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Joy Ride 3 Movie Review

He is Back, the anti-hero/psycho Rusty Nail! The Joy Ride series is an od lot as the sequels are far apart, but follow the same Stephen King Duel meets Texas chainsaw massacre, minus the chainsaws! For the third installment, the film opens where we see two very thing young people all hopped up on drugs having sex and the meth had chick needs another fix so she screams at he boyfriend, and sais I need my fix! So of course he has to stop having sex mid coitus and he says he has no more drugs, but has this wonderfully pleasant Idea of luring an unsuspecting trucker to their hotel room, and clobber him over the head to take his money to buy the drugs.

Note to self; two scrawny whacked out kids together weigh less than Rusty Nail, the kid grabs a lamp waiting to clobber him, but of course fails, and they are both attacked and chained to his rig in front. They have to last one mile to get the meth taped to the windshield, and guess what happens, all this before the opening credits!

Actually the pre-credits part is one of the best scenes in the film, as the rest of the film is spent with a racing team, who initially cuts Rusty Nail off, and then have to pay the price, with vice grips and snow chains!! The middle of the film dragged a bit, but had a solid ending, of course leaving it open. The acting is average in Joyride 3, but some of the death scenes and tension are interesting. Do not want to spoil the specifics, thus the review is left purposely short. Interestingly enough the guy who plays Rusty Nail  has been in so many films, with his imposing frame, he makes a great bad guy, I was rooting for him, as the kids deserved it haha!  Ken has done more than 5 dozen films as a stuntman in his career mad respect!

Another odd highlight was a scene in the diner, and one really creepy and unfriendly waitress, ad a crazy guy who seemingly makes very little sense but foreshadows the entire film! I thought the film was decent, not amazing, but passable as a rent Joy Ride 3 rates a 5.5 out of 10.

Landlord: Time To Pay The Rent Movie Review (C) 2014 Danny Shamon (Exclusive)

Update 8-8-14 Film is available for rental or purchase @
Special thanks to Rob Ho for allowing me to be the first person outside his U.K. circle to review this film. As my website heads towards the one million hit count, I am looking for more truly indie features, with no initial studio backing, be it large or indie company, still is a "studio backing it. I want people who sweat it out, grind it out and put out their own damn film! Will I still review big budget stuff, yes, will I still do interviews, yes, will my audience still be subjected to scores of talented people with exclusive photos on my site, the final answer is YES! Now, it is time to pay the rent!

Rob Ho is a real life landlord, owner of a building in which tenants live. I was a manager of a rental house in the past, I feel his pain, the trials and tribulations of being everything from an ear to listen, to a housekeeper, to a security guard. In The Landlord, Rob Ho plays Louis Fey, a man who is bequeathed an apartment building by his elderly father. 

It turns out that criminal mastermind Warwick, () is in the property acquisition business and he has a penchant for forcing these people to sell with violent means, and polite British dialogue! Seriously never have I watched a film where violence transpired following more eloquently spoken dialogue. No F bombs, etc.. but, I must say as an American watching this it was different and kind of fun to watch. After a fight ensues Rob Ho looks at Zara Phythian's character Lauren, who also fights a bunch in this film, and says, "A bit of a scrapper, ay?" Now most responses in American films would be "Yeah I f%^D him up so bad his mom needed dental records for identification, with Zara it is a smile, smirk nod, or deadly stare. In Landlord, responses are polite sometimes even non-verbal, but thankfully always laced with fists.

Warwick threatens another business to sell, and this time it is personal as it is the sister of Zara Phythian's character Lauren Jones. Louis Fey (Rob Ho) is also randomly surprise attacked with the streets by Warwick's Henchmen. Rob Ho reminds me of a young Sammo Hung in his fighting style, kind of random, kind of wild, always throwing his weight around,  and tinges of humor thrown in for good measure. Minor complaint is that the fighting scenes, while there are plenty of them, are filmed a bit to close to the subject, not allowing to see the scope of the fight. That is the only issue all other elements, location, creativity, etc are solid.

The big surprise of Landlord: Time To Pay The Rent, is   and her character Freddie. Upon a second watching of the film, I have determined that she is my favorite character on the film, and seems to relish playing the bad girl hench-woman to Warwick. Her character is given a pretty big part, which is cool, as usually the ladies on the bad side are given a few throwaway lines, and subsequently cast aside. Freddie and Lauren duke it out, and as in all of Zara's fights, epic stare downs, angry frowns, and copious amounts of hair flying everywhere, Dionne really looks like a psycho, in her final fight with Zara. I see a solid future for Dionne Vincent, she did a great job and really made the film a treat to watch a second time. Her fight with Zara toward the end of the film has some, shall we say interesting elements, fire extinguisher, kicking, punching, etc... I have two photos below, for detailed description and my intrepid audience to peruse, and I will not spoil the outcome! I will not say which of the two ladies get the most licks in! HA!

Of course there is a final showdown, many henchmen, what would an action film be without many henchmen, random thugs and of course hired goons. In addition, another crime/action film staple, are the two cops who always seem to be a Fortnight late and a Pound Sterling short always trying to nail Warwick.  Apparently to fight Zara and Rob, at least ten of these types of men are needed! Fighting, kicking and of course full blown brawl breaks out. 

Overall, the story and characters were decent on a shoestring budget, and Landlord: Time To Pay The Rent, rates a 7 out of 10, A definite watch! As for Dionne Vincent, I rate her a 8 on the dangerous scale: cute, sassy, and saucy, so like her official Facebook page @ She has many more projects in the work, that I am sure will be blood soaked and fun!

For more information on this truly indie film go to:

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Skin Trade and Arrow Actress Celina Jade Live in South Florida at the Florida Supercon!

Above photo: Celina Jade and Ron  Perlman in Skin Trade!

Fans of action rejoice! Knee deep in post production is SKIN TRADE Now this is how you make an action film!~

Add in the action Dolph, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White, Cary Tagawa, and a very beautiful and talented Celina Jade, and the super tall, super cool, Ron Perlman, and we have a Thailand film that has the makings of full force action! Check the Tony Jaa trailer @

Official Facebook is open!

Celina Jade! Official Facebook @

Twitter @

See Celina Jade, live at the Florida Supercon! July 4-6th! Boom!

Celina can be seen as Shado in the Arrow series and check out this bad ass short film from Infiniti! Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon - OFFICIAL MOVIE behind the scenes

Also on the subject of cool short films check out Zombie Guillotines @ 

Her Official Acting Reel @

Watch for more on Skin Trade on Dan's Movie Report! Also watch for more exclusives from Celina Jade!

EXCLUSIVE! Upcoming on Dan's Movie Report!!! Actress/Boxing Legend Daisy Lang! (C) 2014 Danny Shamon

Above photo, Daisy with her title belts. Click for wallpaper size of course!

Hello  to the fans of the number one independent, single person run, site on the internet! Dan's Movie Report is proud to present the interview that only took 11 years to happen! Yeah, I was between my old Magazine Sirens Of Cinema, and before Vengeance mag, and way before the 2009 incarnation of Dan's Movie Report. Truth be told, after Stephanie Cheeva Introduced me to Daisy Lang in 2003, at the H.I.M.A.S. Banquet, I wanted to interview her. Things happen, life happens, crap gets in the way, crap gets out of the way, now it will happen!

She has fought legends, trained legends, acted with legends, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White etc.., and will share her unique story with only one source first exclusively, Dan's Movie Report! She shares her story of working on Undisputed 2, various other projects, and her current life in California.

Above  is a Teaser Photo! and below, 2 videos! Research everyone, do your homework!

Daisy Lang acting video:
Daisy Lang full fight video:

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Lolawolf Releases New Single "Summertime"! On Tour With Polica now!

Get ready to see Lolawolf on Tour! That is right readers of Dan's Movie Report. Live onstage is Lolawolf, hot new band featuring the vocal talents of Zoë Kravitz. Zoë is super cool and a multi-talented performer,and takes her show on the road this Summer! Watch for new exclusives soon on Zoë, and Lolawolf!

Check out my 2011 interview with Zoë @

For all of the shows, go to their official Facebook Page @

Tour dates here:

Check out their brand new tune "Summertime" on

More contact @ On tour with Polica Now!
EP out now:

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The Martial Arts Kid crushes the lofty $150,000 Goal On Kickstarter! Final Day To Donate!

Legends Cynthia Rothrock and Don Wilson are preparing to film their latest project, Martial Arts Kid! The hot new family film focuses on anti-bulling, and represents a departure from ultra violent action films for Don and Cynthia. I am a strong supporter of the project, I feel that if used correctly Kickstarter is a great way for quality films to get made, without financial backing from major companies meddling in the way, and altering the script and ideas. Watch for future updates on Dan's Movie Report for this fantastic project.

Facebook @

Go for it!

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Edge Of Tomorrow Movie Review

Live. Die. Repeat. Three words which make up the tagline for Edge Of Tomorrow, permeate the film, as Tom Cruise's character Cage is caught in a time loop, dying over and over again to save humanity. The situation is simple, and actually the film feels like an updated version of Starship Troopers, adding in the time-loop parameter.

Cage is a military officer not actually trained in combat, but is recruited by an elite military outfit from the UK that is going to make another Normandy style invasion in France to kill the mysterious alien enemy. The Outfit is deposited on the beach, but it ends up being an ambush, and everyone dies. Cage, when he dies, ends up back in the same spot he started in waking up in handcuffs among the soldiers duffel bags, labelled a deserter forced to relive the day and be re-dropped into the same ambush.

Each time he is thrust back into combat, he learns a little more, more about his special 100 pound exo-skeleton suit, who his team members from J company are, and even mimics what his commanding officer says. He dies, he learns, and repeats the process.

Above Pic, a hot steamy Emily Blunt, click for wallpaper size!!

Along his travels he meets up with Rita (Emily Blunt) who plays a hardcore Helicoptor blade wielding bitch. She is as tough as they come, and eventually trains Cage to perpare to end the war once and for all, by killing the Omega, a "Brain Alien" Think Brain Bug from Starship Troopers, Actually there are three main types of alien entities, The Alpha, (a super powerful rare alien, who's DNA allows it to reset the day, thus knowing where the enemy is, standard soldier aliens and the all=powerful hidden Omega.

Edge Of Tomorrow blasts and runs like a video game, in IMAX 3D you are in the action, in site and in ear-splitting sound. The film is loud, clanky and has the calmness of a 10 ton brick landing on a feather. This is an action film, not much dialogue, and what there is repeats, and repeats.

Cruise is his usual suave self, a tinge of humor deflects the enormity of the situation. The surprise here is Emily Blunt, for those unsure if she could pull off an action role with her prim and proper self, be prepared for a her muscles, (not sure where they came from, but they are nice, and glisten when sweaty) Emily also has an intense, hardcore attitude, she seems to relish in the tough chick role, and boy is she one bad-ass woman,

Overall, minor gripes with the lack of initial plot development, as the story is kind of told on the fly. More set up, and character development, and how the alien race actually got here would be cool, but this film is a true summer "check your brain at the door popcorn flick" and it is a fun as hell ride. I recommend the IMAX 3D version, Edge Of Tomorrow rates a 7.5 out of 10.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Get Ready For Agoraphobia! New Film to Be Shot in South Florida!

That is right folks, A hot new film is preparing for principal photography right here in the good old sunny state of Florida!

An agoraphobic, who is afraid to leave her house, discovers that there is something far more terrifying trapped inside with her (Above Pic by Horror Photography)

The film is Directed by Lou Simon for White Lotus Productions

Casting is complete, check their official Facebook page for full cast announcements, which include Actress Tara Cardinal (Also a Producer) and Tony Todd!

Watch for exclusive photos, video, and set updates exclusively on your home for independent Action and Horror, Dan's Movie Report!

Airplane VS Volcano Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for Airplane VS Volcano

The Asylum is at it again! They seem to have a lock on the formula for disaster films. Airplane Vs Volcano centers on flight 7389 ,which is stuck in a holding pattern over a series of volcanic eruptions in Hawaii.

The situation goes from bad to worse when the pilot and co-pilot are killed during the volcanic storm, enter our stoic hero Dean Cain, who takes over the pilot's seat and proceeds to attempt to save the lives of the passengers, by looking for a place to safely land.

On the ground are a set of serious  military types intent on saving as many people as they can, but not putting their men in danger. Also on the ground, in a stroke of casting brilliance akin to Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist is Robin Givens as a volcanologist. The first thing that pops in my head about her is of course the study of oozing magma flows. Deflecting the lack of intellect, Airplane Vs Volcano is not a bad little thriller, as the tension is kept high by the characters on the plane, a young mother and her son, a psychotic man, on the verge of a breakdown, an air martial wound way the hell to tight, and a stewardess who is just about the most annoying person on the planet, or in this film 10,000 feet off the planet.

Airplane VS Volcano follows the typical Asylum parameters, inconsistent CGI, although it is a huge step up from a few years back, and dialogue the is a "let's state the obvious" then react.

With the recent popularity of Sharknado, and many of the other Asylum films, I am sure this will be a big hit on the SyFy channel and DTV. The elements of action, and intensity are there even if it is on a much smaller scale. Actually The Asylum are improving a bit, and hopefully, will break away to action films and solid crime dramas, which also could be another niche market for them.

Robin Givens is decent in her role, not sure she is a capable volcanologist. Dean Cain actually is a very good actor, hopefully he can launch his career back to "Super" heights again. Airplane VS Volcano rates a 6.5 out of 10, not awesome, but a decent 90 minute popcorn flick.