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David J Moore The Good, The Tough & the Deadly: Action Movies & Stars 1960s-Present Book Review

(C) 2016 David J. Moore and Schiffer Publishing

Before I start this review I owe David a bit of an apology for putting off this book review, between the Widescreen Festival Judging and scheduled interview commitments, a proper review of a 500 plus page book was not possible. Full disclosure, I decided to BUY the book direct from David, because anyone who has that much passion to write about action needs to be supported.

For action fans, The Good, The Tough & The Deadly is a detailed amalgamation of compiled interviews and film reviews from David. Formatted in an encyclopedia style, alphabetically by film title with an index of stars and titles reviewed in the back, with interviews thrown in. The format alone is really enjoyable, as the reader is able to pinpoint which star and which film they would like to peruse first.

Of course I began my readings with films I have reviewed and people including Cynthia Rothrock and Karen Shepard whom I have had the pleasure to have interviewed. In fact, the real highlights of the entire book are the really detailed interviews of the two ladies, as David really took the time and effort to get inside their mind for action, thoughts on making films in Hong Kong and a bit of competitive spirit between them. Partially truculent interviews are often the most entertaining. That is why I loved interviewing the people like Uwe Boll and Natassia Malthe who are not afraid to speak honestly, rather refreshing in this Hollywood vapid glossing over of action films, and refusing to answer many questions landscape, in fear of stepping on toes.

David's interview with Eric Jacobus is a real gem, and provides an inspiring look at modern day indie film making. After interviewing Eric several times since 2006 I must say each interview I read from Eric, I learn more. David J. Moore goes into a budget detail of 'Death Grip', and Eric, ever honest and open chats about it, the casting, and expense breakdown, quite informative, for readers and perspective film makers alike. Really solid work from David on the question front, and brings out the bearded, yet serious film maker side of Eric.

Scattered through the hundreds of reviews some favorites that stand out are when David J. Moore does not like a film, or a particular actor, even when I completely disagree with him, the honesty of a dislike for a project resonates, and bites like a snake, but perhaps that is his way of telling the people they can be better. An example is Skin Trade, I really liked the film, and thought that Celina Jade offered Tony Jaa a chance to explore his softer side, but David focuses on the non urgency of the action, which is a erudite point perhaps I may have over looked. He lambasted '4Got10' and I really loved what he wrote, clever and honest, it was one of Dolph's more forgettable roles.

All of the reviews are informative, in The Good, The Bad & The Deadly, and there are many amazing action stars are scattered throughout, the one major issue I have with the book is the distinct lack of mention of many of the ladies in these films, and not many lady interviews. Now obviously, 'G.I. Joe Retaliation', was a film that David J. Moore did not like, which I loved, but to completely push aside 5 months of intense training from Elodie Yung with incredibly talented stunt professionals Ming Qiu and Tara Macken is almost like reviewing a restaurant's food without mentioning a signature dish. Where was the mention of the crazy ass performance of a very young, and at the time, non-English speaking Bai Ling in The Crow? Natassia Malthe has been in several action films including playing Typhoid in the original Elektra film and is not mentioned. This is basically my only real complaint about the book.That said, I am sure now David will interview more ladies, because, they are rising in action, and David is always looking to expand his knowledge, by reading The Action Elite! #JujuChan ,#AmyJohnston, #SheenaChou, etc...I am sure will cross his path, one way or another in 2017 as David and I both respect Jesse V. Johnson, and the promotions of 'Savage Dog' and then 'Accident Man' will commence, 'cue dangerous ladies, and maniacal Dan laughter'!

Overall, The Good, The Tough & The Deadly is a thoroughly educational book, especially for those new to action genre. The Good, The Tough, & The Deadly of those books to thumb back and forth through, especially when deciding on a new film to watch. David knows his source material, is highly professional as a writer, shows distinct respect to the actors, is fastidious in organization, and is a staunch promoter of action. I recommend the book as a must buy, with a solid 8 out of 10. Amazon has it as one of the better values. With many of the indie outlets selling the massive hard cover book at about $30 dollars and $4 dollars shipping.

If you would like to purchase direct through the publisher please go to the Schiffer website:

Happy new year to all who read Dan's Movie Report! If you want to see action grow, do not complain about it, strive to make it better, buy the books, buy the DVDs, and support the honest, hardworking, and humble stars in the business, if you do not like something speak up, but offer solutions!

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Widescreen Award Nominees for 2017!

*WSF2017 FEATURE FILM JUDGES' NOMINATIONS (5 Nominees Max. in Each category):
1. BEST DIRECTOR FEATURE: 1) BitterSweet (Krishna Bhati) 2) The Turnaround (James Hunter/Amanda Marquis) 3) The Code of Cain (William De Vital) 4) Day Six (Juan Pablo Abraham) 5) Fist of the dragon (Antony Szeto)
2. BEST FEATURE: 1) BitterSweet (Krishna Bhati) 2) Racist Rights (Jerome-Anthony Larkin) 3) The Turnaround (James Hunter) 4) The Code of Cain (Siarhei Zhdanovich) 5) Occupants (Russ Emanuel)
3. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY FEATURE: 1) BitterSweet 2) Reborn Lost 3) The Code of Cain 4) House on the Edge of the Planet 5) The Turnaround
4. BEST EDITING FEATURE: 1) Presentiment 2) BitterSweet 3) Turnabout 4) Psychos 5) Occupants
5. BEST SCREENPLAY FEATURE: 1) Presentiment 2) Racist Rights 3) The Turnaround 4) Seat 25 5) Day Six
6. BEST ACTOR FEATURE: 1) George Katt (Turnabout) 2) Tobias Licht (Reborn Lost) 3) Eric Roberts (The Code of Cain) 4) Erik Grey (The Turnaround) 5) Joshua J. Thomson (Fist of the dragon)
7. BEST ACTRESS FEATURE: 1) Lisa Brand (BitterSweet) 2) Jaquise Coleman (Racist Rights) 3) Jordan-Paige Sudduth (Cracked) 4) Natasha Alam (The Code of Cain) 5) Juju Chan (Fist of the dragon)
8. BEST MUSIC SCORE FEATURE: 1) The Turnaround 2) Fist of the dragon 3) Reborn Lost 4) The Code of Cain 5) House on the Edge of the Planet
9. BEST SOUND DESIGN FEATURE: 1) Reborn Lost 2) The Code of Cain 3) Fist of the dragon 4) House on the Edge of the Planet 5) Shadow of the Missing
*WSF2017 SHORT FILM JUDGES' NOMINATIONS (5 Nominees Max. in Each category):
10. BEST WEB SERIES: 1) Chains that bind us 2) The Corpse Series 3) The Partitioned 4) Cut & Confidences 5) Ms Incorporated
11. BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT: 1) Old Folks 2) Us Thereafter 3) Art in Cuba 4) Gone Viral 5) Built by Pain
12. BEST ANIMATION SHORT: 1) Lasting Marks 2) I Am Dyslexic 3) Lion Dance 4) Scraps 5) Pirate Parts
13. BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT: 1) Speak up. Say something 2) Life on the line 3) Inferno 4) Mando Mercs Five 5) Irreversible
14. BEST DIRECTOR SHORT: 1) Kellie Madison (The Gate) 2) Keith Rivers (11:11) 3) Alexander Maxwell (Legacy of Man) 4) Nicholas Kramer (DUI) 5) Daniel Sorochkin (Check Please)
15. BEST EDITING SHORT: 1) Across the Pond 2) OCD 3) Beyond The Terminator 4) Sitters 5) Stapler
16. BEST VISUAL EFFECTS SHORT: 1) Velvet Boulevard 2) Beyond The Terminator 3) Update 4) Stapler 5) Force-Full Imagination Part 2
17. BEST MUSIC SCORE SHORT: 1) Cabinet in the Woods 2) 11:11 3) Two Secrets 4) The Lottery 5) The Second Move
18. BEST SOUND DESIGN SHORT: 1) Sundowners 2) The Vanity 3) The Gate 4) Force-Full Imagination Part 2 5) Stapler
19. BEST SCREENPLAY SHORT: 1) OCD 2) The Loudest Silence 3) My Story 4) Chippy 5) Babygirl
20. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY SHORT: 1) The Gate 2) 11:11 3) The Chase 4) Next 5) True copy
21. BEST ACTOR SHORT: 1) James Button (The Corpse Series) 2) Isaac Hollingsworth (Cycle) 3) Brian Haley (Bonding) 4) David Ross Paterson (DUI) 5) Jacob Trussell (Check Please)
22. BEST ACTRESS SHORT: 1) Amy Johnston (The Gate) 2) Jenna Stone (DUI) 3) Amber Higgins (Me3) 4) Kylierae Condon (Chippy) 5) Cassidy Mack (Two Secrets)
23. BEST NARRATIVE SHORT: 1) 11:11 2) Mine 3) Two Secrets 4) Legacy of Man 5) The Gate
*WSF2017 MUSIC VIDEO JUDGES' NOMINATIONS: (6 Nominees max. in Each category):
24. BEST DIRECTOR MUSIC VIDEO: 1) Benjamin Roberds (Time Stops) 2) Jaron Clegg (Take My Heart Away) 3) Jhosimar Vasquez (Belong) 4) Jean-Paul Frenay (Cage of Bones) 5) Sébastien Bellaval (Peaceful Life) 6) Kyle Cogan (Ashes of Eden)
25. BEST EDITING MUSIC VIDEO: 1) The Partygoer 2) Before I Die 3) Rush Hour 4) Closer (Trevor Holmes Cover) 5) Valenti 6) Feel the Love
26. BEST VISUAL EFFECTS MUSIC VIDEO: 1) Mechanism of Life 2) Rush Hour 3) Take My Heart Away 4) Ashes of Eden 5) Cage of Bones 6) I Only Tell the Truth
27. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY MUSIC VIDEO: 1) Dark Waves 2) Wonderland 3) I Only Tell the Truth 4) Take My Heart Away 5) Time Stops 6) Cage Of Bones
28. BEST RECORDING ARTIST: 1) Raymond Revel (One More Dance) 2) Ben Giroux (Little Dude Anthem) 3) Stereolizza (Wonderland) 4) StarBenders (Time Stops) 5) Breaking Benjamin (Ashes of Eden) 6) Christopher James (The Addiction)
*WSF2017 AUDIENCE AWARDS: (Winner Determined Based on Public Votes via
29) BEST MUSIC VIDEO: [All Officially Selected Music Videos Eligible]
30) BEST TRAILER: [All Officially Selected Trailers Eligible]
*WSF2017 SOUTH FLORIDA COMMUNITY AWARDS: (Winner Determined Based on Public Votes)
31) BEST CASTING DIRECTOR: [Nominees Coming Soon]
32) BEST TALENT AGENCY: [Nominees Coming Soon]

Actress Katrina Durden New Acting and Action Reels!

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report. Actress and Doctor Strange star Katrina Durden has two brand new demos out on her YouTube Channel:


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Actress Katrina Durden Interview (A Dan's Movie Report EXCLUSIVE) (C) 2016

Katrina Durden blasted across the big screen in Doctor Strange, her intense performance, coupled with the intricate movie, warranted an detailed interview. After watching Doctor Strange three times in the theater, and of course buying a Blonde Zealot Funko toy, haha, I knew the time is right to go in hard and fast to interview this talented and humble lady. Today we will be discussing Doctor Strange, her role in the new Street Fighter series, and of course her extensive action training. Katrina is a wonderfully inspiring young and talented lady, ready to work hard in the action world. Get ready folks, a worldwide exclusive interview with the dangerous BLONDE ZEALOT: Katrina Durden!

DMR: Chat about your childhood, and how you caught the action bug so to speak, was there a person in your life when you were a child that had a profound impact on your life?

KD: My parents were creatives so I was left to my own devices. I became fascinated with films, cartoons, comic books, and video games, their stories and characters; particularly the strong female ones. Their abilities and self confidence, something an awkward kid that never really felt like she fit in, yet aspired to have. At the same time, I was a bit of a tom boy, and back when kids still played outside, the only kids that made me feel at home were largely boys with their simple philosophy, and rough and tumble way of handling things. It made sense to me. Then slowly I was exposed to the likes of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, 80's and early 90's action films and was of course, like pretty much everyone you must speak to, was fascinated. 

DMR: What can you remember from one of your early Sensei's teachings that still sticks in your mind today?

KD: Its not really a particular lesson, but the discipline and diligence that's instilled from being involved in martial arts, and sport as a whole really, is so important. I would never say I'm particularly innately talented. But I'm super passionate about what I do and will put everything I have in to improving and developing, and supporting others on their quest around me - I think paying it forward is one of the most important things we can do. 
DMR: Chat about your acting training ,and what made you decide that you wanted to be in front of the camera?

KD: I've been performing, on my own, since I was 13, whether it be dance, amateur dramatics, poetry, or music. I studied at school, and did two years of performing arts at college, did Summer schools and workshops at places like Sylvia Young's and Moscow Arts Theater, was part of a theater company, and was fortunate to do a placement at a theater in Paris. During this time, my dad passed away which put my future into a bit of a tail spin. Performing had to be put to one side as I attempted to build a viable career in Sports Science and Human Performance to support myself and my family. But that itch wouldn't go away. Fast forward a couple of years, and a few more experiences, and I met some incredible people in the world of film-making and action who reignited and helped me add fuel to the the flame and made me realize that itch was there for a reason. If I didn't give myself a shot, if I didn't know, I would forever wonder "what if". So I got to work studying anywhere and with anyone I could. My uncle is a film, TV, theater and ex Royal Shakespeare Company actor, and also sat on the admissions board at the Central School of Speech and Drama so he coached and mentored me, as did actor and film maker, Joey Ansah. Life is a people experience, and this is a people industry and I've been so lucky to have met and learned from some great ones. Other than that I still take classes and seek to learn continuously; I'll always be a student of my passions.
DMR: Please expound on your area of study: Human Performance, describe to my audience the training and classes you have to undertake in that curriculum, how does it make you a better actress, and more well rounded person?

KD: When I originally decided to study sport and human performance, it was almost as a response to what had happened in my life. What was the closest thing to the things I loved? Performance, action, martial arts, human ability. It seemed the smart choice. Again, from my early influences, I was fascinated by the human body and its capabilities, and elite sports people and movement artists, are an example of the closest thing we have to super humans. I had also studied psychology in college because I was also fascinated by human behavior and the human mind and how far it could go. It was a close toss up. But studying sports science gave me a clear understanding of the functions of the human form, how to improve performance and fuel and look after oneself physically. That's an important part of training, of action and indeed of the modern industry. I think, like anything really, it is another page in my story, another chapter in my book to draw on, and I think the art of acting is also developed in the art of living life, experiencing different situations, vocations, meeting people on all different paths and listening to their stories and adding to your emotional intelligence. I've spent time as a trainer, a coach, a kid's teacher, a journalist and so on, and I've learned from all of those experiences, and the people I've met along the way.

DMR: Thanks for the sharing your diverse background, delving right into Doctor Strange, chat about the audition process, if there was one, or how you were selected for Zealot character.

KD: I was recommended to the casting director, Reg Poerscout-Edgarton, by a friend of mine who knew and had worked with him previously, one of my closest friends and fellow actors. I went in, did the audition, and then came out not thinking too much of my efforts. About 4 weeks later, I get a call to come in for a stunt assessment and then training began, about a month after that I was confirmed for the role.
DMR: Once you landed the role, did you undergo a lengthy training process? What are some of the things you had to learn for your Zealot part?

KD: We spent a good few months training under the most awesome Jojo Eusebio and Vincent Wang in a mixture of martial arts styles, including Silat, Cali, JKD and Kung Fu, and of course the choreography itself. We spent a lot of time previzing the action sequences. We had a lot of wire work to do so we spent lots of time rehearsing and getting comfortable with the stuff we were going to do on screen - the whole thing was a lot of fun - a lot of hard work, but an incredible learning experience.

DMR: Curious when you started filming, what some of the instructions given to you to get in character, did they give you the menacing stare directive, and how did you approach your character, did you sit with the script and act it out?

KD: The script had it all - it was our bible. The script showed us our place in this Strange universe. And Mads was such an incredible commander, and Scott Derrickson, our general. They led, we followed. 

DMR: Share a strange ahaha, and or unusual story from the set of 'Doctor Strange' 

KD: So many! We had so much fun on those sets - from magic tricks, to dance battles and general douchebaggery - it was just incredible to be part of the wild ride. Wouldn't even know where to start. I will say that one of the hardest things I've had to do is try to keep a straight face standing in front of Benedict Wong as he's chuckling himself at the end of the Hong Kong section.
DMR: Chat about working with your friends Scott Adkins and Zara Phythian, does it make things easier when mates are on set?

KD: Ah most definitely. The dream is, and has always been, to do what you love with the people you love and respect. And I've been so lucky to have done that. Both Zara and Scott are such talented performers, both in action and drama, and had been an inspiration early on as pioneers of the U.K. action industry, so again, getting to work with people you really respect as human beings and professionals is always great. Particularly when they're mates.
DMR: What are your thoughts on the film, I am sure that you liked it, but curious if you watched it and are thinking if you did this and this differently etc...?
KD: The film is phenomenal, a real visual masterpiece and a testament to the team that made it happen. I don't think I'd ever be presumptuous enough to think id change anything, but I guess, with a great story and so many great characters it would have been awesome to just see more of it all.  

DMR: Shifting gears, chat about Street Fighter: Resurrection and your bad ass character Decapre, what is her origin and her strengths, judging from your reel, she is a relentless bad girl.

KD: Decapre is a character that was first made playable in SFIV and she is one of Bison's personally programmed female army, The Dolls. Her appearance resembles that of Cammy, however her face is scarred from the experimentation done to her by M Bison. This is a sore spot for Decapre and reason for her wearing her trademark mask, and also the reason for her intense hatred of Cammy, although raised as sisters. Her programming, some say was too good, bringing about certain robotic mannerisms and way of speaking, however it had also left her volatile. Calm, then berserka style rage when provoked - made her such an interesting character to step into. And I'm such a fan of Street Fighter, that getting to be part of that universe was also a dream come true.
DMR: You are a glorious bad girl! Do you like playing the antagonistic characters, you are such a kind lady, so this is real acting? 

KD: Ah, thanks man! I think it's always great playing bad girls. People are an interesting mix of light and dark and exploring the darkness in an appropriate setting is always fun. Especially when antagonists are multi layered. For example, Decapre was doing the bidding of her chief and commander, M. Bison, a man that then abandoned her and bid her to die as if disposable, bringing about a different mix of emotions which was great to explore.

DMR: Who are some of the directors, producers, and actors you would like to be given the opportunity to work with in the future

KD: There are so many, I could be here forever. There are so many actors, directors and producers that inspire me constantly I almost don't want to limit my answer. I just love working with passionate, talented people and I've been lucky in having done that so far, I hope to be fortunate enough to continue to do so.
DMR: Speaking of the future what are some of the projects you have coming that you can discuss?

KD: Well, Street Fighter: Resurrection should be getting a wider release very soon and as for upcoming work, I'm hoping 2017 will be a bright year... ;-)
DMR: Katrina in 10 years is, A. acting, B. Producing, C. Teaching, or D. A combination, what are your long term goals?
KD: Hopefully all of the above. Film making fascinates me. But for sure, longevity, to survive and create. First and foremost, I want to be the greatest actress I can be, and I am always learning. The more and more I grow within this industry, the more I would like to expand into directing and writing given the experience and opportunity.

DMR: You have much experiencing for such a young lady, do you have any advice to young people wanting a career in the entertainment field?

KD: Do it. With all your heart and everything you have. And love the process. The destination is less important than the path itself, enjoy the twists and turns. And invest in good people. They will make the journey amazing. 
DMR: Final thoughts, let us wrap up this interview so you can return to your training:

KD: Thank you for having me Danny :-), always a pleasure, and thank you for your support!

For More information on the amazing Katrina Durden blast your browsers to her official Social Media Pages @

Official Website:

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David Gray and Deimos Security Co LTD, Weapons and Security Specialists

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, thanks to Ron Smoorenburg I was able to get in contact with David Gray. David works with Deimos Co LTD. They supply military and protection equipment to a variety of outlets including film and real world security scenarios. In addition to the equipment, his company provides training, for individuals and groups. Deimos is Thailand based. Connect through the the following outlets.

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April Flowers (2017) Movie Review A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above photo: poster from IMDB

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, the action train, swerves to romantic comedy with a thoughtful film called 'April Flowers'. Director/Writer Christopher Tedrick has created a subtle, yet vibrant film, full of allegory and heart. Special thanks to the production staff at 'April Flowers' for allowing me this early review.

Actress Celina Jade, has been featured on my site several times, including this interview , and is well known in the action world, for Arrow and now with the upcoming new film with Wu Jing. 'April Flowers' will open up a new audience to her work. Celina embodies the heart and soul of the character 'April' her search for love against a backdrop of situations that arise, with each one presenting unique challenges.

Perhaps my favorite scene in the entire film is when April meets an old man on a park bench who asks her to place a stone with a name near a lake. He proclaims that now that he is older he has no relatives or friends alive and puts names of prominent people. The takeaway is that the people are never really gone, as their memories live on inside.

April searches throughout the movie to return a journal that was written, to find the owner. Interpreting the journal as an allegorical object, the unattainable goal. Just because words are written, does not mean that person is your soul mate.

The use of future and past projection in time is prevalent in 'April Flowers'. We see April in a diner imagining what a couple in the 50s would have looked like, in courting rituals, perspicacious, and clever. On a train, we see the older April, in a cool cameo played by Daredevil actress Wai Chin Ho, again, great casting. The use of this type of time connection enhances the film, by broadening the scope.

John Fletcher's Jared character is flawed an quirky, a way that makes it believable. His awkwardness, and yet subtle character portrayal is proof that 'April Flowers' is a well directed film as well as written.

Overall, everyone in 'April Flowers' were obviously in tune with the story, subtle humor, as in Celina Jade saying she hates falling, hah, 'well not in action films'. This is a great indie film and a fine example how a crowd funding film can have an impact. This is a must own when it comes out 8 out of 10.

Check out the official Facebook Page for latest info:

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Ann Truong Interview (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report EXCLUSIVE! HARD TARGET 2 Chat!

After watching Ann Truong in the new Scott Adkins film Hard Target 2, I wanted to learn more about her. Fast forward a couple of months we started chatting and, here it is, an exclusive 2,000 word interview to delve deep into her work on 'Hard Target 2',  her extensive action training, and future plans. Ann is an honorable lady, striving for the betterment of herself and others, grab some tea and read on.
Chat about your childhood, was there a moment in time that you remember that made you want to act? Same question for martial arts?

Growing up, I never considered being an actor – only because the thought never crossed my mind. I didn’t see actors as real people, they were people that existed on the TV screens and magazines. As a kid, I was tossing up between becoming a painter/illustrator, a singer/songwriter, or an Olympic runner - it was quite a dilemma I had. But looking back, all the pieces were there. I loved art, I loved self-expression, I loved sports.
I’ve especially always loved martial arts, and loved watching martial arts movies. I would beg my parents for martial arts lessons but my family thought I had too much spirit and feist (for a girl) already so I was never given lessons. When I started earning my own money as a late teen, the first thing I did was put myself through classes. I started with Boxing at an MMA gym.

What are some of the styles of Martial Arts you practice and train in? Currently what is your average week training regimen consist of?

Over the years, I’ve trained Boxing, Muay Thai, Circus – specializing in the Chinese Pole and Adagio, and dabbled in Arnis. My training regimen changes depending on what I’m working on at the time. Currently, I have a personal Muay Thai coach. We train a few times a week and, outside that, I run outdoors. 

I know you told me you are based in Australia, how are the opportunities there to live and work in the acting field?
I have an amazing team. My agents are based in Melbourne and my manager is based in LA. They work unbelievably hard and I’ve had some amazing opportunities. I have to admit though, I get more opportunities overseas than I do in Australia.

Would you ever want to move to the U.S. to live, or only if you were on a steady network show?

I would definitely consider living in the U.S. But at this stage, yes, I’d only move if I had a job there. I don’t think you need to be living in the states to be working. Most U.S. productions I’ve auditioned for recently are to film internationally. I’ve worked on two U.S. productions to date, and one was filmed in Thailand and the other, in Australia. So let’s see where I end up J

Saw you did a romantic style film called Never Forget, do you like that genre or is it on a case by case basis?

Never Forget is a story about a girl rediscovering her roots, more than it was a romantic film. But the cinematography and storytelling was definitely romantic in style. To be honest, I love all genres. If the character resonates, if the story speaks to me, if it’ll be fun, if it’ll be challenging, if I’ll grow, if the project has heart, I’ll do it. 

Chat about the audition process if there was one for Hard Target 2?
Initially, I actually auditioned for the role of Sofia. A week or two later, my agents rang to say that Roel had seen my tape and wanted to see me for Tha. New sides were sent and I quickly put the tape down. A few days later my agents rang again to say that Roel was flying to Sydney and would like to meet me. So I flew up to Sydney and did a call back audition in the room with him. I loved his energy in the room and his approach to the audition process. We just played with different possibilities. He did a little exercise in the room that was interesting and I enjoyed. The camera was on my eyes, and I was to not move my body, he talked me through a whole series of scenarios, and watched my eyes.  

Chat about filming in Thailand looked hot and sweaty, share a story from the production.

Filming in Thailand was definitely hot and sweaty! There was a scene I did with Peter Hardy, who played the Texan hunter, that I think epitomises the hot and sweat of the shoot. There was a scene where he was on top of me and I was struggling underneath…The sweat from his forehead dripped into my mouth during the scene. For each subsequent take, I would (kindly) ask Peter and make up to wipe his sweat off his forehead just before action. But as soon as the sweat was wiped off, action was called, I could see the beads of sweat forming again on his forehead and back in my mouth it went.

Chat about working with Scott Adkins, and some of the moments of dialogue, did you learn technique from him?

As all fans of Scott knows, he is amazing at what he does. I loved watching his stunt work on set. And he’s a great guy to back it up with. Something he said to me over lunch that kinda stuck… This is not verbatim by the way… so don’t quote me quoting him… He said that the one thing he regretted in his career was to not have the self-belief earlier on, the belief that he could be on the same level as Tom Cruise or Matt Damon. It was only the day that he believed it, that things started happening. And I agree with him. You’ve got to have the self-trust and self-belief (without the ego of course).
Talk about the action training you had for Hard Target 2, any new moves learned?
I trained with the stunt team for a week before shoot. I loved training in the humidity and focusing on nothing else for the day. My love of Muay Thai, and my focus on the style now, grew from my time in Thailand.
I learned lots of new moves… but I think maybe the most valuable was learning about the physics of how one’s body reacts to a certain blow. This was my first action movie, so I’d never learnt to take a hit on screen before. When I watch fight scenes now, I have such an appreciation for the ‘loser’ of the fight. The amazing fight sequence wouldn’t be so spectacular without the ‘loser’s reactions to sell it.

Have to ask about the fight with Rhona Mitra, she was pretty built muscle wise, looks like it was a tussle. Perhaps share a story from the training and one from the filming day of the action.

Haha… it did look like a tussle. I have to admit though, the fight itself wasn’t too much of a tussle to actually do. Everything was very controlled, we were very safe, we’d rehearsed, everyone knew what they were doing, Seng (the stunt choreographer) was on set the whole time. And as mentioned before, it’s all the reactions that sell it. Rhona did jump the carriages in heels at one point, and I was very impressed by her finesse there.
The biggest struggle on the day for me was that I had come down with a massive fever the night before. I had no voice on set that day, my head was congested, and my body was aching and could barely hold itself up. Till this day, if something ever feels a little hard, I remember the will to get through that day and anything seems possible. So I’m grateful for that experience. 

Watching the completed film, are you overly critical of your work? Did you like the film?
No, I’m not overly critical. I try not to be anyway. I try to only be critical of my work to the extent that I can grow from it. I know I worked hard and gave my best at the time, so I can’t regret what comes out of that.
I did enjoy the film! I really liked it. It’s an escapist, fun, action packed film. The hour and 45 minutes flew by.

Can you chat about new projects in 2017 you are working on?

All I know is that 2017 will be an interesting year. Exciting times ahead!

What are some of your long term goals in the acting realm? Ever want to go behind the camera?

I just want to keep growing as an artist. I want to keep getting better. I’ve grown so much in the past 5 years, and it really excites me to know that in 5 years time, I will have grown that much again - if not more. I live in the moment and don’t think about the future too much. I barely think two days ahead. I allow for change and opportunities to take me places I never would’ve thought of. I just keep working on my craft, I make sure I’m doing what I love every day, and trust that that means I’m growing.  And I trust that the work will show, and the right projects will line up at the right time.
I do want to get behind the camera as well. I write a lot in my down time, and I’ve recently started producing. I’d love to direct too. I like creating work, I love exploring ideas, I like working on the macro and micro levels of production. To me, I think it’s about the chase of or finding of the authenticity and truth in the work that excites me.

Do you have a motto, words to live by? Perhaps some final advice for young people wanting to get into acting?

Just put your head down and do the work. Don’t worry about other people. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Trust yourself and trust that you are enough.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Actress Claudia Rivarelli Exclusive Photos! (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, in an effort to continue to bring exclusive material, I present 5 exclusive photos of Claudia Rivarelli! Claudia Just released her debut short film 'Them' which is available on YouTube/

The 3 above photos are taken by Pablo Platters. Make Up: Vanessa Degiampietro Hairstyle: Matias Louriero

The above two photos taken by Juan Carlos Garrido, Make Up: Mary Borrea

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Check out this amazing new horror short film!
Them is a subversive psychological horror film!

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Bastard Son Of A Thousand Fathers Movie Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

Above Photo: IMDB official poster for film (Link )

'Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers' is a film about a new super drug, called 'Bastard Son' that is forcing people to take it and become so addicted to it that if they go without it for a week they will die.

I purposely did not read up too much on this film in order to get a fresh perspective. Writer/director/star
Lanre Sarumi plays a doctor who has turned to a life of selling a new drug compound. His character Koda is ruthless and not trusting anyone. Koda developed the drug but initially has a hard time bringing the supply to market so he has to wheel and deal with established manufacturers, and he does not want to let his secret out.

'Bastard Son', as I will refer to, is a solid effort, there is a cool concept, I just wish that the film had more character development and at barely an hour and twenty minutes was too short for a suspense build up. The audience is thrust into the action right away when Koda is performing an illegal abortion. The thing is, it happens so quickly, it is like there is hardly time to catch your breath till the next scene.

The film skirts the line between action and crime drama, with several unsavory characters popping up throughout. We see rival drug dealers, addicted people, and even Koda's own crew, and no one is trusted. It is important to keep your circle small when dealing in illicit activities, but to not trust anyone will make sure that your time as a drug dealer is short. In 'Bastard Son', many lives are cut short for various reasons, not gonna spoil them, so watch it!

'Bastard Son' is a hard R rated film with copious amounts of blood spilling and numerous adult language scenes, so definitely not for the kids. I am curious to see more from Lanre, as 'Bastard Son' is a decent effort, especially for someone wearing many hats. As for an overall rating, 6 out of 10, rent it.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Them Movie Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie report

Above photo: Title credit from 'Them' © VULPINOSFilm, 2016

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Direct from Uruguay comes a fresh new horror short called 'Them'. Clocking in at a bit over 6 minutes, this black and white descent into madness can be described as an experimental horror film with esoteric subject matter. Star Claudia Rivarelli is the only actor in the film and 'Them' follows her downward spiral to the depths of insanity, or a private alternate reality in her mind.

It is always difficult for a first time actress, yet Claudia manages to convince the world of her insanity on film at least Claudia reminds me in voice and appearance of Monica Bellucci, even her mannerisms. Sometimes overly dialogue laden films can become tedious. 'Them' however, comes in to the 'wanting more' category, a bit like a Edgar Allen Poe story, we are thrust into the middle of the action. 

Above Photo: Screenshot from 'Them' © VULPINOSFilm, 2016

The film's creator Charles Bolprand takes a minimalist approach and this allows the viewer to create his or her own picture of horror. The film is a a very strong first effort for all involved, Claudia has a good look and displays her character openly. Claudia has a desire to branch out beyond her home country and 'Them' is a great way to begin her acting career.

Overall 'Them' is a very cool short film, the audience may be limited to horror genre, but fans of dramatic films may like the fact that this horror film spills no blood, just theater for the mind. 'Them' rates a 8 out of 10, great work, looking forward to seeing more.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Doctor Strange Movie Review (Exclusive Photos and Video! Premiere! WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE!)

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. free your mind, your hands may be broken but your mind can control your destiny! Marvel blasts the strange, It is a crushing massive iteration of internal weaponry and the cool bad guys. A gifted surgeon, he has a cocky attitude, yet a warm demeanor, I mean wait what the hell am I saying he is a jerk, over riding the other surgeons! There is a really detailed back story for the film and the acting is solid. Stay till the end of the credits, in fact help the usher clean the theater!

Things change, then things get strange. Not gonna lie the highlight of mine is the Zealots! I mean the cool factor is off the charts, Scott Adkins, Zara phythian Katrina Durden. There is mind bending action, where buildings bend and streets twist. The Ancient One, Tilda Swinton, damn what a twisted tale she weaves! The Zealots minds are controlled!

Go hard, get strange Doctor Strange is in theaters now! Click Below for the exclusive Red Carpet Video! Not gonna spoil this one, but this is a Marvel Classic all the way 8.5 out of 10!

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Cung Le Inspires To UnleaSH Your Beast Mode!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, unleash your beast mode! Massively cool and super savage Cung Le, has a full site and some cool shirts to support your beast mode!

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Stay Savage! Coming in 2017,  Savage Dog!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Actress Petra Silander Interview! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above photo: Petra in Virtual Revolution!


Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, today you are in for a literary treat. The mufti-talented Petra Silander takes time out of her busy schedule, and sits down to chat exclusively about her various projects and to shed some light on the fantastic near future sci-fi film 'Virtual Revolution'. Petra is a very interesting lady, and has a distinct take on her work ranging from the modeling world to the film world, with DJ and music work also in the mix. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and get ready to grab some life knowledge from Petra. Enough of my babbling on, time to go to the exclusive interview!

DMR: Chat about your upbringing and how you first became interested in your various avenues of work, acting, DJ, and modeling?

PS: I come from a small, beautiful island called Åland. The island is situated between Sweden and Finland and is autonomous and demilitarized. I lived there until I was 18. I have always loved to create new characters and as a young girl I was involved in the local theater but it was not until years later when I was modeling in Paris that I realized I wanted to learn more about acting.

I started taking acting lessons and I completely fell in love. For me acting is therapy and something that makes me feel alive.

I started playing the piano at the age of 8 and that’s where my passion for music started. My brother sings and plays the guitar and at home we where often writing songs and singing together.

PS: The modeling part kind of just happened. When I was 15 I worked for a magazine in Stockholm and their photographer thought I had modeling potential and took some photos of me that he sent to a modeling competition. I won the competition and signed with a model agency in Stockholm. When I had finished high school I started to work as a full time model around the world. 

DMR: I noticed you have a rather extensive modeling background, what are some of the exciting jobs you have had?

PS: I was really excited when my first campaign came out. It was for an underwear brand called Chantelle and they had put up big billboards around Paris. It felt unreal! Another job I remember really well is my first booking in New York when I was 19. I was so impressed by the city and the energy in New York and thought it was incredible that a client had paid me to come over for a shooting.
Another memory, maybe a bit less exciting is when I did a job for L’oréal. On the casting they asked if they could cut my hair and I was so tired of my long hair so I said yes, without talking to my agency. I got the job, they cut off my long hair to a quite short look and they colored it in three different orange/blond tones. When I got back to the agency the day after they asked me if I wore a wig. When they realized it was not a wig they became hysteric and a big drama occurred at the agency. I recently met my booker at the time and she said that she still has nightmares from that day.

DMR: Wow, some wild stories, dovetailing on the answer, what are some of the pitfalls of modeling?

PS: For me it was the feeling of just being a product that was the biggest downfall. You’re not being part of any decision making as a model and the only creative part is your work in front of the camera. It was a good experience for some years but I have to admit that when I was a model it always felt like something was missing. I didn’t get enough outlet for my own creativity. 
I also found it problematic to be so focused on my appearance. To constantly see yourself from all kinds of angles, to have a responsibility to always have a good skin and the required body measurements. Life is short and those are not the things I want to be focused on today. 

Above Picture Petra as a DJ! Exclusive

DMR: Let us switch gears to your DJ work and working in that realm, how did you get started?

PS: In 2009 I went to Ibiza for the first time and that trip enlightened a wish to one day become a DJ. In 2012 I felt I was done with modeling so I bought myself a DJ-equipment, enclosed myself for 5 months in my apartment and practiced beat-matching everyday for that time. After that I convinced smaller bars on my street to hire me and after some months I got my first residency at Plaza Athenée in Paris. From there it just continued but I wouldn’t say that this was an easy step. It’s a male dominated world and without a reputation it’s really hard to even get the chance to play. 

 Above Picture: Petra as a DJ! Exclusive!

DMR: I am sure you have played a wide variety of musical styles, what are some of the artists you listen to? Did you ever aspire to, or did you release your own CDs?

PS: I listen to a lot of different artists even though my sets as a DJ are focused on house music. I listen to everything from Beyonce, Flume to more underground artists as Joris Voorn and Dennis Cruz. Is there someone still using CD’s out there? I’m just kidding! When I started DJing in 2012 I also started studying music production at Point blank in London and at Berkeley in California in order to be able to produce my own music. During these years I’ve been building up a library with so many unfinished songs and a few months ago I finally decided to put one of my productions online as a free download. I have quite a few releases coming up at the moment so that’s very exciting and a bit scary at the same time. 

Link to my Soundcloud where you can find my mix tapes and my releases:

DMR: Next level with Petra, chat about acting, how did you first come to want to be on camera?

PS: When I was younger it was something I did because I thought it was very fun. When I started taking courses in 2011 I realized how much it gave me on a personal level but back then I never thought that I was going to get work as an actress. I was even too shy to look for an agent. I actually crossed my current agent Denis Planat in the metro in Paris in 2012 when I was modeling. He asked me if I ever had considered to work as an actress. I took his business card and ran away and two years later I gave him a call and asked him if I could meet him. We met up, started to work together and two weeks later I booked my first role. 

DMR: Who are some of your acting influences and what training have you completed?

PS: I’ve never been to drama school but I’ve been taking acting classes in Paris for several years and tried quite a few different coaches along the way. I try to take courses as often as I can in order to constantly improve my skills and before auditions I take private classes with my coach. My acting influences are Robert De Niro Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Spacey, and Julianne Moore.

 Above Picture: Petra in White

DMR: That is quite an impressive list of acting talent you are influenced by, do you have a preference in film genres or acting styles? Do you like to be the protagonist or antagonist in films?

PS: I love drama, action and thrillers. When it comes to acting styles I would say that each individual has to find out what works best for him/her. The training I had is more focused on the Stanislavski method but I’m not not following any method wholeheartedly. If you’re stuck with your character it can be good to have a certain method as a help to guide you but in general I don’t follow any special method. I don’t have a preference between playing the protagonist or antagonist as long as the character is interesting.
Above Photo: Petra in Virtual Revolution

DMR: Getting into your latest action film, describe the audition process for 'Virtual Revolution', if there was one, how did you get into character?

PS: I did the first audition for Virtual revolution in November 2015 and found out that I had got the part in February 2016. In between I had a few call backs and the director Guy-Roger Duvert obviously wanted to make sure that I was the right match for the character so I was asked to send him some self-tape videos during the audition process. We were in contact through e-mail and Guy-Roger gave me indications on what I had to work on and improve. I worked with a stunt-trainer and learned some basic stunts and how to move with guns and how to handle them in action. I also worked out a lot to be in good shape. I watched videos of SWATCH training, bought myself a huge Soft Air gun and trained at home.

DMR: Speaking of character, describe your powerful character to my audience, she is kind of a mix of Ripley from Aliens and Sarah Conner I feel? How about any cool set stories from Virtual Revolution?

PS: I would say that my character Kate is a mix between Sarah Connor and Kara Thrace (Battlestar Galactica). Kate is an avatar inside a post apocalyptic world called Olmetta. She’s a strong, focused person on a mission. She’s always in control, well aware of her dangerous surroundings. Because of the real person behind her avatar she keeps a low profile in order to not get revealed. 

Above Picture: Petra in Virtual Revolution

DMR: I am looking forward to the full release of 'Virtual Revolution', what is in the future for your acting and or DJ career, new films and projects?

PS: I just finished filming a TV-series called ”Virgin” directed by Nath Dumont in Paris and waiting for a road movie called ”I’ll crush you & go to hell” by Fabio Soares to come out. On the music side my focus is on music production and releasing more music. I continue DJing as well and have many cool gigs coming up. 

DMR: Wrapping up, you have had a very diverse career, please give advice to young aspiring models and actresses you have learned along the way, anything you know now you wish you knew when you started out?

PS: ”All the hard work, all the sacrifices, all the sleepless nights, struggles, downfalls, it all pays off." If you want something, go and get it. Set up goals but be realistic about them. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from reaching your goals! 
Work on becoming a better self and surround yourself with good people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel.

Thank you Petra for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to conduct this interview, watch for more exclusives on Petra when Virtual Revolution comes out for official worldwide release!

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