Friday, August 3, 2012

URGENT! Actress Bai Ling Has Personal Items Stolen in Cambodia.

IMPORTANT: Actress Bai Ling has recently had all of her personal items stolen while in Cambodia, filming a new movie. Her Passport, money, wallet, camera, phone, etc were all stolen by a thief right from her. The culprit was on a motorbike. She is so sweet and kind, please, all of my friends share this on your social media walls, and to my actress friends NEVER travel alone, or hold your bag alone! Be watchful! Buy a inside the clothes belt!
Here is her exact facebook Message:
  I am so fucked in Cambodia, something so bad just happened to me, I am crying and so mad but there is nothing I can do!!!!!!!
This just happened now, when I was on the tuktuk, some one in a motor bike drive by took my bag just like that and so fast drive away run away, which I have everything in it, everything that mean anything, my passport, my credit card, my blackberry, my driver license, my mon ey, my local phone and my camera....... everything that is valuable that I have lost!!!
I am so mad and so sad, don't know what to do, cause I have to go back to China to see my Parents, but I don't have passport, and I have also to get a vise too to China, and its the weekend........I supposed to go to Angkor Wat in the morning, but how can I go now????
I lost everyone's number and contact...... and no phone and cannot call and send and get text messages anymore......and I can't fix anything because I am over here in the Cambodia!!!
the Cambodia thief I saw him driving away with my bag but cannot do anything so mad !!!!

One In The Chamber Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for One In The Chamber

After his academy award Cuba Gooding seems to have found his niche in smaller budget action films. One In The Chamber has Cuba playing an assassin named Ray Carver who tries to play both sides of gang war violence. Opening up with a wild shootout against the Russian Suverov gang, One In The Chamber starts out with a bang, with Carver trying to assassinate one of Russian gang's big bosses.

About 25 minutes in the movie takes and uplifting and sarcastic action turn when we are introduced to Dolph Lundgren's character Aleksey Andreev. He approaches four thugs and they say "So they send a dog to pick up the scraps, Dolph reply's "No they sent a Wolf!"

The narrative from Cuba's character, sometimes hokey dialogue, and disjoint plot points detract from what could have been a pretty decent action picture. Following the opening action sequence, Cuba's character starts into a diatribe of introspective that is rather tedious, and actually detracts from the flow of One In The Chamber. This is NOT the fault of the actors, it is obvious that they are trying their best to deal with the source material.

Aleksey arrives as a hired assasin, and is asked what he does. He calmly states, he plays chess, fixes 70s cars, repairs 90s pinball machines, and for the right price hi MIGHT kill anything that breathes. HAHA. Come on man, that is just ridiculous, but I am not gonna lie, I did laugh especially that Dolph is wearing a mufti-colored Hawaiian shirt while saying this, in fact he seems to be on permanent vacation in One In The Chamber.

Well the Russian gang goes after the Czechoslovakian gang, and  more action ensues. Again though the action in One In The Chamber seems to move at a disjoint pace. Their is no urgency to the proceedings of the 90 minute film. I really wanted to like this film as I admire the body of work of both actors.

There is a decent fight between Dolph and Cuba about an hour in that propels this film to a "rent it" status. Actually I believe with a better script and film the two could make a decent "team". The fight is well choreographed, and marks a change in direction in One In The Chamber.

Overall, I have to give this film a rent at 6 out of 10. One In The Chamber is not the worst action movie, honestly though, my expectations were higher.

The Movie releases August 21st and Amazon has a Blu-Ray DVD combo pack on sale @

From Greece, Breakdown Reward Ready to Unleash Madness!

Above Photo: Poster for Breakdown Reward

 In keeping with the worldwide action theme for 2012 on Dan's Movie Report, directly from Greece comes a crushing blend of action and bizarre comedy called Breaktown Reward directed by Elias Georgopoulos . Judging from the amazing trailer, bullets and curse words will be flying at an equally astronomical rate. Watch for the crazy girl with the gun in her panties at the end! Check the YouTube Link Below in case you miss her I had to post this exclusive Dan's Movie Report Screencap! Click link for Hi Res, and have this lovely sweet lady as a desktop wallpaper haha!

The Plot:

Two German contract killers are hired to dig up a lost treasure for their employer. Things go wrong when the treasure accidentally ends up in the hands of three small time crooks who were committing a burglary to pay off a debt to Munir, a local crime lord. The three friends use their connection with an underground informer to trade the treasure for cash. What they don’t know is that they’re being pursued by the contract killers and Munir’s thugs.

Check out the upcoming Screenings at these two film Festivals:

South Texas Underground Film Festival 21-27 September 2012

7th Cyprus International Film Festival 6-22 October 2012

For more info on Breakdown Reward shoot your browsers to the official site @ 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012 Movie News And Exclusive New Photos!

Above Pic: Exclusive Marissa Merrill photo! Click for wallpaper size! Witness Marissa and the rest of the Dead Season cast follow the link below! Watch for future exclusive Dead Season Contests, including sexy autographed Marissa pics!! Follow Marissa on Twitter and facebook @

First up in the news, zombie nightmare Dead Season is available all across the US, in various media outlets including Best-Buy and Wal-Mart. The easiest way to view this great film is to follow the link and boom, you can watch it instantly from Amazon!

Click above pic for more info on free short film screening August 7th.

Watch for a free screening of several short films including Solipsist Tuesday August 7th at 7:30pm at The Hammer Museum, follow the link for more details
This is a fantastic short film not to be missed and is my highest rated short film of 2012 check review @

Next up, a week from Saturday; August 11th in Orlando is the Cynthia Rothrock Hong Kong film fighting Seminar, follow the link below for more information.

Above photos: Pre-Production Photos of Krystal from her twitter feed.

Actress Krystal Vee is hard at work on her new Thai film The Sisters. She plays a police officer named Nalin and actually underwent full police training, including weapons and Muay Thai. Watch for more news and exclusive photos, in the mean time, check out the roughness that is Thai action! The film begins principal photography in September. Check out her detailed interview on Dan's Movie Report.

Above Pic: Selina from her Facebook page

Sultry Selina Lo is hard at work on her new single that she will share on her facebook fan page. Selina is multi-talented, and is ready to unleash her vocal talents on the world. Follow her on Facebook @  Check out her exclusive detailed interview on Dan's Movie Report @

Sexy actress/stunt queen Tara Macken is in North Carolina working on After Earth until the end of August. To further wet your appetite to her upcoming Dan's Movie Report interview, check out this cool, new, exclusive hi res pic of her and Emily Kaiho from fantastic photographer and stylist Kiara Schwartz! Click image link below for hi res wallpaper size! Image and style Credit: Kiara Schwartz. Like Tara on her official Facebook fan page @
For more information on Kiara's fantastic work go to:

Watch for the independent film Time Again to blast to home video on Brain Damage films August 21st. Director/writer Ray Karwel paints an interesting genre blend of sci-fi and action. For more information blast your browser to:
Trailer @

Director Alex Ferrari has Created a cool Olive Oil Shop in called Ferrari Olive Oil Company. The unique business blends a variety of high quality olive oils, vinegars, and jams imported directly from Italy, hand bottled and shipped anywhere in the US! The physical store is located in California @ 11923 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604. For more info Go to

I am usually wary of many of the "help us fund it projects" but a couple caught my eye this month. Got an email from a very young independent female director named Shiphrah Meditz, her film: The Dying Eye is about a schizophrenic teenaged computer programer who fights crime, meets a young lady who challenges his actions. Of note, some of the money from the project will be a charitable donation. Hack your browsers to The Dying Eye project page @ 

Kind hearted actress/philanthropist Stephanie Cheeva has created a page for her Love Never Fails World Charity.  I have known Stephanie for a decade now, and am amazed how she dedicated her life to the plight of sex traffic children. She uses 100% of all money directly for Love Never Fails World Charity and has created an awareness campaign on Indigo @

Writer/Director Kimberly Seilhamer is working on a Play called Inside Irvin. Plot is described as: An intense look into one man's mind... An agoraphobic nightmare that demands more than one viewing. She wrote and directed Jack The Reaper, a cool horror film. Support the project on Kickstarter @

From Tribeca Films comes the release of the British Horror film Hollow September 19th. More news in my September update.

From Breaking Glass Pictures comes Del Shores: Sordid Confessions. Sordid Confessions promises more revealing stories from the unique comedian and releases to VOD and DVD nationwide on September 25th.

New camp horror film Cougar Cult blasted its way to Red Box nationwide Tuesday July 31st. Cougar Cult marks the triumphant return and reuniting of three 80s camp icons Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer. Directed by David DeCoteau, Cougar Cult tells the story of three college kids working at a mansion for the summer, turns out the owners are evil, dangerous, devious and salacious witches! Camp silliness Check photo below!

The ‘Friday’s Child’ Trilogy, now in development, is the first major horror project from new British independent production company, Pentagram Pictures Ltd. Created by Dean Meadows, former publisher and editor of Vengeance – The X-Treme Movie Magazine, ‘Friday’s Child’ promises to be very different from the average ‘scary movie’, thanks to it’s lead star and Associate Producer, ‘The Queen Of Martial Arts Movies’, Cynthia Rothrock.
“I wanted to do something different,” said writer, producer and director, Dean Meadows, “and putting Cynthia in the middle of a British horror movie, makes it quite unique!” The filmmaker continues, “Whilst she will no doubt show off her legendary martial arts skills to please her massive fan base during the bloody and brutal fight scenes, ‘Friday’s Child’ will show a whole new side to Cynthia’s on-screen talents and I believe the role is much more complex than any other character she has been given the opportunity to play in the past. From my point of view as both script writer and director, the story and acting in this movie are just as important as the action and I want to push Cynthia to give the performance of her career, I’m calling this ‘The Re-invention Of Rothrock’! Cynthia and I have been in touch for over ten years and we have been talking about this project for the last two years. 

Alongside Rothrock and Brandon, the trilogy’s strong supporting cast also includes, TNA Impact Wrestling star ‘Winter’, (aka Katarina Waters,) cult scream queen Melantha Blackthorne, (‘Death Race’) and the amazing and sexy British actresses, Emily Booth, (‘Evil Aliens’,) Zara Phythian, (‘The Hike’,) and Eileen Daly, (‘Razor Blade Smile’,). 
“‘Friday’s Child’ is unlike a lot of movies in the horror genre,” said co-star and Associate Producer, Daly, “reading the script you genuinely feel for the characters and want them to survive, but once the action kicks in it is relentless and horrific, for me the whole project has the feel and style of Japanese Horror to it”.

Watch for exclusive news,photos, interviews and updates on Dan's Movie Report, in the meantime like the film on Facebook @  

This massive August update will have additions throughout the month, so keep checking back!


Monday, July 30, 2012

The Tall Man Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster of The Tall Man

With the big budget release of Total Recall on everyone's mind, Dan's Movie Report takes a hot Jessica Biel independent turn with the thriller The Tall Man. Jessica stretches her acting chops as nurse Julia Denning in a downtrodden town, where children keep disappearing at an alarming rate, due to a mysterious "Tall Man" lurking in the shadows.

The plot on The Tall Man unravels rather methodically for the first 20 minutes of the film.  All of that changes in the middle of the night, when a window shattering leads to a startling change of events, and David is abducted from Juila's Care.

The final hour of this film is crazy, violent, seething with life and energy. No way am I gonna spoil this masterpiece. Julia Denning does not sit idly by an just let things happen, she exudes energy and tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. Yeah, surprising things happen, and it would be a crime to spoil it!

Jessica Biel, all is not what it seems in The Tall Man! (C) Cold Rock Productions 2012

The Tall Man is part horror, mystery, and thriller wrapped into one package, and in Jessica Biel the producers thankfully found a perfect person to play the lead character. Jessica is at times vulnerable like a child, other times her expression and attitude pierce daggers.

Technically The Tall Man is shot in a dark foreboding style often the scenic background is blocked out and the character's faces are shown in up close shots. Time is taken in the set design with the town, as dilapidated buildings and cars are strewn throughout the landscape.

The acting in The Tall Man is solid. Veteran character actor William B. Davis is stoic as the Police Detective, Rough girl actress Samantha Ferris exudes force in her portrayal of Tracy. Eve Harlow as Christine, plays a sometimes mousy character with an alternate side. The quality of acting serves to enhance the film.

Overall this is a MUST purchase. One of those films that deserve a place on your mantle. I rate The Tall Man an 8.5 out of 10, and sulty Jessica an 11 out of 10. One day she will win an academy award, if Hollywood would wake the hell up and look past her beauty and recognize her acting chops!

Pre-order The Tall Man from the Amazon link below, it ships September 25th.