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Angela Meryl Interview (Exclusive!)

Above Pic: Set of Battleship, Angela (L) Rihanna (R)

(C) 2012 Dan's Movie Report

With features including The avengers, Battleship, Spiderman, Batman, G.I. Joe, and The Expendables 2012 is shaping up to be an explosive year of action. If it is action you crave stunt people are the ones who make it happen. They take the hard falls, get blown up, and punched in the face for the pleasure of the viewer. On Dan's Movie Report Angela Meryl is the first in a series of interviews dedicated to the hard working stunt community, kick ass and look good doing it! Look for Ming Qiu in a future interview with an inside look behind the scenes of G.I.Joe: Retaliation, and more surprises throughout 2012.

Stunt-woman/actress Angela Meryl takes time out of her busy schedule to conduct this short, exclusive interview with Dan's Movie Report. The interview covers Battleship, look for full length interview later in the year. (C) 2012 Dan's Movie Report. (EXCLUSIVE No Reprints without Permission!)

How long were you on the set of the Battleship? 

I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the set of Battleship for five weeks. 

Did you have to return for re-shoots? 

Not at all. 

Did you have to train Rihanna for any scenes? 

Rihanna was gung-ho about the entire experience. She didn’t need my help at all. 

Contrast your training for an action movie like Battleship with a martial arts film like Kill Bill.

For Battleship, I had to learn how to handle and walk with automatic weaponry. Weapons are held differently in the military, as opposed to what we see in movies depicting how weapons are used on the street.
For Kill Bill, training for the fight scene was very intense! For 3 straight weeks I trained with Master Woo Ping’s Bejing Team. It was on a whole different level than what was required or necessary for Battleship.

Were there any stunts that you were surprised Rihanna was able to do on her own?

Rihanna’s an all in girl for sure, but still, they call in professional stunt people to perform the more dangerous stunts. So, no, I was not surprised at all by Rihanna’s peformance. She did a great job! 

What was the most difficult stunt you had to do on Battleship? 

This may sound a little crazy, but I had to stab the alien in the thigh from a certain angle. But the knife kept collapsing. I guess that’s why that scene didn’t make the final cut. 

Any bumps and bruises for you or Rihanna during the making of Battleship?

Sure, there’s always some minor bumps and bruises, which comes with the territory. But there were no major injuries for me on the set of Battleship, thank GOD! 

Share a story from the set of Battleship.

The last day on the set, after the director declared “That’s a wrap,” I went over to sign off with Rihanna and tell her that I enjoyed working with her. In a girly kind of way she squeezed my left boob and told me, “You part of the crew now!” In total shock, I screamed and laughed in shock of what she had just done. We all laughed like crazy!

Haha, Thanks Angela for doing the interview I wish you success on Battleship and your other upcoming projects.

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Like Water Movie Review

Above Pic Credit: Like Water Official Movie Poster from Lionsgate

For a UFC and MMA fan like myself I was eagerly waiting for the Anderson Silva documentary to come out. Clocking in at a tight 76 minutes the documentary  Like Water touches the insides of being a professional fighter and the heart and soul of the man behind the gloves. Anderson Silva gives his fans, skeptics and the media much material to digest throughout the films' short running time.

Like Water opens with his wife revealing that she got pregnant at 17 and that Silva has always been a good father, always providing, and that he promised one day to buy her a big house and fancy car. She laments about him having to leave for months at a time. Filming is done inside their home and shows a few tender moments for instance they are all huddled on the couch together, there is real love their, that is refreshing to see a man who can be so vicious in the ring can be so tender outside of it.

Like Water goes into the controversy with Dana White that one of his fights was not worth the money people paid. Dana calls out Silva and hand picks another opponent for him, basically wanting him out of UFC.

The documentary displays the humbleness of the man, not bending to criticism, just does his job and lets the pieces fall where they land. Like Water is an inspirational story and a sad one as during the training for one of his fights Silva misses the death of his grandmother.

This is one of the best fight documentaries in awhile, because it is not preachy, just tells the story, allows the viewers to make up their own minds about Silva. After seeing this, I can say  not only do I have a much better understanding of Silva, but I have a more solid grasp on what it is to go through the family sacrifices to chase the dream of a champion.

Overall I give Like Water an 9 out of 10, a must see, fresh and insightful! I sincerely hope all people thinking of going into the MMA area watch this and think long and hard about your goals and aspirations.

Like Water is available On Demand June 1st / The film is a Lionsgate Release.

Official sites:

Official Website:

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200,000 Hits!! Tila Tequila Exclusive Photos! Rock Of Ages Photo and More!!

Before I start this column I would like to thank all of my readers for propelling Dan's Movie Report to the 200,000 hit plateau! Your support, comments, (good and bad of course haha) make this site what it is!

 As A special thank you, I present a couple of exclusive photos taken by me of Tila Tequila back in 2004! I know what you are thinking, but zip it! Tila was very cool and allowed me as an independent photographer and writer an opportunity to do a short photo-shoot with her at a Hot Import Night event in Orlando. One photo from the shoot was published in Vengeance Magazine, these two were never published anywhere! To Make larger left click and expand! For up to date info on sexy Tila, slide your Firefox over to her Facebook page which has 1.7 million likes! Tila Official Facebook

Above Photo Credit: Danny Shamon (C)(2004)

Above Pic: Tom Cruise as Stacey Jaxx (Warner Bros. Entertainment) Click to make desktop size! A little somethin' for my lady readers woohoo!

Rock of Ages is set to scream into theaters on June 15th, watch for reports and photos upcoming. Check out the brand new trailer and video of Mary J. Blige singing Any Way You  Want it have been posted on YouTube Check out these links below!

Mary J Blige Any Way You Want it

Rock Of Ages Trailer #3

For more info and other various links stage dive your browsers over to the Rock Of Ages official site @

In other news...

 Above Pic: Krystal Vee Image Credit: (Boaz)

Watch for updates from actresses Natassia Malthe, Zara Phythian, Cecily Fay, and Krystal Vee shortly, search Dan's Movie Report for past interviews and photos for all of these talented ladies.

Keep an eye out for movie related CD and mp3 reviews which will happen shortly on this site. I will be reviewing music in the movies and music I think should belong on a movie soundtrack.  First up on the review list will be Sledge/Leather's "Imagine Me Alive"   Check out this five minute sample of the band off their upcoming DVD!  Link to the band's website is at right of this page!  Metal Up!

Finally I have to thank these  three individuals for their faith me in the beginning of Dan's Movie Report: Chyna McCoy for encouragement. Check out his Bayne Project @   Writer director Kantz, for being my knowledge base on the insides of movie making, Martial Artist Jovelyn Minoza, who was kind enough to to be the first interview on Dan's Movie Report site. Click Link to read it.

Keep reading Dan' Movie Report for more news, photos, info, and watch for a new contest in the coming months!

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Raze To Begin Production In June

Watch out for sexy screen siren Rachel Nichols and stunt queen turned actress Zoë Bell to go toe to toe in the new hard hitting film from director Josh C Waller, Quincy Pictures, and Cosmic Toast Studios.

Raze will be a full on action/horror fest, with much violence and bloodshed. The Movie is billed "as a female Fight Club Meets Hostel!

The film focuses on two women abducted and forced to fight for survival. Raze follows their lives along with 50 others, in deadly bare knuckle duels, while rich socialites watch. The slogan for Raze is "Fight Or Die"

Watch for future news and exclusive interviews from Dan's Movie Report!

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Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:!/RazeTheMovie
Official Main Site:
Official YouTube:

(News Credit- Screen Daily, Variety, Raze Official)

Indra Patel Official News Blog

Above Pic: Recent Photo shoot 2013

Update News 4-01-14 Brand new video for Indra! New song "Love is Key" Shot in and around Miami and Miami Beach, Youtube HD Link @

Updated News 9-30-13: New player for Indra's   music

Updated news: 9-23-13 Indra to perform at Vagabond Monday October 7th Click flyer for info link for directions. This link also:


Updated news: 9-16-13: Live performance from Indra at club Eve on Miami Beach

Updated news 8-16-13: Indra working with live band and has several songs available, and shows upcoming, check her out on ReverbNation @

Updated news 11-19-12: Indra releases official Demo Reel to Youtube @

Updated news 7-20-12: Indra works on Bud Light Lime Commercial in South Florida! Check out YouTube Link and check out this exclusive screen capture below! She had a wonderful time running through the water slide. 

Above Pic: Indra in red bikini in Bud Light Lime Commercial 2012. Screencap: Dan's Movie Report

Updated news 6-6-12: Indra completes work on Pain and Gain. She is a credited cast member of the movie, more details when available.

With regards to working with Michael Bay Indra states: "I loved working with Michael Bay as a director as he runs an efficient set that is intense and quick paced and he has an amazing eye for detail from dressing the set to hand picking the wardrobe on all of his talent .. He is very hands on to painting the picture of each scene and it was very impressive..."

Indra works on Spanish language Pepsi commercial with Pitbull! Dance your browsers over to the You Tube link @

Below is a screen capture from the commercial featuring Indra in a sexy blue dress.

Updated news 6-2-12: Indra attends recent conference at Biltmore hotel. Below Photo Credit: Camacol and Lori Wyman 

Updated news 5-16-12: Indra works on Pain and Gain starting Duane (The Rock) Johnson and Mark Whalberg her role is that of a gym patron.

Above Pic: Season 1 Episode 2 of Magic City

Look for Indra's appearance on several episodes of the Starz original show Magic City.

5-11-12: To coincide with the release of Rock Of Ages I have decided to introduce my readers to talented newcomer Indra Patel.

Patel is a multifaceted performer, who is just at home performing musically as she is in front of the camera. She has honed her skills from NY to L.A., and Cannes. Patel currently resides in Miami Beach.

Indra has a professional attitude, speaks some French and Spanish, and is ready to hone her craft on future projects.

Look for her on Rock of Ages! Indra has performed various other parts on a variety of TV shows including Burn Notice, The Glades, and Criminal Minds.

Below is a pic of her looking sexy and brandishing a dangerous weapon for the film Bloodline! Excuse me while I run for cover!

To delve deeper into Indra's experience, the following websites are active:

IMDB link:

Music Link:



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Get Ready For Machete Kills!

Actress Michelle Rodriguez posted this hot poster on her Facebook page featuring the upcoming new Robert Rodriguez bloodbath, Machete Kills! More news to follow!

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For more info on Michelle check out her official site @

El Gringo Movie Review

Above Pic: El Gringo Poster: After Dark Films

Scott Adkins as "El Gringo" (The Man) delivers the goods in this sordid yet often sarcastic tale of a man going "South of the boarder" with 2 million in cash. El Gringo is essentially a "road movie" and has a bit of the look and feel of Robert Rodriguez's "El Mariachi".

El Gringo opens with Adkins taking the money, and disposing of a portly, bloody gentleman in an explosive manner. El Gringo makes his way to El Fronteras, Mexico and while searching for the elusive water to drink encounters Flaca (Sophia Sinsniega). She does not want to make friends, she wants his satchel, and brandishes a knife! Adkins quickly disarms her and shows her how to hold the knife, and proceeds to ask for her long sleeve shirt, as he is wearing only a tank top, how her shirt fits him is beyond me, but crap that was funny. Not to sound sexist here but Sinsniega looks far better in a tank top then long sleeve shirt, Adkins did the right thing haha!

El Gringo finally buys a drink of water at a seedy bar run by Anna (Yvette Yates). She turns down his initial offer of one-Hundred dollars by crumpling it up and putting it down on the bar. After much discussion, the price of five-hundred dollars is agreed upon. What does El Gringo get for the five bills, a tiny, dirty shot glass, half filled with yellow Mexican tap water!! HAHA Anna reminds him of Montezuma's Revenge.

Hot on his trail is Christian Slater as Lieutenant West, reminding me more of Nicholson every year. Slater is sarcastic, sardonic, and ready to shoot off his mouth or his gun at the drop of a hat.  There is a twist about 2/3 in so no more spoiling.

El Gringo is a good film, the main problem is the pacing and editing. The movie runs at 102 minutes when it clock in at 85-90 minutes. There are several action scenes and when they happen they are solid, well filmed and acted, but the down time between the action gets a bit ponderous.

The look of the film is mostly sepia tones, interspersed with the colors. The lighting and camera angles enhance the mood, and do help transition the film through the slower parts.

Overall I give El Gringo a 7 out of 10, This is a good vehicle for Scott Adkins to sink his teeth into, in fact all of characters in the film are given depth. It is available now on Amazon video on demand. Check out the link below to watch film.

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation New Trailer and Photos #3 HD, film drops June 29th!

UPDATE 5-24-12-- G.I. Joe: Retaliation release date pushed back to March 29th 2013!, Will be released as 3D feature. More news and interviews will follow.

Check out this brand spanking new trailer for G.I. Joe starring The Rock, Bruce Willis, and sultry Elodie Yung!

Feast your eyes on these hot new screen shots from the trailer! Images are suitable for your desktop, after you click on them, Go Joe! Pic #1 Ming Qiu is Leaping off the ledge, Pic #2 Elodie Yung in dual sword ready mode, Pic 3, Can U smell what The Rock is cooking?!, Pic 4 Bruce Willis, is packing heat, and a gun to!

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