Saturday, November 21, 2009

KUNG FU MAN Exclusive: News and Pics

Dan's Movie Report-Exclusive News-11-21-09

Tiger Chen (back facing) prepares for a difficult zip line run over a canyon. The camera was moved back towards the edge to achieve the look of peril. Filming is in Yunnan Province.

Director Yuen Cheung-Yan points the direction he want the action to go as the sultry rather dangerous Vanessa Branch sneaks on the side of the building.

A bit of levity ensues as Andre “Chyna” McCoy waits as a herd of animals blocks the road. This is fitting as KUNG FU MAN is an action comedy.

These pictures are exclusive to Dan's Movie Report and may not be republished without consent.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Angel and the Badman-Micro Review

This TV western was very slow moving, but I did manage to make it all the way through. Basically it is a story of a Quaker family rescuing an outlaw (played by Lou Diamond Phillips), after a gunfight and nursing him back to health. The daughter, played by Deborah Unger falls for him instantly. Yeah there are bad men after him, yeah he is a Badman, and he is trying to change his ways. Odd is the dialogue and the disturbing fact that the woman who plays Debra's mom in the film is actually only one year older in real life! There is a one bar fight and a couple of shoot-outs, but this movie mostly shoots blanks and ever since Crash seems like Ms Unger gets more and more covered up, hey if you look hot why fight it? I would skip Angel and the Badman unless you like romance stuff, as this is not Unforgiven and I cannot forgive the filmmakers. I rate this a 2 out of 10.