Thursday, February 21, 2013

Company Of Heroes Movie Review

Company Of Heroes Blu-Ray (C) 2013 Sony Home Video

Company of Heroes opens with a small unit of WWII soldiers on patrol in a remote region of Belgium in December of 1944. After clearing out a sniper, the unit heads back to base for a supposed easy transport run. On the transport run, they are met head on with a full column of tanks and heavily armed men. Many of their unit is killed, on the way back to base they are stranded behind enemy lines.

The unit soon discovers a top secret German operation, to develop a nuclear super-weapon and the top secret allied plot to capture the leading scientist, and bring him to the US.

Company Of Heroes tries hard to be a great war film, but perhaps the limited budget, and emphasis on flash and firepower, rather than distinct story telling, the production feels rushed. The first 45 minutes contain the bulk of the war action, then the story shifts to the science area of the particle accelerator for a brief moment, than boom, right back to the action.

Company Of Heroes has a few bright spots with the gritty performances of  Chad Michael Collins as the young gun sniper and Tom Sizemore as the grizzled old vet, who is busted down in rank to cook. A splash of beauty thrown in with sultry actress as Krestrel, who helps the soldiers in the secret weapons area, makes sure this testosterone fest, does not forget the fairer sex.

I am not a WWII buff, so I cannot comment with regards to the historical accuracy of Company Of Heroes, but I can say at least a valient attempt is made to exclude most, I say most, present day colloquialisms. The uniforms looked old and tattered, as they should from long battles. Actually I welcome comments on this.

Sadly though, Company Of Heroes has a few shortfalls. The story should have been fleshed out more. A 100 minute movie seems a bit short, given the subject matter, I would have liked to see more of perspective, from various command points of view and more story detail given to the super-weapon compound.

Problems aside, Company Of Heroes plays out as a decent action/war flick. 
Overall I rate Company Of Heroes a definite rent for war buffs. I rate the film a 6 out 10.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Actress/Singer Selina Lo To Release Debut Single March 17th!

Above Pic: Selina Lo Single "What You Want" from her official Facebook page.

Actress/Singer Selina Lo is set to release her debut single "What You Want" March 17th. A sneak preview is available on Sound Cloud @

Ok, so what in the hell are you waiting for! Unless you are frightened, and even if you are, follow her on Facebook and twitter!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Jurassic Attack Movie Review

Dammit I love B movie madness! Jurassic Attack opens with a light plane carrying professor Roxton (Michael Worth) experiencing engine trouble, and eventually crash landing in a dense tropical forest. Wouldn't you know it, there was a large dinosaur there to be the welcoming party! The professor survives, because his com-padre remained in the crashed plane and became lunch.

The main story involves some sort of militant in the jungle angle with a biological weapon. A small group of military personal are sent in to rescue this ultra hot looking scientist, kind of in the vein of Tears of The Sun.

Leading the rebels that want to procure a biological weapon, is a man named Marquez (Israel Sáez de Miguel), he has captured scientist Angeles Ibanes (Natascha Berg) to do his dirty-work.

Jurassic Attack is cheesy, silly, at times the epitome of camp. None of the militants have much aim, and the dino creatures don't run from a hail of bullets. The dinosaurs are a times poorly rendered, but no worse than most other movies from companies like The Asylum. The main problem I had was that the dialogue is woefully bad, and not in a cool Evil Dead way. This element detracts from the flow of the story. The constant references to The lost world and criminally bad punning, were hard to take for 90 minutes.

Above Pic: Looking for Dinosaurs and avoiding militants, the crazy professor has sexy accompaniment, with a couple of sultry, well armed ladies! (C) 2013 Little Dragon Productions.

Not all is lost on Jurassic Attack, however,  as Michael Worth's Roxton character adds a lively spark. Michael Worth states on his Facebook page the initial role was written for a 70 year old British guy and he added his own spin, to entertaining results. Sexy actresses Alicia Ziegler as the forceful military gal Sarah Haldeman, and Natascha Berg (see above pic) add a strong female presence to the big gun, big dinosaur, Jurassic Attack.

Overall, Jurassic Attack is pretty bad, but has a few bright spots. Worth a rent ONLY if you like B movies, dinosaurs, and ludicrous dialogue. I rate the film a 4 out of 10, you have been warned!

Zombie Killers Takes Off!

Actress Aoni Ma informed me she is going to be in a new film entitled Zombie Killers. The project features three lovely ladies, who happened to be trained zombie hunters. Aoni, and cast mates Eve Mauro and Amy Johnston will find, and exterminate zombies. Think Charlies Angels, complete with zombies. A video preview has posted to Youtube @

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