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Actress/Singer Nina Bergman Exclusive Interview!!! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report (Danny Templegod)

Above: Nina Bergman's new single: HOME SWEET HELL! Drops Soon!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, in a special surprise interview Actress/Singer Nina Bergman does her fourth interview! I had the opportunity to meet Nina when she came to South Florida with Letters From The Fire, I must say she brings a lot to a live stage, and in everything she does, Nina goes hard all of the time, while remaining professional and respectful to everyone,. 2018 was a real breakout year for Nina, with Call of Duty iv, and several tours with Letters From The Fire. 2019, with her newest single, and EP, release of Control Video Game from Remedy, and the October 1st release of Doom: Annihilation, she is poised to rise to the top, in all three categories! In this special interview she gives an exclusive that a new single is dropping soon! Read on Nina has some cool news to share!

DMR: I am hearing rumblings that you are no longer in Letters from the fire is this true or is the band on a hiatus?

NB: I’m still doing music! I have a single that just came out called “Home Sweet Hell” for all the rock fans out there, while I'm finishing the new EP.

DMR: I had a blast at the live show what are some memories you have from touring with the band?

NB: Yes I met some really special fans that I’ll never forget!! 

Above: Nina and I in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Photo Credit: Joseph Flowers)

DMR: Outside of the 1000 people at Ft Lauderdale show what were some of the best moments on tour last year with LTF?

NB: Uuuuuh there were a lot of them!! It’s hard to just pick a few!!

Above: Nina Rocks with 1000 people at Club Revolution on the NonPoint tour! (C) 2018 Danny Templegod for Dan's Movie Report

DMR: I know you do it all, but did you feel pressure to push harder for more music or are now you in film mode with Nyx character, Doom etc…?

NB: Well, it all comes from the same creative place deep inside of me. I go where the love is! When the music is flourishing I go there. When I book a movie I follow that trail. I can’t live without either of them!

DMR: I figured it was a flow, and inspiration. Without getting negative are their some disadvantages of being in a band compared to being a solo artist?

NB: Haha YES! You have to deal with 4 other opinions!! But when it works, 5 brains are much better than one!!

DMR: Any new solo music coming?

NB: YES!!! I’m releasing a song called “Home Sweet Hell” for all the rock fans out there soon while I’m finishing my EP!!

Above: Control for the Xbox, Sony Playstation has a version with some exclusive content. (C) 2019 Remedy and 505 Entertainment, for promotional use only.

Chat about working on Control! F*cking great game!

Chat about your character, and who she is, no in game spoilers, but can you share a bit of a back story? - I can’t really…. (Ed Note: the game just released) Actually she answered the question on release day!)

Working with my buddy Jesse V. Johnson again amazing! You kick ass Nina, I hope to see more of you in his films and such.

I hope so too! He’s great!!

DMR: Very cool you worked with the amazing fireball redhead Courtney Hope, chat about the energy she brings to the game and what you guys chatted about.

NB: We’re both health freaks, so we chatted a lot about the vegan lifestyle and health and happiness.

DMR: Can you comment on any of the in game action, we all know about the blood, and rendering, have you played Quantum Break, Courtney's other game?

MB: Nope on both accounts.

Above: Nina Bergman as Battery on Call of Duty: Black Ops iV (C) 2019 Brian O'Marra

DMR: Chat about Call of Duty: Black Ops IV, and what that has meant for your career?

NB: It opened my eyes to the gaming world, which is huge!!!!

Above: Nina Bergman in character poster for Doom: Annihilation (C) 2019 Universal 1440 Entertainment, used for promotional purposes only

DMR: I know Doom: Annihilation comes out October 1st. any new tidbits you can share with my audience about your character Private Carley Corman?

NB: I can’t say much, but they'll be lots of demons ;)

DMR: Is there going to be a theater release on this or only DTV?

NB: I’m not sure… (Ed Note: the release is slated for Universal 1440, which usually means DTV, however it may see a limited Halloween Release)

DMR: You told me you hurt your shoulder on set, what happened, was it a stunt?

NB: I was running about with an actual crazy heavy machine gun for 14 hours a day and I pinched a nerve… I’m pretty tough but that kinda pain makes your body buckle. I got some Bulgarian doctor to shoot some serious painkillers in my butt every morning to finish the movie! It was an intense experience!!!

Above: Nina with Director Tony Giglio on the set of Doom: Annihilation

DMR: Ouch you are one tough cookie! Chat about some of the training you did prior to shooting Doom?

NB: We had stunt rehearsals and weapon training. And if you’re like me, you go nuts in the gym ;)

Would love to see some more stills for the short film NYX, anything you can share? I saw my friend Carmen was involved and the amazing Ron Perlman. Just excited to promote it.

NB: Thank you Danny you’re so sweet to me :) NYX is a female BOND. We shot a proof of concept and it’s now being developed into a feature…. I can’t really talk about it yet! But you’ll be the first to know when I can :)

DMR: As far as the South Florida conventions one is next March, the other is July 2020, so later this year you will get you all of the info also I may be able to go and help you out.

NB: I’m doing my first Convention November 21st-25th in Louisville, KY called the Galaxy Con. To promote Call Of Duty and Doom. I got a booking agent now for Cons so let me know if you know of any I can attend :)

Thank you so much Nina, we will circle back when the Doom film drops in October, looking forward to hear your new single!! All exclusive all the time on Dan's Movie Report

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Actress JuJu Chan Chats Wu Assassins (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report (Exclusive)

Above:  Official character poster of Zan in Wu Assassins (C) 2019 Netflix. Used for promotional purposes only, as are all of the photos contained in this interview.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers
On August 8th Netflix unleashed a brand new show called Wu Assassins. In the few weeks the show has been out it has rocketed to the top ten on IMDB, and has a high Rotten Tomatoes score. An instant binge watch for me in one day lead to a detailed review, but I wanted to get a small slice of behind the scenes. I have known and covered JuJu Chan on my site for over five years and I have always found her to be quite interesting to talk with, engaging, forthcoming, and brutally honest. 2019 is a big year for JuJu as three of her projects are released, and her star, as I predicted is rising to the top. Hollow Point is already released in the U.K., Invincible Dragon, released in China July 2nd, comes out on DVD in China August 30th, but since those projects are not completely ready for the U.S. Film market, this is a Wu Assassins specific interview. In addition, JuJu was able to work with one of the most creative directors Roel in two episodes, and I wanted to get her perspective on shooting with him. Sit back, relax, unleash the power of the baddest villain in Wu Assassins, Zan! A spiked heel textual ass kicking will now commence haha!

Chat about your initial meetings with the producers of Wu Assassins, was this a role you auditioned for or was the part written for you.

I went in for two castings for Wu Assassins for the role of Ying Ying. First time was with the casting director. Second was for John Wirth, the show runner. After the second casting I got a call the same week (can't remember if it was the next day or the day after) saying they wanted me for a different role. It was only later that I found out that they created a role for me.

Chat about working with Iko and his team, and also Stunts Canada, what are some of the new elements in your action game you learned for the show, and maybe some tips and tricks in general.

 Working with the Uwais Stunt Team was like a dream come true. I would constantly grab any of the stuntmen (who are all masters of Silat) to teach me different things every time I saw any of them sitting around. I think they started dreading me when I turned up in the stunt room! LOL  Needless to say I learned a lot of Silat from them all.

What really surprised me was the very high standard of the Canadian fight team. The entire team was so professional, and yes, I would work with them too as much as possible to learn from them! From them I learn a lot of BJJ and Filipino knife work, which fight choreographer Dan Rizzuto is fantastic at. He's a BJJ black belt and trained years in FMA with some of the top masters. He was also a professional MMA fighter, so he brought a lot to the table.

Incredible, yes Stunts Canada is top notch, working on shows such as Arrow, and The 100! Yes you are active and challenge people to be their best! I must say interviewing you make me a netter writer hah! With regards to the episodes in Wu Assassins, was each episode shot linearly, and what was the time allotment for each episode, approximately. Did you have more time to work out the action sequences? Maybe describe a typical week on set.

It's about 7 working days per episode, give or take. Depending on how much screen time my character was given in each episode would determine my schedule. As you can see from the series, Zan didn't appear much in the early episodes. Over that time I worked a lot with the stunt team, letting Dan gauge how he can shape my character's fight style. It was during that time that we filmed the pre-vis for the kitchen fight (and later the other fights). Because I did my own pre-vis for the series I was totally familiar with the fights when it came to actually shooting them on the day, which was great for production because they could only give us sometimes only a couple of hours to shoot an entire  complex fight scene. Kudos to Megan Hui, who worked so hard with me to pull off some fantastic fights. And it should be noted that Li Jin Li worked very hard too on her fight scenes so we were able to see a lot of her during the fights. 

Above: JuJu Chan fight Highlights from Wu Assassins

Very cool way of shooting things, JuJu you are an amazing action person! Doing your own pre-vis is the way to do it! Quite interesting on Wu Assassins is the use of several different directors, each bringing their own unique flair on the project, maybe go into some of their styles and how you approached your character each time.

In terms of my approach to my character, it was the same whoever the director was. Some directors would just let me do what I do. Others would add moments for me. I enjoyed working with all of them! 
Above: Exclusive shot of JuJu Chan with Episode 3 director Roel (C) 2019 Netflix used for promotional purposes only 

You have a scintillating action sequence in episode 3, I am curious how long that took to film and the experience working with action woman Megan Hui. This gave me joy chat as well working with Roel, I feel he brings a lot to the table with regards to action and camera work.

I mentioned above about the pre-vis, so we went into the kitchen fight pretty much knowing exactly what had to be done. Roel held the camera himself, and him being super familiar with action, allowed everything to move smoothly and efficiently. I think we shot that very complicated fight in 3 or 4 hours, which is crazy quick.

Yes Roel shoots very fast, the entire Hard Target 2 film with Scott Adkins was shot in under 20 days. On your character Zan, what personality traits did you give her, beyond the scripted work, seemed like you made her extra devious.

The scripts are quite detailed on what the characters do and should be conveying to the audience in terms of feelings. Other than that we were given complete freedom to build our character backgrounds. Being brought up in Hong Kong I decided to give Zan a tough street smart persona learn from being brought up in a tough neighborhood in Hong Kong. I've met a lot of people like that when I used to go to these areas to teach piano to underprivileged children. There's a toughness to the people there, men and women alike. But there is also a great value placed on loyalty. I wanted Zan to convey that.

Above: A spiked heel in Episode 8 drives the point home! (C) 2019 Netflix Used for promotional purposes only

You always help others, it is cool you were able to bring that into your character. I figured that regarding the scripts, it shows. That said, Zan is a a bad girl fans can root for! Finally, I must say the ADR in Wu was very clear, were their additional ADR sessions?

Yes. I actually had mine done in Hong Kong while the producers were in LA directing me. Gotta love the internet!

Thanks JuJu for this amazing interview, I look forward to working with you on doing a new one closer to the United States releases of Hollow Point, and Invincible Dragon. Watch for more Wu Assassins exclusives and other cool stuff from JuJu Chan in the coming months. For additional information on JuJu point your browsers to her official social media pages. JuJu is very active, and the entire cast are tweeting and promoting Wu Assassins on a regular basis!

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Actress Janice Hung Exclusive Video! Live Onset of The General's Daughter! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

 Above: Janice Hung Live on the set of The General's Daughter- A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers soon a massive interview will happen, as Actress/Wushu Champ and Model winds down her stint on The General's Daughter and readies herself for a 1.5 year live stage show performance on Kung Fu Panda in Macao! In the stage show she will be taking on the role of Tigress! For now, we will focus on The General's Daughter exclusive photos, and information from this massive production. 

Janice tells me that the scale of this production was huge, massive props and vehicles. Janice said she had the unique opportunity to work alongside of the most experienced and well known actors in the Philippines! What we have here is an ongoing and evolving topic that will explode on into 2020! Feast your eyes and ears on Janice (Live from the set of The General's Daughter!) Video shot by her manager, specifically for Dan's Movie Report! 

Above Janice Hung Dan's Movie Report Shout out! 

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A multi talented, honorable lady, who chooses her own path, the way to go, All exclusive all the time Dan's Movie Report! For all of your action needs blast your browsers to the top indie action site on the net Since I only do exclusive news, reviews and items, I may not post as much, but when it happens it is like a reign of fire to burn the internet ha! You have been warned!