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Rampage: Capital Punishment Movie Review

Above Photo: Blu-Ray cover for Rampage: Capital Punishment

In spite of what the average film viewer thinks of Uwe Boll, he actually completes film projects. So many people talk a good game, start projects that never get completed, for whatever reason. The reason this fact is important, only from a twisted, yet fervently observant mind like Uwe could a film like' Rampage: Capital Punishment'. This is far an away Uwe's finest film, all be it a subject so reprehensible, Rampage can be invigorating, frustrating, and scary.

'Rampage 2', (I will call it that for the balance of the review) is the second maniacal killing spree of Bill Williamson () and a revisit of the 2009 film. This film takes it a step further, and has an extreme stark reality to it that is destined to make everyone in the audience uncomfortable. Bill's manifesto, in a nutshell, proclaims that freedom is a false reality, and corporations run the world with reckless abandonment. Money, greed, power and enslaving the poor is the reality, and Rampage 2 drives that point home with several video references to that particular point. 

Unabashed and unforgiving as Bill literally pulls up a camp chair and mows down unsuspecting victims just living there lives. A lady walking by, a man on his phone etc... Eventually Bill ends up in a news station, and that is where the bulk of the movie takes place. Bill wants to get his message across, to have his video manifesto, shared worldwide, and to receive Youtube likes and comments.

Mowing down the news people while he is looking for Chip, a news anchor to get out his message. The violence in 'Rampage 2' actually looks like news footage, in fact the movie itself plays out like a sardonic, truculent, vituperation on society, hurling towards impending doom, Bill is an asshole, but a thought provoking one. 'Rampage 2' forces the viewer to think about society as a whole and where we are going.

Brendan's portrayal of Bill is unabashedly brash, and almost too real. While watching the film, one can sadly envision that people like Bill not only exist in this world, but are planning to carry out such a twisted plan. Is 'Rampage 2'. Bill shaves his head midway through, adding an air of the skin head mentality. He carries out his dastardly deed while dressed up in full body armor.

Overall, 'Rampage 2' is an uncomfortable watch, but a perspicacious one, Uwe Boll has made a film that will test the limits of a movie audience and what is expected. This film will make you angry, scared, and the discussions on  and off the internet will rage on long after the viewer watches. Rampage 2 rates a 8.5 out of 10, Uwe's best work, and a distinct departure from his typical B movie fare.

The film is released on Amazon on August 19th, click link to order. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Chemist In Production! Exclusive Set Report! Exclusive Photos!

Update 8-22-14: Daily photos--- Click to increase size!

Actress Nina Bergman set to play a pivotal role Trinidad in The Chemist! Actress/Singer Nina brings her diverse knowledge and intensity to the Chemist! For more information on Nina, point your browsers to   Check her out in Prep for the role, video is from her Facebook page! Follow her Facebook page @

Also watch for actress Stéphanie Gérard @  She is going to be heating up the screen in The Chemist!

Patrick Kilpatrick joins the cast!

Greetings once again, fans of Dan's Movie Report, get ready for a full force action film called The Chemist!
In the coming weeks and months director Art Camacho will be providing some exclusive content for my valued readers.

Here is Art's description of The Chemist:

"This is going to be one of my best films. It starts with an awesome concept and script and We have an incredible cast and great team behind the cameras. Stylistically I will bring elements of my last film "Flawed" and some of my more edgy fare like "point Doom". It is a story of an aging assassin struggling with "letting go of his past" while he's going from being predator to being the prey, with an incredible twist at the end. To give a small sample of the style I am going for, check out the trailer to Flawed. I will have a more complete update in next few days. God Bless you all."

The cast is being finalized, and recently actress Nina Bergman was added, Nina really kicks ass and recently did Jesse Johnson's Wonder Woman fan made film .

For more info go to the official Facebook page @

A Throwing Star Film Production.

A Good Man Movie Review

Above photo: DVD cover art for 'A Good Man' (C) 2014 Voltage Pictures. All Screens (C) 2014 Voltage Pictures

Fear the beard! Steven Seagal is back and oh man is he out to finish the job, in 'A Good Man'. A Goatee laden Seagal blasts through the bad guys in this gritty crime drama. A Good Man starts out in some fictional country where he is part of a assault detail team, well actually a detail of two, three if you include his new found facial hair as a separate entity, that has to kill high ranking terrorists, before a drone strike is ordered. All hell literally breaks loose as not only does one of the suspects get away, but the drone strike does happen and innocents are killed. Not a spoiler, happens in the opening 3 moments of the film.

'A Good Man' is one of Seagal's best direct to video films in a long while. Although there is some humor in the language, especially in the initial sequence, and later typical Seagal style insults. "It takes the I.Q. of a mature caterpillar, to know the difference between the staff and the dancers. " he says to one of the thugs. The film is gritty and rolling through the streets of Bucharest, there are many bad men, and seemingly many more salacious, hot and ready women. Victor Webster was really brutal as the "Good" bad guy trying to pay off his debts. He, and  (his action doubles) have many memorable vicious fight sequences in "A Good Man", watch for the phone booth sequence.

Another great thing about this film was the acting of two of the female stars, the young girl Mya   and the beautiful and talented  as Lena her adult sister The two had to deliver a large amount of dialogue and emotional scenes. Both were an absolute joy to watch on screen. More often than not many independent films suffer from bad acting from pivotal characters, who are just not putting forth the effort. Mya  had to go through an amazing amount of stress being captured in A Good Man, and Sofia really pulled it off perfectly. Lena character also was scarred, and threatened, etc... and Iulia had do display a variety of emotions, obvious she researched, and got into character. This fact added a balance and intensity not normally found in a low budget film. Actually all of the acting in 'A Good Man' was pretty good, and Tzi  Ma as the master villain, very cool.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of 'A Good Man' is the nearly nonstop action, and the incredible fight sequences. At almost 105 minutes, there was never a lull in 'A Good Man'. Yeah there were a few oddities. for instance, as when they had Mya captured and they needed two armed men watching her and she was tied up, and Victor Webster, no armed men on him, and a flimsy plastic hand tie. Let me think on this who is more dangerous, a 60 pound 8 year old or a 250 pound man.  A few more come to mind, but nothing to detract too much from the focal point of the story.

The fight sequences are long, and a few take place in an abandoned building, this allows for more freedom to actually break things and, not be "soft" with surroundings. The camera work on the fight sequences really allows the audience to be involved in the action, never to close, nor too far away to see the fists, kicks, and blades flying. There is a particular fight with Victor Webster and a thug in a multi-level warehouse building with a cool stair case, looked very tricky to camera shoot properly, but it turned out clear, thus easy to follow the action.

With regards to Steven Seagal in 'A Good Man' again he is one of the main characters, but not always the focal point, Victor Webster gets much of the fighting duties in the film. As a side comment, my lady and I are trying to figure out if the goatee was real on Seagal, cause if it is, wow, I call an epic follicle masterpiece. Perfectly quaffed, jet black, and never a hair out of place, haha! Seagal looks a bit trimmer, still has his signature black trench coat multi-layered look. Appearances aside, Seagal is back, more intense than ever, and he is out to get the bad guys, and throw ridiculous insults! 

Overall, 'A Good Man' is a great action film, gritty and violent, if you are offended by this type of violence, many bad men with goatees, and ladies in a strip club in various states of undress, stay away.  I will rate 'A Good Man' a must own, 8.5 out of 10! Seagal's goatee, if real, rates a 10 out of 10, if pasted on a 7, still looking amazing, hahah, let the haters commence!

The film releases on August 19th and is available on Amazon, by following this link @

R.I.P. Forrest Bowen, Robin Williams, Lauren Becall and Eileen Horan. My Tribute...

Above Photo: Forrest Bowen 1-4-50  to 7-28-14, R.I.P.

I struggled with what to to write in a tribute for a friend named Forrest, who passed away on July 28th. His kind soul, and gentile demeanor lit up a room with energy. Full of life, always with a quick wit, and the snap of his ever present camera. I struggle to express my feelings, he is gone, but he has been called up to a higher place to enjoy more music, new bands, and a special seat in the clouds, right by the stage. Forrest, is with his mom, together they shall share eternity, without pain, only love. We are all better people having met you Forrest, the lives you touched, proved the kind and generous heart you had, I am a better person for knowing you.

Robin Williams, is to comedy as the actual football is to the NFL, comedy is just different now, missing an important component, you sir, made this world an enjoyable place, always creative and innovative. I remember as a child watching Mork and Mindy, little did I know almost 40 yrs later, your legacy would be a lifetime of diverse and interesting characters. 'Mrs Doubtfire', and 'Patch Adams' on and on. You sir have been called up to the grand stage, demons aside, your struggle, will bring to the forefront the real life worldwide struggles with depression and addiction, and may save many lives and inspire those to seek hel.

Lauren Bacall , perhaps the last link to the Hollywood glory days, you have been called up. Key Largo, is such an earth shattering amazing film noir. Your talent is legendary, and Hollywood and the world is a better place for witnessing it. Thank you for a lifetime of amazement, class and sense of sardonic humor.

Finally a tribute to a person I have never met, never watched on screen, Eileen Horan. I feel I must speak about her, On July 5th, I had the great fortune to meet her grand-daughter Celina.The positive energy around her is magnanimous, and profoundly affected not only the way I treat my friends, but opened my eyes to meeting and sharing with people I have never met.  Reading the obituary describing, your life and type of person you are and the family love you showed is inspirational. You have been called up to serve as a beacon of love for all those who enter. Blessings for her family and friends during this difficult time.

To read a bit about Eileen:!/Obituary

Sorry, tomorrow, I will go back to the reality of movies. Danny