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The Assassin's Apprentice 2 New Cast Members Announced! UPDATE! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, as Producer Paul and Director Russ get ready for the principal photography to commence on second Assassin's Apprentice short film the team has announced 2 new cast members as of February 27th, 2019. Currently final preparations are being made to lock budget and prepare for production. Tracee will play a character named Gwen.

TRACEE LEE COCCO NOW PART OF ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE 2! We are pleased to welcome Tracee Lee Cocco to “The Assassin’s Apprentice 2”! She played many characters on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, but most notably as Lieutenant Jae, a regular character on The Next Generation! Welcome onboard Tracee and Go Team Assassins 2!

ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE 2 WELCOMES SEAN KENNEY TO THE FILM! We are pleased to welcome Sean Kenny to “The Assassin’s Apprentice 2”! He portrayed the crippled Captain Pike, as well as Lieutenant DePaul, on the original Star Trek series. Go Team Assassins!

The two Trek actors join the amazing Armin Shimerman A.K.A. 'Quark' from Deep Space 9, who has already signed on to do the project and portray a character named Roy. Tarah Paige will of course return as the lead character, Kaylee.

The IMDB for TAA 2 page is constantly being updated as new cast and crew are finalized:

For the most updated news please like the Official Facebook page for The Assassin's Apprentice and TAA 2 information @
The page will have updated cast announcements for part 2, awards for the first film, and of course screening dates for the first film. Russ plans on posting updates throughout the production of what is now officially entitled 'The Assassin's Apprentice: The Silbadores of La Gomera' Although this is the entire full title, in this and in future posts I will refer to the film as TAA 2 or Assassin's Apprentice 2.

Keep it locked on Dan's Movie Report throughout 2019 and 2020, as the film commences production through the eventual screenings expected perhaps in late 2020, everything is of course pending.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Triple Threat Screening 2-28-2019! First Worldwide Event!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers! Jesse V. Johnson reports that in it's first worldwide showing Triple Threat will premiere at The Shivers Film Festival special event!!! Yes that is correct The fest is getting the film first on Earth! This film will show in the German Festival Event at 7:45 local time. This news was initially posted by director Jesse V. Johnson and Screen Anarchy.

The films screening today are part of a special event. Screening outside competition, and not during the festival itself, The one day event is entitled Moonlight Madness: Road to Shivers. The full fest itself was held in November of 2018. A few other cool films are also playing throughout the day, so make sure to check the website!

Konstanz, Germany is the location and the event is located at the Zebra Kino event center & Theater and can be bought at the location
I am assuming since this is day of show, it may be purchased at the event center box office.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

She-Kings!!! TNA Entertainment! A Dan's Movie Report Global English Exclusive!!! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, as you know, my site is all exclusive all the time. Today it is coming! From The Maker of Truy Sat! Truong Ngoc Anh and her TNA Entertainment Company is unleashing the most ambitious project to date! TNA will travel to the ends of the Earth to collaborate and she reads the concepts with her savvy business mind. Truy Sat was damn exciting, and represented a dynamic way of shooting action. With She-Kings (Coming Soon) TNA hopes to empower the future! With today's somewhat uncertain political climate, it is damn cool to see such creativity!First GOLD text ever on Dan's Movie Report!

As a journalist in music and then in movies since the 80s, it is thrilling to see a woman so driven, she inspires to create, and creates to inspire!”

Preliminary synopsis and concept of She-Kings!!! (English Translation)

Hope once lost, like the sunflower of the sky is no longer. The darkness, the pain, the exhaustion of the spirit and the the of life is the essential thing when there is no hope. When there is no hope, we no longer try for the future, do not believe in the good will come, do not forgive the reality of error. Every past day, people just gradually live for today, for “what” is in front of their eyes, for the short term, for the hope is like the “Sun” in front of the wind, Leo (King) A She-King will arise again!.
Images all by TNA Entertaiment 2019, all rights reserved. Used for Promotional purposes only!
It's time to relive the hope - the return after more than 2000 years...

Please note this is the very early initial synopsis, Truong Ngoc Anh or TNA for short is essentially the humble version and honorable version of what an Angelina Jolie making movies and acting in them, and doing her own action! TNA is doing this for Vietnam! For the betterment of the art of Cinema! 


Watch this space-- 

Truong Ngoc Anh flew from Vietnam to South Beach, to conduct this live interview! Go hard and EXCLUSIVE! In 2020!!

In the meantime, blast your browsers to the Worldwide Exclusive Truy Sat Dan's Movie Report interview!!
First legitimate, review of Truy Sat on IMDB and sent directly from TNA as well @

Original US Texas Premiere of Film! IDTV Action Fest! Run By Martial Artists, and film makers, a panel round table for judges, all the judges watch all the films!

Also in Truy Sat was at the 2018 Widescreen Film Festival in Miami, Truy Sat was nominated as well!

Incidentally Widescreen Film Fest and Indiewise are combining and they are taking the fest to Las Vegas! September 24th thru 29th! With a huge convention! Go to

Watch this space and my partner in action in late 2019, on into 2020 and moving forward!!

Gender (2018) Review A Dan's Movie Report USA Exclusive!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, I wanted to wait until the academy awards were over to review this delightful, well serious, yet poignant film about work place politics, and issues with a female supervisor and a male boss. A hard reality, hopefully with some more women in prominent potions this will change and for the amazingly creative film maker Yulia Romanova and her team have really created a mini masterpiece that absolutely needs to be a Netflix acquisition, and with the absolutely amazing Period, End of Sentence (details here)

I watched this 14 minute film and literally was transported to a paired down office setting, but the politics and script were strong. Worldwide office politics are still a huge issue, yes, sex came to light post Harvey etc... and now the most mighty are taken down by their own transgressions.

That said, most films deal with office politics with a joke and a snide remark, Yulia chose to play it serious, Jamie Lee-Hill plays an over bearing buck stops here boss but oddly he favors one over another, he has a female in position of power, yet she is trying to work with the males under her. Kind of like a female Stunt coordinator or female fight coordinator like Kim Chiang, who I interviewed, she is fight coordinator on The 100, she has to deal with many guys, stunt and action etc, but with 30 years of experience she has garnered proper respect. Again a guy could rise to fight or stunt coordinator in I am sure 10 yrs. If he is persistent. A double standard in Hollywood, but again, the office is a place we only see, not hear, told to keep our mouth shut! Plus review short films, you know some do win Academy Awards!

Screw the mouth shut, this is 2019, an era of a global film community! Who says a young Russian lady cannot make an epic short for about 7,000USD, with make up stylist, proper lighting, great script, cinematography etc.. and an interesting concept. What is in the future for this team, I actually hope like Cannibals and Carpet Fitters, unleash a kick ass feature based on this concept, can have some more drama, a back story on the characters. I noticed James Bushe is involved so who knows! James and his crew allowed me the first worldwide review of the film and I was super thrilled to buy it on DVD! Another soap box for me as a writer I cannot stress enough, when you have a chance to do a super early review even if you hate the film do not spoil it! Come on, act like you have been there before!

I watch so many short films, Some are epic, and super expensive to make as in The Gate, some are middle of the road, in price, 10-40k, some are total indie under 10k, and passionate film makers. This falls in the close to epic, and total indie! I rate this film a very solid 7.5 out of 10.

I know they had to keep it under 15 minutes for many short film festivals, but the interplay made me want a mini feature like Black Salt, which was 27 minutes, and won Urban Action Film Festival. Actually that is the reason I docked it .5 of a star as I wanted more!

I plan to interview Yulia in the coming months ahead to get some ideas she may have! All exclusive all the time, watch this space in 2019, for a film making team on the rise!

Facebook Link Above!

Monday, February 25, 2019


OK! Dan's Movie Report becomes Dan's Horror Report! Yep here we go, Of course Triple Threat upon us, that said these two flicks have been on my radar for awhile! Coming in April 2019! Get ready to break glass with BREAKING GLASS pictures! A kick ass alternative to the mundane, I am planning a feature on these two flicks, promos, interviews etc all exclusive all the time on Dan's Movie Report! Here is the original Press Release!! Whoa wait Danny, you are sharing a press release, um yeah! Here we go!!

Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the release of two extreme horror features to thrill audiences: the terrifying deep web thriller RED ROOM (March 19) and the controversial, surreal mystery MOTEL MIST (April 9),

Described as “an intense film that explores the darkest sides of humanity” (10K Bullets) that is “not one for the faint hearted” (UK Film Review), RED ROOM brings the terror of what lies in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet into the light…with blood-soaked results.

Kyra, a young woman kidnapped off the street after a night out, wakes up in an isolated house with two other captives. They are informed by their sadistic captors that they must wait their turn to enter the Room before they will be released. Once they discover they will never leave the house alive, they plot to escape before it is their turn to enter the Red Room.

Both photos (C) 2019 Breaking Glass Pictures, used for promotional only

On the heels of RED ROOM, audiences are invited to check-in at MOSTEL MIST, where sex, death, and aliens all hold sway over the lives of four actors unknowingly on the road to destruction.

After being removed from the program by TrueVisions one day before it’s intended release, director Prabda Yoon’s MOTEL MIST (original title “Rong Ram Tang Dao”) will finally arrive in North America.

Variety praised the film’s “sleazy charm” while Kong Rithdee of the Bangkok Post emphasized that “it's important that a film of unconventional sensibility and temperament gets a chance on the screen.”

In an unusual motel on the outskirts of Bangkok, four lives intertwine and change forever. A father with kinky and somewhat dangerous sexual fetishes brings his latest partner, a school girl, to his custom-made erotic chamber in Room 7. A former child actor in the midst of wild media speculations checks into Room 5, hiding from the aliens he believes are out to get him. Throw into the mix a motel staffer determined to start a new, and a beautiful vixen determined to save her friend from a deadly sexual fantasy life by any means necessary. Motel Mist, and the mysterious powers behind the hotel, have opened for business.

RED ROOM and MOTEL MIST will be available on DVD and VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, and FandangoNOW. 

BLAST your browsers to Breaking Glass Pictures! 

Go hard! Get ready! Soon! Dan's Movie report, your home for exclusive action, horror, short films and interviews! 2019 will kick butt for films!