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Ekachi Uekronatham NETFLIX series! Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection! New Details!

Above: Promo posters for the series, for the Thai Market!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers several years back I covered extensively the film directed by Ekachi entitled Skin Trade, in fact Ekachi filmed a special promo with actress Celina Jade live at a press event! 

Fast forward to 2019, after a huge run of successful live shows and various other projects Ekachi is back as EP and director of the first ever Thai series for Netflix! He has shared hot new details below as the show airs first on Thai TV!

Multiple Lives: There's more than one woman in her: a graffiti artist, a coyote dancer, a girlish brat and a motherly transsexual. Each attempts to take control of her shattered life after she's witnessed a murder. Will the love of an ace repairman be enough to restore her back to her "alone self"?

"Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection" by Bravo Studios stars Saiparn-Apinya, Typhoon-Kanokchat, Seo Ji-yeon and Sarah-Na Lin. This 13-episode romantic thriller will premiere on Channel GMM25 in Thailand on 14th of February. Internationally, the entire series will premiere on Netflix worldwide on 10th of May 2019.

Written by Benjamas Dalhirunrat. Directed by Preedaporn Buatoom. Created, executive produced and story by 

Ekachai Uekrongtham เอกชัย เอื้อครองธรรม 吕翼谋. Official Facebook, click for more info on series and trailer!

Watch for exclusive interview in 2019!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Writer/Director Kellie Madison To Direct 'The Wall" for Dolphin Entertainment!!

Updated Feb 1st 2019: EXCLUSIVE!  Kellie Madison had this to say exclusively to Dan's Movie Report The Wall is a horror film." "We are still planning for 'The Gate' feature after this film." "Trust me it  (The Gate) will be better for it.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, of course I never share the news but on this occasion I have to. I always read deadline, as they break the stories rather than rewording it here is the link.

Synopsis:  The Wall tells the supernatural story of a young woman who is forced to unlock memories of a traumatic event after removing a mysterious painting from the wall of her rented apartment.

That is right Kellie Madison who directed "The Gate" short film and "The Tank" has her script sold to Dolphin Entertainment and Producer Tom Ortenburg will Co-Produce through his company Briarcliff Entertainment. Mr. Ortenburg was instrumental in Open Road Pictures, the company that released the Oscar Winning "Monster's Ball"!

As a writer and lover of indie films, this is a significant step to female storytelling. Kellie has a stick to my guns attitude and is very steadfast in her ideas.

I was able to obtain many exclusives for The Gate on my website and proudly supported her indiegogo campaign!

Exclusive Behind the scenes video from The Gate: Above

Actress Amy Johnston and an exclusive Promo from: The Gate Below

Make sure you Follow Kellie Madison on her official Twitter @

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Lauren Mary Kim Interview (C) 2019 Danny Templegod (Kali Diaries!)

Above: Lauren Mary Kim in promo pic for Kali Diaries 3.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, I hope your week is going great, once again another exclusive interview! I first heard about Lauren Mary Kim in 2002 when she was a dancer! She has worked so hard to become one of the top stunt action specialists in the business today. With all of the projects she has done for other people it is nice to see her develop Kali Diaries series for herself and to further her own skill and creativity. The latest version, Kali Diaries 7 is on a new platform called Deadly Dymes which allows the users to monetize their own video and has exclusive content. For the first time ever I sit down with Lauren and she chats about Kali Diaries and her new ideas in action-- Get violent, get rough it, is time to go a few rounds with Lauren, textual ass kicking commences now!

DT: Chat about what led you to create the Kali Diaries series, I remember you mentioning that the initial training was for a stunt job?

LMK: I created Kali diaries for a couple of reasons actually.  One reason was that I was starting my training at the Inosanto academy under the famous Guro Dan Inosanto which encompasses many martial arts but I study silat, Muay Thai, Filipino martial arts and  jkd there.  I wanted to see my progression as a Martial artist under these disciplines.  So it was for myself originally.  Second reason -Being a stunt woman in film and TV is difficult.  I felt like at times  I had no creative voice as a stunt double.  I finally wanted to have control over a project for once and do choreo that I loved  or moves I've always envisioned doing in a fight. Also as a stunt double many edits of fights are geared more towards the actors coverage. Which makes sense because they are the star.   But sometimes that meant the action in the scene would suffer in order to cater to actor's coverage. I'm not saying all actors are bad because some are actually quite talented with action scenes like Elodie Yung and Lana Condor.  

DT: How have the various films helped your own career out while assisting the other talented individuals, I look at the short films like an action reel in themselves.

LMK: I definitely think these fights have helped with my career.  It has showed people my abilities who had no idea what skill set I had 

DT: Chat about the initial meetings you had prior to shooting the first Kali Diaries film?
LMK: I had a vision one night and couldn't sleep because my mind was buzzing with the idea. I just asked a couple of my friends to help me out and here we are today.  

DT: Kali Diaries 3, was my personal favorite of course up until this latest one, chat about pitching the idea to Amy Johnston and some of the prep time in Kali Diaries 3?
LMK: I had an idea of doing a superhero stunt double fight one night.  Tagline... "What if Elektra fought ________?" Marvel's Defenders was debuting soon and I wanted to shoot something to also promote that.  
I was working with Amy at the time on a job and was explaining to her my idea.   Originally I was thinking of male stunt doubles to fight but then it donned on me that Amy was one of the stunt doubles for Black Widow.  Of course the main double is Heidi Moneymaker but she is always unavailable and out of town.  
Tsuyoshi Abe and I met one day to brainstorm an outline of the fight.  Then the second day we had Amy come to rehearse and we made several revisions to the fight.  I scouted locations and bought wardrobe that was tee shirts with our characters on them.  We shot with Bryan Sloyer and the shoot time was about 5 hours ?  I can't remember it was so long ago now. 

DT: I had a blast seeing the film, and am glad I submitted it to a few festivals, you told me about your surprise about the response, actually I was not ha, chat about some of what happened after and how it led you to create more in the Kali series.

LMK: Well Kali diaries won best fight Choreography at the Artemis film festival thanks to you of course.  We had such a tremendous feedback and the fight was re-posted many times on Instagram, fb and YouTube. Several articles were written on our fight including MCU, nerdiest, CBR, etc etc. It inspired me to do more of course.  I knew it wouldn't be the end.

DT: Very cool about Kali Diaries 5 the Capoeria edition, chat about the formulation and creation with that one.

LMK: Actually this fight was suppose to be apart of a bigger project. Which I'm currently in Production now.  But of course my vision changed and decided to do this as a stand alone fight.  You'll know what I'm talking about once I release the bigger project but it's kinda a secret for now.  

DT: OK, a secret and I am not one to challenge you to divulge it! Chat about some of the logistics with producing the episodes in general, I know you told me that this new one End Game had the biggest budget.
Above: Promo shot from Kali Diaries 7: End Game. Video by Vlad Rimburg

LMK: Yes , i pretty much do all the "producing" of these projects bc it is my project. Finding locations, whether free ( pulling favors or paid locations) purchasing wardrobe for talent, hiring camera operator and editor, fight Choreographer, finding talent, .  Etc. Etc. A lot of work and money that people don't think of.  

DT: Chat about how you became associated with Deadly Dymes? Seems like a cool chance to monetize your videos and see who is watching. Chat about the initial response to the new video.

LMK: DD saw my original fight with Amy and was interested in having me do a fight exclusive for them. It was a perfect way to potentially make money for all our hard work, talent and efforts. 

Above: Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston in Kali Diaries 7: End Game.

DT: Working with Vlad Rimburg on this new video, chat about his camera work and technique, he knows how to shoot action as he is a choreographer as well. Perhaps chat about some of the set ups and takes you and Amy did.

LMK: For this recent fight Vlad shot and edited KD 7: End Game. Alvin Hsing and Brendan Huor choreographed.  I handpick everyone I work with because I'm very particular. I trust my team !

Above: Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston, Kali Diaries 7: End Game Vlad Rimburg video.

DT: Chat about the choreography on Kali Diares 3 vs Kali Diaries 7. Both with Amy Johnston. 7 with Alvin Hsing & Brendan Huor, 3 with Tsuyoshi Abe& Bryan Sloyer. What attracted you to working with them and how have their techniques enhanced your skill.

LMK: Lol see above answer ! I think it's important to use different people to get a new outlook of things. No one is better than the other, it's just different style and abilities. We all have strengths in something.

DT: Working with Amy Johnston, chat about the dynamic, this is the second Kali Diaries film you have done with her. As a writer I really enjoy her work in action and in acting,

LMK: Amy is one of my faves to work with and we have fought each other several times actually. She's super easy to work with, considerate, and I trust her. Plus we always have a good time and laugh a lot together on set. She is a class act and a true star. I'm excited to see her career accelerate even more.

DT: Chat about some of the ideas for Kali Diaries End Game, how long did it take to film, edit etc...?

LMK: I've always wanted to do a burning man esque apocalypse type fight.  The shoot took 5:30 hours to shoot. I don't usually give Vlad a deadline.  But he finished in a couple weeks.

DT: Cool, Vlad is great shooting ladies in action. OK Lauren chat about the future of Kali Diaries, do you ever seeing it expanded to a full short series with dialogue, and a story line not just the fights?

LMK: Yes it is ever expanding and evolving. I guess you'll have to wait and see!!

DT: Chat about who else in the action world you would like to have on a future edition of Kali Diaries?

LMK: I think it would be amazing to fight Jeff Imada !

DT: Very cool guy, he is! Thanks again Lauren for another amazing interview! Watch for more on
Dan's Movie Report and my partner in action !! 

To watch the first six Kali Diaries, please subscribe to and search Lauren's Official YouTube Channel

For episode 7, (It is free to join, but videos require credits to download in 1080p) Well worth the time to support indie short film makers. Here is my review: This review has all of the information about Episode 7.

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Action Actor/Wrestler Greg Burridge Spotlight (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, once again a new demo reel has come to my attention. I follow wrestling, yet when I first saw Greg Burridge on screen in the Ross Boyask film Salvation, I was impressed by his skill in front of the camera as an actor as well as in action. Greg has style, is a hard worker and ready for a good tussle at any time! Get ready as he recently wrapped up on the new Ross Boyask film Vengeance 2, and the new Jesse V. Johnson / Scott Adkins film Avengement!! Color me black and blue, looking for more in 2019 from Greg, until then check out his great new reel. Watch for an interview later in the year closer to the release date of those films!! As always stay locked in to the only indie website that never shares news, Dan's Movie Report!! 

New 2019 full length Reel!!!!

Check out all of his videos on his official YouTube Channel @

On February 3rd he is hosting a wrestling cinematic fight workshop, this is a great idea as it is bringing the gap between wrestling action and on screen choreography. If you live in the U.K. Or for that matter in Europe, I would be sure to make plans to attend.

Greg has this to say: This will be the last workshop before we go into pre production on our next action film. Newcomers are welcome alongside people that attended the first or second workshop.

just a few wrestlers who thought outside the box and bridged into the world of movies.

It has been my belief for a long time that pro wrestlers make great stunt performers I'm not saying we are the best, but we certainly can offer something different.

Being a pro wrestler that has moved into the movie industry, I realized that knowing the art of wrestling is much more than performing your art within the squared circle. The true artist who can think outside the box, will understand that they can take the skill we have learned and with just a few altercations can be adapted to on screen action, and take there career in another direction or use it as a tool to further there wrestling career.

This workshop will focus on taking what we already know about pro wrestling and learning some valuable skills of screen fighting to make a hybrid style of action that only a pro wrestler can deliver.
So if you are already a established screen fighter or have no knowledge of wrestling then this probably isn't for you. But if you are already a pro wrestler, trainee or have experience in wrestling then please come along.

This workshop will also double as a audition/ try out for my stunt team for my second feature, (the first being LONDON RAMPAGE starring WILL OSPREAY ) that will begin production late December 2018.

We will also be joined by film producer Joe Karimi , who has produced several WWE studio movies.

So come along and add a new string to your bow

Workshop cost - £20 on the day. Reserve your place on this page

Director Tony Tilse Interview (Grisse Chat) (C) 2019 Danny Templegod

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, once again another exclusive interview! Here we go travelling all the way EAST to Indonesia and chatting with the director of the new HBO Asia series Grisse!! Tony Tilse is quite an engaging gentleman, as he also worked on the Miss Fischer's Murder Mystery show and Ash Vs the Evil Dead! After interviewing Kelly Tandiono who worked on the Grisse, I know I had to get in behind the action, saddle up and prepare, time to tackle some western action with Tony!

Very cool behind the scenes video from Grisse. This video has further information about the cast as well! 

DT: How were you approached to direct Grisse?

TT: I had worked with HBO Asia and Infinite Studios on two previous projects “Serangoon Road” and “Grace” so was delighted to be ask back to do this "Nasi Goreng" Western. Also I have found working in the region very inspiring and the crews are fantastic.

DT: On IMDB it says you directed one episode and Mike W. directed unknown episodes, was the series a collaboration, in Wu assassins several people directed the series with Roel Reine directing two of the episodes I think.

TT: Mike Wiluan was the show runner and I had worked with Mike before when he was producing. I ending up directing 6 episodes, with Jiyuan Ler from Singapore directing Ep 6, and Mike directing the finale.
Grisse was very much a collaboration, as everyone pushed hard to make it a success.

DT: As a director, describe your style is it up close to the actors or pulling back and speaking loudly the instructions?

TT: I’m more “up close with actors" style but enjoy being loud during action scenes

DT: I noticed in the show trailers the sets looked very elaborate, were they all build for Grisse or existing buildings?

TT: All filmed on the backlot at the fantastic Infinite Studios at Batam, Indonesia, with a lot of the street having been built but also a few have been repurposed from existing sets.

Above: Promo poster of Grisse (C) 2018 HBO Asia (Used for promotional purposes only.)

DT: Do you like to get feedback from the actors, or is it more I have an idea in my head and I need to explain my idea to them? I notice some directors really like to direct, to dictate pace and dialogue, others like the actors to get into the character and collaborate on direction.

TT: It’s a bit of both - It’s important that the actors feel free to bring their experience and character into the piece and I’m open to ideas that I may not have thought of, but still need to keep the overall vision.

DT: How has the series been received so far? I am assuming the final episode of season one has aired, any discussions of season 2 or was this a one off mini series?

TT: We have had a great response to the series and a world wide release this year. Would be delighted for a 2nd season.

DT: Finally Tony chat about some of your hobbies and then discuss any new projects you have in the works?

TT: I’m currently completing a feature film “Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears” as well as developing on another Asian based horror series.

DT: Again thanks so much, if there is a final thought you would like to add or advice for aspiring film directors, please let my audience know.

TT: Watch lots of movies, understand what you're most passionate about. You don’t have to know all the answers, find your collaborators. Always be proud of your movie.

Check out the trailer for the show:

For further information on the show please point your browsers to the official website @

For further information on Tony, please check out his IMDB page: