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Cage Fight – 'Cage Fight' (2022) CD Review (Candlelight Records) © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above Image: Cage Fight Debut CD cover, Tattoo by Rachel Aspe. (C) 2022 Candlelight Records, all rights reserved, image used for promotional purposes only, not monetized

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, as many of you know I love heavy music and from time to time I review CDs. Just over a year ago a brand new hardcore/crossover band was formed with James Monteith (Tesseract) Guitars, Rachel Aspe (Ex Eths) Vocals, Jon Reid, Bass MC, and rounding out this awesome line-up is the amazingly talented Nick Plews on Drums. The new CD was released 5-13-2022, yes a Friday the 13th!

What really stands out on this CD is the visceral aggression reminding me of the early 90s hardcore scene. I have read other reviewers compare them to Madball or Agnostic Front, while I do hear tinges of this the galloping crunching guitars and vocals remind me of a faster and heavier version of Pro-Pain. That said Rachel's guttural, primal growls sear like a death metal blast beat. Actually I can see fans of this band coming from the death metal and hardcore genres, and mixing together at their shows.

The CD contains 13 songs and all are under 4 minutes, I am stating this, as many hardcore bands in the late 80s and early 90s kept their songs short and to the point. James Monteith has some very crunch licks and is a total and welcome departure from Tesseract. Rachel, who was the lead vocalist for Eths for a few years is right at home behind the mic, and it makes sense she wanted to sing again after Eths. This music is far different from Eths, yet her voice seems to fit right into a hardcore sound.

A kick ass solo from Monteith on the tune 'Make My Decision' reminds the listener how talented he is, and adds a level up to the run of the mill hardcore. Monteith's guitar picking is fast, yet never muddy, always at a rapid galloping pace, yet slowing down at times to allow the listener to catch their breath.

It is hard to pick out a favorite tune on the Cage Fight debut CD, I really like 'Respect Ends' which they also have a new video for featuring Rachel calm in one part and screaming stay the f*ck away, she is angry and do not call her cute! Of course the final track is a massive cover of Body Count's 'Bitch in the Pit'. That song hits like a hammer to the face and I just imagine Rachel crushing some heads in the mosh pit! 'Shine Don't Fade' puts hardcore through a speed metal lens. Nick Plews pushes out some creative cymbal work here, mixing various tones, and accents.

I cannot stress enough how important the drumming is in hardcore in general, especially in Cage Fight. Nick Plews lays the foundation that forms the backing wall to the layered sound. His snare work is lighting fast, yet never uses or needs to use blast beats, just rapid fire hits pacing the music. Cage Fight has a sense of anger, urgency and aggression throughout each track. I have been jamming it in my car for a few days and must say, this is one amazing debut CD~ I rate Cage Fight – 'Cage Fight' a solid 9 out of 10! A must own! Support indie music buy from the band! They have various shirts and the CD available. A pre-order of an 12 inch album is also available. Watch for the band to be on tour this summer even doing some shows with Sepultura!

The CD contains a gate-fold sleeve and all of the lyrics and thank-yous printed out as well, a nice touch,

Connect with the band on Facebook @

Rachel Aspe has an official Facebook Page @

Candlelight Records has a special pre-order Longsleeve shirt and CD for $40.99

I got my CDs on Amazon @

Merch Now has some items as well:

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Azam Bhatti – A Specialist In Action-- © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, choreographer, stunt action specialist and martial artist Azam Bhatti has a wide variety of various action shorts on his YouTube Page, in addition to some fight choreography for larger films


Brand new film for Azam,  Chakkar, it is in theaters in Pakistan Now! A murder mystery, action thriller

Above: Poster for the film Chakkar (C) 2022 All Rights reserved, Image not Monetized


Director : Yasir Nawaz Action Director : Azam Bhatti Producer : Nida Yasir & Yasir Nawaz Write His Big Mega Budget Cinema Movie Chakkar  Recently Released in All Over Pakistani Cinemas.

Azam has filmed several very entertaining action sequences as he works with all levels of productions, with his talented team. He is well adept in working with a wide variety of stunts from car chases and skids to fighting. Azam has acted in productions as well.


He worked on this Music video as Action Director:


Check out this film! His team fights Tamil style with epic slow-motion.



His Pakistani Stunt team is talented and ready for all challenges, working with trained fighters and actors alike.

Azam also worked on this amazing short:


Directed And Story By : Imran Raza

D.O.P By : Asif Khan

Ronin And Drone Operator : Islam Uddin

BY : I.S.P.R ( Pakistan Army )

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Azam has informed me he is working on new bigger budget material as a fight choreographer. Please connect with him on his official web portals:

Official Facebook:

Official YouTube:

Official Instagram:

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Night Caller (2022) Movie Review - © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above Image (C) 2022 123 Go Films, All Rights Reserved, Image not monetized Poster for 'Night Caller'

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Across my desk today, a horror swerve to the left. Night Caller hearkens back to the old school days of slasher films. As usual, this is a no spoiler review, I will not be discussing any plot points.

Writer/Director Chad Ferrin creates a tale that melds the horror and psychological thriller genres with great results. Premise from IMDB: A telephone psychic is pulled into a complex web of mystery when she receives a call from a serial killer. The description is accurate, the film centers on a two person psychic phone call in center, with simple settings, yet well suited for the genre. Clairvoyant psychics and murder are always a good combination.

'Night Caller' uses various set elements that hearken back to the 70s and 80s with VCR tapes and various background material that gives it a ethereal quality. I thought this background provides a dark and foreboding atmosphere. That is the key to 'Night Caller' fading backgrounds, the audience is never sure of what is real and what is not. Actress Bai Ling plays Jade Mei the owner of the Psychic Hot-line, even though she is more of a minor character, I felt that her crazy demeanor and basically speaking sexy and oddly made the movie enticing.

Actress Susan Priver plays the film's lead Clementine Carter. Her experience shines through, equal parts scared and angry. As the movie progresses she becomes more embolden, yet maintains an air of timidness. Look for veteran actor Steve Railsback as well.

Although this is a very violent film, I feel that the situations are warranted and never excessive to the plot. 'Night Caller' never wastes time and at a tight 83 minutes, is the perfect length. Overall, keeping this review short, a must own for old school slasher fans, horror fans a definite rent. 'Night Caller' rates 7 knives out of 10, and Bai Ling rates a crazy 9 out of 10. 'Night Caller' was fun throwback, I kind of wish horror went back to this style more often!

Film is available now on Amazon:

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Valetika - Proof Of Concept Action Film Unleashed!! © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod

 Above Photo: Asha Annais as Valetika (C) 2022 Infraction Media, all rights reserved, image not monetized.


Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. Across my desk today from Producer Suza Singh comes a cool new project called 'Valetika'. Although this film is in the very early proof of concept stage, the film looks quite promising and entertaining.

Synopsis: Seeking revenge, Valetika Romanoff flees a group of mercenaries as she tracks down a high-profile banker believed to be behind the Replecan Program. Her Replecan implant allows her to access technology at lightning speed. Now she must learn to control it before it fully controls her.

Check out the proof of concept trailer for 'Valetika' on YouTube:

Suza Singh has a variety of screen credits including her 2019 film 'Honorable Sins' Kindly check our 2021 interview:

Asha Annais will star as the title character, Valetika Romanoff she was also one of the stars in 'Honorable Sins' a talent on the rise, watch for her on Dan's Movie Report in the future.

Watch for stars Cung Le, Mark Sears, and Sunny Singh to be involved with Suza Singh directing, and producing. Currently the team is in the process of obtaining potential investors and or Executive Producers to assist them in their ambitious action film endeavor.

The film will be produced in cooperation with Infraction Media

 Official Site:



Official Film Facebook:


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Melissa Mars Interview for 'The Last Touch' © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above Photo: Robert Presutti (All Rights Reserved- Image not monetized)

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. In November of 2020 I had the opportunity to interview Melissa Mars for my site and found her to be quite engaging, a link to the interview is provided at the end of the interview. Recently, she has entered her short film 'The Last Touch' in several film festivals and has garnered awards and accolades. I catch up with Ms. Mars again and have a chat with her about 'The Last Touch' and her long-term plans for the film. Sit back, relax and get ready to take another trip to Mars with Melissa!


MM: “Our lust to go viral dehumanizes us...”, he said. It was February 2018. I had just moved to a frozen, wintry New York from sunny California and was sitting in my acting class, listening to the legendary Anthony Abeson talk to a bench full of my fellow actors, “... Now with that theme, create a movie. You can be a Writer, Director and/or Actor or all three.” That evening I returned home to my mess of unpacked boxes, feeling excited by the assignment to create my own movie. As I went through my pre-bed rituals - plugged in my phone to charge, set up my wake-up alarm, turned on sleep cycle to track the quality of my sleep – falling into the open arms of the Dream Lord, Morpheus, seemed unlikely. My mind was racing. I reached for my phone, feeling guilty for giving into the impulse to scroll through social media when I knew I should be sleeping. Setting my phone back on the bedside table, I tried playing a guided meditation. “Think of three things you are grateful for... let them fill your mind as you drift off...” I don’t think I ever actually fell asleep that night. As I lay in the dark, eyes wide open, mind working on overdrive, I was overwhelmed by visions. I stopped the guided meditation, staring at my phone. Scenes and images of a dark, dystopian world whirled around in my head; a world in which humans were ruled by their lust to go viral, a world in which our attachment to our devices stripped us of our humanity, a world in which our desire to connect virtually left us unable to connect physically. I did the only thing I could think of, I grabbed my smartphone and, sitting in the pitch black with the light of the screen illuminating my over-tired face, I typed the idea for the script that would later become 'The Last Touch'!


Above Photo: New Poster for 'The Last Touch' For promotional use only


MM: Ironically, it took the power of social media to give me the push I needed to take my concept and make it into a short film! I wrote a post on my blog that you can read for a full account, but for now I’ll focus on the highlights!

Social media can be overwhelming sometimes, but it can also be a powerful tool for finding connection and support! It can feel like you are on a deserted island, casting a message in a bottle out to sea; you don’t know if anyone will ever get it, but sometimes you’re lucky and not only does someone find the bottle and read the message, but they provide you the support you need and you find you are no longer alone. So, after my night of insomnia, during which I wrote the three-page script for what I originally called Touch Generation, I decided to post about my idea on social media. That was the first time I was sharing about my writing journey. When I finally clicked “post”, I was shaking and blushing. I felt both really shy and really bold, like I was exposing myself naked, revealing my hidden dreams for the first time, revealing what I do as an artist when I’m not in the spotlight and wondering if anyone would really care. I had no idea how much that one post would change everything. First, I was overwhelmed by the positive words of encouragement and support I received from my online community in general. Then, I received a message from a friend, Eric Mizrahi, who is a fantastic cinematographer and movie director in Israel, asking if he could read my short and wondering what I was planning to do with it. Despite the kind words of encouragement I had received, there was still a small voice in the back of my mind telling me I couldn’t possibly turn this idea into a “real” film. I had just moved to NY and still had very few connections, not to mention little-to-no budget as well as that nagging voice telling me this was “just” a project for a class, not something to take any further.

I told Eric I planned to film it myself, with my own camera and that it would most likely look like shit because I had no lights and cinematography is far from being my area of expertise. "What can I do?" Was Eric’s response when I told him my plans. I had no idea. Both of us had left our connections back in LA and came up short for contacts in NY. I was so humbled when Eric said he thought the idea at the core of my short 3-page script was so exciting, he would make it his personal mission to find me a cinematographer to work with in NY. His enthusiasm, support and his encouragement were unbelievable! He promised he would find someone and he did! Within a turbulent 48 hours, filled with emails, introductions, scheduling conflicts and a roller coaster ride of emotions, I was in contact with the amazing cinematographer, Yaniv Glaser, who had also just moved to NY and wanted to work on the project! In the course of two weeks, we met and started exchanging ideas about the mood of the film and the direction we would take with the limited materials we had available. With the huge help of James Kacey, my co-star, we went to stores get some lights for the décor, and I found the light in the shape of the “@” sign that would come to represent the core idea of the film. At the time I was not sure if it was going to be too much, or too tacky, but I took it and I’m glad I did! I really wanted the movie to be simple and quick to film; it took half a day to film it. Then the editing is what took me a long time. I love editing, but I’m not quick. Syncing the sound to the clips was tedious. Once this chore was done, I could finally get to the exciting part of putting it together. I got it all together in a couple of days, adding some music tracks from Hans Zimmer (Batman...) and Paesano (Daredevil) to give it some darker atmosphere. I showed it to my class as a rough first draft. When the viewing was over, they were all quiet for a minute, I was so anxious, then all I kept hearing was Black Mirror, Black Mirror. At the time, I have to admit, all I had watched was the first episode while I was having dinner one night and it had disgusted me so much that I had sworn off the show. So I wasn’t sure how to take the comparison, but the show was so successful I felt happy with the comparison. Haha! (Side note: it took me until the year after to finally watch the show and I have become a fan!)

After the positive feedback from my class, I started to look into festivals but quickly realized I needed original music, more edits, color correction, a poster... etc.; it was going to be a lot of work to get my short ready for submission to the festival circuit. I was overwhelmed with doubts and thought maybe I should just leave it alone. I accomplished the mission for class, and decided to keep it quiet as something I could show if someone asked. A few months later, during the summer, the idea came back. First it was just a tickle in the back of my mind, then an incessant scratching and then occupied my waking thoughts. The story wanted more than what I had given it. What if I developed it? A movie? A series? Something. I was not sure if the short film was a movie in itself but it could always serve as a proof of concept. I had a lot more explanation and exposition in the first edit. And I had never taken any screenwriting class.

In the summer of 2018, I decided to get into a class and learn the craft. All I had written in my whole career was short movies, short scripts for music videos, and songs. But I didn’t have the confidence to go further and didn’t think I had the chops. I took a class and armed with new knowledge and support I started brainstorming and expanding my idea for a pilot. I scribbled probably about 30/40 pages of stream of consciousness and ideas. James Kacey introduced me to Keith Armonaitis, a screenwriter he had worked with on the award-winning and heartbreaking short-movie Missed. I showed him the short and pitched him my idea; he was in! We started developing the series together early in 2019, one year after I had filmed the short and one year before the pandemic happened... I can’t tell you how freaked out I was when the pandemic hit. For months, I had been imagining a world where people couldn’t touch, imagining it as some dark dystopia that could only exist in nightmares, and then, out of nowhere, we were living it! It was one of the most terrifying times in my life. I had to take a break. I felt so overwhelmed. Before the pandemic I felt like I had all my life to develop the series because it was so far from reality, just a made-up vision of a dark future that would never be real, but in a blink I was behind the times. I returned to look at the short I had made for class and decided it was time to finish it and turn it into a real film.

I called Steve Sholtes, who I collaborated with previously on different soundtracks and a song picked up by Coca-Cola music. I sent him the rough edit of my film and he was in! He scored a “hauntingly beautiful soundtrack”;) and got two nominations at UVFF, (UK’s festival Unrestricted View Film Festival), one of which was for the soundtrack! After Steve said he was in, I re-edited the whole film, took out some parts and added a character that didn’t exist in the first script or even the first edit: the voice of Sweet Cherry Corporation. It changed the feeling of the film and took it up to a new level. So, to answer your question and to keep a long story long, it took two and a half years (with a long break in the middle) to take The Last Touch from those notes scribbled in my phone to the multiple award-winning short film that it is now!

Above Photo: Melissa Mars Award 2021, for 'The Last Touch' Used for promotional use only


MM: Working on a single set was both easy and challenging. Easy because we didn’t have to move and change locations. Once we set up in that bedroom, we were there for the whole shoot. Challenging because we didn’t have many alternatives. We couldn’t really move things around due to the size of the bed and the bedroom. Yaniv Glaser did an amazing job working with what we had and creating a clinical, dark, isolated atmosphere with the lights and framing. The other challenge was playing a role both in front of and behind the camera. It was a small and limited crew so the three of us wore several hats and had to trust each other wholeheartedly. Yaniv and I had many discussions before the shoot. He tested lights, moods and shots; it was so inspiring to collaborate with him. Once we were on set and the shots locked, I felt confident putting my full trust in Yaniv’s expertise and we moved quickly from one scene to the next. I didn’t check on the monitor every take, just the first one of every new scene. I trusted both him and my co-star James Kacey, with whom I had worked on multiple other projects before, that I could have felt comfortable leaving him alone for his own takes! We wanted to have the shot in the bedroom to show the extreme emotional distance between the characters. The bedroom is the place where we are often at our most intimate, our most vulnerable, where we open ourselves up emotionally and physically with our partners. Having the camera so close to these two people who are so emotionally distant from each other in such an intimate setting helped to really show that they had replaced each other with their devices and drive home the sense of an emotional and physical connection that had been lost. They are being watched, being filmed in this most intimate of places but they don’t even notice or care, they are consumed by their devices. The trickiest part was the last scene. 


Above Image- Melissa Mars as 'Clea' on set of 'The Last Touch' Used for promotional use only all rights reserved image not modified.

There was a long duo-logue (not dialogue, but duo-logue, I don’t know if that term exists, if not, I’m making it up to describe the sort of monologue cut and shared between the two characters) that James and I shared. We had to keep going, keep the pace up as if it was one person talking. Then we had to be perfectly synchronized for the prayer at the end; it took patience! It is interesting how much editing is close to the writing or rewriting experience; cutting, piecing together all the parts. I actually ended up cutting out the duo-logue after all was said and done; it was too much telling and not showing. I was hesitant to cut the scene because it was the only one in the whole short during which the two main characters look at each other. In the end, I made the choice of not having any eye contact between the couple. For me, it was the metaphor of the touch. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, as some people believe, then a look could be as powerful as a touch. If I allowed the characters to share that look within the intimate setting of the bedroom, it would be as dangerous as touching and would have taken away from the feeling of an impenetrable barrier (represented by the “@” sign) between them. It took a lot out of me to sacrifice that moment, and make the choice to show no emotional or physical contact with each other in the whole movie (besides the accidental touch). I’m actually very “touched” lol and impressed when some viewers at festivals notice the absence of eye contact and tell me how powerful and unnerving they find it. 


Above Photo: James Kacey as Cain in 'The Last Touch', all rights reserved, image not monetized


MM: I’m actually expanding the short film in two different directions. I’ve been working on prose that started out as a dark short story but that has since grown to a full-length novel, haha. The story and the characters keep expanding on their own, torturing me because it’s hard to keep a handle on it. And, like I mentioned earlier, I’m also expanding the idea for a series and co-writing the pilot which we started working on in 2019, developing a fascinating world. When the pandemic hit, I almost had a breakdown thinking we had to drop it, reality became too close to what was supposed to be our fantasy of a dark dystopia. The reactions and feedback I got from festivals on the short movie, unanimously asking for more, comparing it to Black Mirror and 1984, gave me so much more confidence and a drive to continue with this project! :P




MM: I actually love directing specific projects that I have a complete vision for. But there are also scripts I write that I’d rather have someone else direct because I have no idea how to make them as exciting as they are in my mind’s eye. I was very proud that the award-winning and super talented director, Marco Bottiglieri, took on one of my scripts – Better Late Than Never- to direct it. I’m always excited to collaborate and have other artists bring their vision to my stories. But I do have some other projects I would love to direct, especially in Algeria, in the North of Africa. My mom is from there. That country is a beauty that is untapped and not explored enough at the international level and I would love to share that with the world. I’m actually co-writing an adventure/drama movie with my mom, lyricist and writer Lilas Klif, a project I am really excited about. Everything is a process. My main goal is to stay focused and move forward to complete one project at a time. I am so excited to see where each unique experience takes me!

Thank you for taking some time to discuss 'The Last Touch', looking forward to more in the future.

For further information on 'The Last touch':

Melissa Mars Official Website:

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The Sound Of Scars (2022) Movie Review © 2022 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod

Above: Promotional poster for The Sound of Scars-- (C) 2022 All rights reserved, image not monetized.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Across my desk today comes a very important, sadly dark, yet moving documentary about the band Life of Agony. The film documents the early life and decidedly somber transformation of Mina Caputo. Born as Keith, Mina really had a difficult childhood, filled with abuse, drugs, the loss of her mother, among other things.

Director Leigh Brooks, brings this all encompassing band story to light, allowing the entire band to have a back story and often tell their experiences about Mina and their own childhood, growing up in Brooklyn.The director allows the story to unfold, yet curates the story to keep the band members focused on the details keeping the story cohesive.

The way the story unfolds is an amalgamation of early life photos and stories, interspersed with a variety of videos from various stages of the band's 30 plus year career. Interestingly a story of them being roadies for Biohazard, really hit home. They pointed out as well how the scene was segregated, skin heads, Nazi Skinheads, Metal-heads, and Hardcore Fans. As a writer of indie music mags Zazz and Jam during the time of Life Of Agony's heyday, I would observe this at many shows, fights would break out etc. The band recall the so called rules and practices of the mosh pit. Pick someone up if they are cool, if they are an assh#$$e then stomp on them. They spoke about playing at and seeing bands at L'Amour and CBGBs two very important clubs in the scene in the late 80s early 90s.

Mina comes arose as a far different person, yet more at peace with who she is at this point in her life. Losing a mother at such a young age is very hard. Mina is shown relaxing on the couch in present day seemingly well adjusted with a small dog, a far different person than the same angst ridden singer of 30 years ago.

This is an important film as it shows the intrinsic struggle, a band goes through, yet remaining friends all of these years. Parents of some of the band members are shown, adding a sense of family to the film. As a fan of a band, people often have no idea the life and struggles many bands face outside of the hour or two they spend on stage at night.

All behind the scenes aspects of 'The Sound of Scars' are impressive, solid music obviously, well lit scenes of talking and life outside of the stage, in addition to some well curated past material. A 90 minute runtime seems perfect as it tells the story without getting bogged down in fluff or repeating. It never comes across as preachy or sending a social message, more like an account of their lives, thus allowing the viewer to make up their own mind.

A few years ago Life of Agony introduced a cool new drummer to the fold, Veronica Bellino in 2018 replaced longtime drummer Sal Abruscato who amicably split with the band in 2018. Sal also played in Type O' Negative in the early days! Bellino is really talented and diverse, playing with so many artists including Jeff Beck, Richie Sambora and LlcoolJ. Bellino is shown in the documentary and I want to know more about her life as well, that said most of the documentary focuses on the past material.

Overall, 'The Sound of Scars' is damn amazing, jump off the stage into your living room drama, perhaps one of the best documentary musical films I have seen in recent memory, rating a powerful 9.5 out of 10, it is that good, a must own!

("A lifetime's worth of struggle and triumph led to the making of this film.” says guitarist Joey Zampella. “Life of Agony has been our link to people who are just like us... And no, the world gets to see the inner workings of what makes us who we are. This release is something we'll be forever proud of." ) The film is available now on various streaming outlets. 


Official Life of Agony Facebook Page:




Order The Sound of Scars on Amazon

Order The Sound of Scars on iTunes

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'Fistful Of Vengeance' (2022) Movie Review - © 2022 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod


Above Image: Poster for 'Fistful of Vengeance' (C) 2022 Netflix - All rights reserved, image not monetized


Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Although I watched 'Fistful of Vengeance' awhile back, I decided to re-watch and assess my views. After the Netflix 'Wu Assassins' dropped I fully expected a season 2, then I actually thought a movie would work, I mean part of the story closed, and yet parts were open.

'Fistful of Vengeance' is essentially a final episode of the saga, yet can work as a stand alone movie. I have to make a statement about this prior to my review. Due to the Covid situation many things had to change, as the original location of Canada had strict requirements and regulations. My main complaint here is that the entire first season budget and now this movie was too small for what it wanted to do, this is not a knock on any of the film makers especially Roel Reine, the director who did an amazing job for what he had to work with. That said, my main issue here is the story seemed rushed.

'Fistful of Vengeance' sees the return of Iko Uwanis as Kai, Lewis Tan as Lu Xin and JuJu Chan-Szeto as Zan. The film opens with a cover of 'In The Air tonight' and the entire first season is summarized in a few moments, but the creators assumed if you are watching this film, the first season has already been consumed. We get right into the action interspersed between conversation. Bangkok, Thailand is the setting, the story flails out from there.

With only 90 minutes to tell a story, 'Fistful of Vengeance' relies more on flash than story to search for Jenny's killer. This is a good continuation of ideas, then Dr Pan comes in and they discuss the story of Pan Gu, again a solid plot point. He states that Pan Gu went mad with power, this the Wu Assassin was called down to strike the first man. O.K., this set up is solid, yet at this new entity Ku An Qi, a new powerful person so Lu Xin is tasked to take her out.

OK with that set up, I was like wait minute, what about JuJu's Zan charter. This is my main issue with the story, it is like they try to start a whole new story when I was like Zan escaped at the end of the last season. Why not use that?

Writing aside, for what they had to work with 'Fistful of Vengeance' is a decent effort. The movie has elements of action and drama, a buildup to the action. Director Roel Reine really shines as he is able to draw some solid emotional scenes and an amazing fight at the end, Well placed camera work, solid musical score and editing are Roel's specialty and it shows,

Iko Uwanis and Lewis Tan chew scenery and have some great dialogue, and decent action. The first 20 minutes of the film a scant minute is spent on an action scene, which occurs in a moving van. This establishes the story. The lack of real action during this time is where another few minutes of movie is preferable.

The newcomers to the cast Pearl Thusi as Zama Zulu, Francesca Corney as Preeya, and Yayaying Rhatha Phongam as Ku An Qi add an air of sultry bad ass. Once again, Roel is great pushing for a balance of female main stars getting in on the action and meaty dialogue. All three ladies really made the film fun and entertaining, great style and panache. Pearl adds an air of commanding presence as well.

Since Roel has shot in Thailand several times he makes the most of the scenery with a well shot boat chase sequence complete with multiple camera angles, reminding me of his other film 'Hard Target 2'.

JuJu shines again as Zan in action, style and acting diabolical, though I wish the story was more focused on her, Perhaps if they had a second season each of the four ladies would have had their own feature episode. She has a really spectacular fight at the end, well shot, well lit, actually she does not make an appearance until after the 30 minute mark, with a solid fight.

Not spoiling the rest of the plot, I will just say that Ku An Qi character is really cool and well conceived. The movie is violent, truculent, and crazy. Even with the small budget, the film manages to end the story of 'Wu Assassins' leaving little doubt.

Overall I liked 'Fistful of Vengeance', minor gripes aside with story and budget, the film is on Netflix and worthy of a watch, rating a 6 out of 10.

Check out the official Netflix trailer: 

For Further information go to

Please check out my detailed JuJu Chan-Szeto interview for 'Wu Assassins' TV series @

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Seize The Night: Carpe Noctem (2022) Movie Review © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod (Spoiler Free)


Above: Poster for the film from the official Facebook Page. All rights reserved, used for promotional use only, not monetized.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. All the way back in 2018 and 2019, Actress/Singer Nina Bergman was telling me about this cool new film called Carpe Noctem.  The the film is out now! and the film is now on Amazon and Itunes, for about 4 dollars to rent and 10 dollars to buy, at least on Amazon.

Before I review 'Seize the Night', I will say I cannot stand when reviewers spoil, or reveal major plot points of a film. This one is especially important not to reveal. Plot from IMDB: Over the course of one night, a whirlwind romance between a drug dealer and a mysterious singer takes them on a collision course with a dangerous mind-control ..

This film is a drama, through and through, no explosions, car chases or big shootouts. Trust me this is a great thing. Writers Pasha Gerard and Jhan Harp create a verbose yet ultimately epic tale of lies, deceit, fueled by the pursuit of a drag called a Suggestive. Lead stars Pasha as GB and Nina Bergman as GG deliver rousing performances of their troubled, characters, addiction and other nasty things come up, no spoilers! Nina Bergman, a Vegan, and non-drinker, drug user, or smoker, really acted her ass off. That said she has seen first hand what issues can arise on her tours with Letter From The Fire. I actually draw a parallel to her own character in this film as a singer of a fictional band named Sin5 and her real life touring experience. With the tragic recently death of Taylor Hawkins, once again a drug mystery surrounds a musician's death. Nina crushes the role, and probably has the most dialogue of any film in her career, and excels at it. Pasha also really amps up the emotions without overacting a delicate balance, well done!

'Seize the Night' has a slow burn build, yet, never feels boring as there are always clever characters in the film to liven things up. Jonathan Erickson Eisley as ruthless shady business man, John always looking for an angle to take advantage of his clients, adds an air of villain, yet oddly sympathetic. Matt Miller as Agent

is completely out of his mind, once again no spoilers. Alain Rono as Furry, again no spoilers, but what a weird scene! Trust me, it is the path taken that makes 'Seize the Night' clever and dynamic.Nothing is what it seems and characters can appear when the audience is least expecting them, once again, no spoilers!

Composer Karel Havlicek sets the mood and tone. The music rises and falls based on the seriousness and complexity of the scene. Watch for Nina Bergman to sing a few songs on the movie as well! The music never interfered with the copious dialogue, but when it was needed it hit like a arrow at a target in a bale of hay.

Special kudos go to Cinematographer Daniel Button he has do deal with a huge variety of challenging situations with regards to various settings and lighting. The camera seemed to be a extension of the characters especially during some drug fueled incidents, again no spoilers.

With a runtime of 86 minutes, Seize the Night never waivers, no wasted scenes, I kind of wanted more, yet upon a second watch realize that this amount of dialogue, usually would fill a movie of over 100 minutes, and was not needed to be extended.

Overall, 'Seize the Night' is rather incredible given the budget, I would really like to see this film make some sort of indie festival run with the stars on hand taking about it. What else is there to say, buy it! Seize the Night rates a rousing, sharp, yet tender masterpiece a 9 out of 10!!



Official Site:


Kindly check out my most recent interview of Nina Bergman:

Watch for more exclusives from this fantastic film coming later in 2022!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Pact (2022) TV Series - Season 1- Review © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above: Poster for 'The Pact' (C0 2022 Katara Studios

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Thanks to Actresses Natassia Malthe and Ada Dumitru, I was made aware of a science fiction/mystery six part series called 'The Pact' The series was shot all the way back in late 2018 and early 2019. Obviously with the onset of the pandemic, 'The Pact' kind of lay dormant a bit. Initially I would have hoped it landed on Netflix or Sci-Fi Channel, yet after watching it, The Roku channel provides a perfect home, as they own the streaming rights to the U.S. U.K. And Canada. This gives exclusivity and enough time to build an audience as the early territories just released on March 26th, and the rest of the world will roll out in July. What is interesting is unlike Netflix, this particular series is available to all of the residents of the three countries free of charge, not behind a pay wall, and on the internet with a laptop you do not even have to register for an account. Kind of like the Tubi TV content, except with essentially no commercials, perhaps a break here or there. Important t to not, although The Roku Channel has over 50 million viewers, it may be hard to track as you do not have to register to watch much of the content.

On to the review of 'The Pact'... The show spins a yarn about a mysterious fog that causes people to go insane. Miasma is the affliction and it behaves in the way a mind altering hallucinogenic drug. In one harrowing scene a man and a woman meet and the man holds her hand while she is holding the gun and begs her to kill him. It seems to affect people slightly differently, no spoilers. HAHA!

At a total runtime of around 240 minutes, it is about as long as two feature length films, yet seems to be stretched out. Obviously the story creators Bobby Barbacioru and Gareth Brookes have a gift to weave an intricate tale of forlorn and sadness, yet the pace is more 'Walking Dead' than breakneck speed. Essentially 'The Pact' is like an extended Road film, without the car chases! I would say 'The Pact' is more visceral than action oriented although later on in the series, there is some pretty cool action – (no spoilers) The two creators are in the process of finishing up a new series 'Three knee Deep' which also stars Louis Mandylor and Ada Dumitru. 


 Above Image: Natassia Malthe as Freya in 'The Pact' (C) 2022 Katara Studios

Speaking of acting, I thought the cast was well directed, and no performance seemed over the top or wooden. Highlights include Natassia Malthie's 'Freya' empathetic, and emotional particular harrowing scene in a forest (no spoilers!) Ada Dumitu's 'Gash' has some crazy blue war paint ala Olga Kurylenko in 'Centurion', and she seems quite violent and rather salacious, ha again no spoilers! Louis Mandylor is his usual consummate professional self delivering an undulating intensity.

As far as the scenery, camera and sound work. Much of the series is shot outside so it has a bigger feel than perhaps the budget was. The lighting, camera work were solid. The series seemed to sound better in headphones, especially to pick up the nuanced sounds going on around the characters. Musical scoring was eerie and appropriate for the source material.

Minor gripes about the length, actually I think this series might have worked as a stand alone movie, yet, I totally understand what the creators were going for. The reason why I state this is there are areas of production that seem like they are slightly elongated to allow for an entire 6 episode series. 'Peaky Blinders' did 6 episode series, but with the gangster plot something was always happening, Again I actually enjoy this relaxed pace, but I fully understand that it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Secondly, minor spoiler well not really as it is on IMDB, Dumitru's 'Gash' character is basically in only one episode, and I feel she adds a powerful spark, well in the next series with the same creators 'Three Knee Deep' she is one of the main character, a serial killer!


Above: Ada Dumitru strikes a salacious pose on set of 'The Pact'
Photo by Dragos Barbacioru

Overall, you can never go wrong with testing the waters on a free series, I recommend watching it in one or two nights to get the full effect, minor grips aside 'The Pact (2022)' rates a solid 7.5 out of 10, kind of has that weird cool vibe, note to parents with kids under 12, there is a large amount of swearing and adult themed violence and behavior.

Watch the series now:

If the direct link is not working, please open the main Roku Channel website or download the Android or IOS app.

'The Pact' IMDB page:

Facebook of Production Company Katara Studios:

Ada Dumitru Instagram:


Watch for further coverage of the show including interviews with Natassia Malthe and Ada Dumitru, on your home for exclusive content, Dan's Movie Report

Friday, March 25, 2022

New Series 'The Pact' is Unleashed On The Roku Channel! © 2022 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod


Above: Promotional Poster for 'The Pact' (C) 2022 The Roku Channel/ Katara Studios


Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers! After conducting a detailed interview with Actress Ada Dumitru in 2019, she told me about a new series she had wrapped filming called 'The Pact'. I spoke privately with actress Natassia Malthe about the series and since it was very early on, we decided to shelve discussing it until closer to the time of release.

Enter The Roku Channel. A free platform streaming content outlet, which is rapidly becoming one of the largest over the top channels with 60 million users. Today March 26th, 2022 the series begins to stream.The Channel is also available through the app, and set top boxes and TVs

Katara Studios is involved in production of 'The Pact' for further information please visit:Katara Studios

The series is shrouded in a bit of mystery but the basic plot as posted to IMDB is: 'The Pact' Follows Sol, Freya and Adam, among other survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, as they try to find the cause of the mysterious MIASMA and stop it. Actor Louis Mandylor plays a character named Rooster, Natassia Malthe plays Freya, and Ada Dumitru plays Gash. 


Above: A Concerned Natassia Malthe as Freya waits pensively (C) 2019 Katara Studios /The Roku Channel All rights reserved image used for promotional purposes only

A terrible revelation sets humankind on a path to self-destruction. A terrifying journey into the unknown for a group of people bound together by hope alone. Stream The Pact free on March 26.



Above photos: Ada Dumitru on set of 'The Pact' (C) 2019 Photographer Dragos Barbacioaru

Stream for FREE on The Roku Channel: Connect with #TheRokuChannel online Instagram: Twitter: Tik Tok: Facebook:

Check out this hot trailer with a bit of post apocalyptic madness! @

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'Mad As Hell' (2021) Movie Review © 2022 Dan's Movie Report Danny Templegod


Above: Poster for 'Mad as Hell' (C) 2021 MEYHAM FILMS

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, across my desk today comes a Robert Parham directed film called 'Mad As Hell' As part of the full disclosure I contributed a small amount to this film, yet remain a non influencing entity. My name will be listed in the credits as Executive Producer, but it is in name only. I purposely wanted nothing to do with the creative process. I let a few reviewers view and review prior to me doing it, to give the film time to get noticed in the festival market.

Before I start the main review I need to point out a few very important aspects of 'Mad As Hell' Firstly this is a very low budget film under 25,000, but Robert pulled a few favors to keep costs down, so actually to make a film like this real world will be 100 to 150,000 USD. Secondly, this is what can be considered a gritty urban crime drama, focused on stories for the African American community, As a white man, I enjoyed the story, and thought the structure easily transitions regardless of the viewer having a potentially differing background. This film is not for people, who are used to watching only big budget films say 30 million dollars or more. My review will be brief and non spoiling, as the film is still in a festival run.


Above: Poster for February Screening of 'Mad as Hell' with awards and review stars from Easter Fan Films.

Director Robert Parham plays the lead character Michael. His character is thrown into a maelstrom, when his family is killed, and he takes the blame. The movie spends the bulk of it's time in a cat an mouse game to find the real criminal. The multi-faceted Franklin Correa wears several hats including assistant stunt coordinator, camera man and character Rocha. Actress Cynda Williams who has an extensive career including 'Mo Better Blues' and 'One False Move'.

The dynamic between Cynda and Robert in the film is deep and meaningful. The acting from the main characters is solid, but the side characters sometimes can be inconsistent. I really liked the acting from the actress playing a very small role be accosted in an ally way, she shows genuine fear in the situation.

Problems with the volume and hollowness of some of the dialogue is a bit off putting, some outside scenes of Cynda Williams and Robert Parham talking the dialogue is very soft. If you notice the cereal box on the counter is a special box of Parham Puffs! Now that, is clever.

The film is a slow build with much of the action occurring in the final 30 minutes of the movie. The slow burn works here and helps the pacing. The movie is well lit, for the most part, yet some night scenes are purposefully darker then perhaps they need to be.

The soundtrack is top notch with The Original G man and others providing tunes, great opening song and music bed.

Knoc-Turrn 'Al is the music supervisor and trust me the songs on here resonate. Including a song sung by Cynda Williams! The Original 'G-Man' of Hip Hop yes that guy, has a kick ass track called 'B Where UR'! Great musical bed and transitions.

Here is the song on the film!

'Mad As Hell' Official Facebook (Meta) Page:

Mad As Hell' is a MEYHAM FILMS production being distributed by Maverick Entertainment. 

 Check out this review from Eastern Fan Films:

He has additional information on the film

The Action Elite has a cool review as well--

 I fully agree with my journalistic friends and rate 'Mad As Hell' a solid 7 out of 10, worthy of a purchase to support indie films!