as with all of my reviews. Also please read my review of the first film, which I gave a 9 out of 10!

Kindly read my more in depth interview with Jesse regarding the first 'Debt Collector' film @

Essentially you have a continuation of the French and Sue saga. 'Payback' involves a road trip to Vegas to set off the film in motion, the best part is part 2 had a much larger budget, or so it seems, the scope of the film, felt bigger, fights were more epic. I know hard to improve on the original, but in most cases they did! 

Here is what I really liked about 'Payback' the addition of twists and turns, the story is interesting, and plot thickens. I enjoyed all of the locations. Time was taken to do location scouting. There is a a particular scene, small spoiler, that involves Parkour, I will not say what happens, but the way it was filmed is great! Angles, people running etc... I could see everything not off in the distance. Luke LaFontaine who I plan on interviewing again, did an amazing job coordinating the action! One thing about Luke, he knows the actor's strengths! Much respect go to the new ladies in the mix, Mayling Ng, always a menacing villain! Marina Sirtis, who I met years back really was amazing doing a 180 and playing not an Empath so hah, she has stuff to say! Marina is exactly the opposite in 'Payback' as her real life persona, she is kind compassionate etc.. That said, Jesse was right I was blown away by newcomer Charity Collins, she was the craziest of the three! Her acting and natural ability are quite stunning, respect ladies, take three bows!

On to Mr. Scott Adkins, and Louis Mandylor, what can I say, Legends! Sometimes, legends have to fight it out! No Spoilers! There is good road banter that hearkens back to the early days of Hawaii 5-0 reboot, clever, yet crazy! Some true hysterical lines are when Marina Sirtis calls Adkins a Shoe Salesman! No more jokes! OK there are several!

Director Jesse V. Johnson, once again wrangles a bigger cast with ease! In Triple Threat, he got the most out of all of the characters! In 'Payback' he had to really push himself with a combination of new and veteran actors. I like the mix of characters. Quite honestly I had a bit of trepidation not bringing Selina Lo back but once again, he proved me wrong as this film had a darker aggressive tone, needed angrier ladies, Selina though was spitting mad in the first one! I kind of hope Selina and Mayling are brought back for part 3, cause, I need a swords vs staff fight! There I said it! Ha, evil laugh, but I know a part three is a given if this is successful! BUY the DVD!

Musically 'Payback' is excellent. Fitting theme music for the various action pieces! Sound editing is great as can cleanly hear the voices. Adkins really works hard on his vocal timing and humor not just his kicks and fists!

I have two very minor downers yet sticking points on 'Payback' I found that while the running time of 97 minutes was far too short, now the first one had a smaller scale so 95 minutes felt perfect. I wanted to see more of the gangs, the players, outside of French and Sue, I know but Danny, DTV films need to be 90 minutes or around that prior to credits crawl. In this film there is a lot going on and unless you watched the first film, will feel a trifle overwhelmed. The second one was a scene in a hotel room, where Sue and French are speaking, although the dialogue is great I feel that it went on a bit long, again, this is very minor, I would say take out a portion of that and add to learning more about various gang factions at play, and an additional 5-7 minutes to make this a 105 minute film!

I know why am I nit picking, well, I am giving the movie a kick in the balls 9.5 out of 10 rating ha-ha, I take only .5 cut for those two issues. I like the DVD cover art much better on the U.K. Release and it is a fitting title 'Payback' as in Germany the first one was called 'Payday'! If you are in the USA , Amazon has it for pre-order now comes out June 2nd, make sure you do order the first one if you have yet to see it!

Now in the U.K. 'Payback' Comes out Digital June 8th DVD July 6th. I will have more release information as it arises, Dazzler Media is releasing! Special thanks to Mike Fury, John M Jerva, and of course Jesse V. Johnson for making this review possible!