Friday, August 11, 2017

Jackson Bolt: Movie Review A Dan's Movie Report Worldwide Exclusive

Above: Jackson Bolt Newest Poster! From Offical FB page

Greetings esteemed Dan's Movie Report readers. Soon, yes soon, a massive explosion from the 70s will be unleashed! Rpbert Parham's Jackson Bolt hits hard with a slamming mixture of Coffey, Shaft infused with a modern twist. Since this is a very preliminary review, no spoilers nor plot reveal of any kind! The one thing I will say is watch for a gritty, bone crushing crime drama, tightly filmed with many twists and turns along the way.

Fred (The Hammer) Williamson is just the coolest man on the planet, just wait till you all witness his dulcet tones and seething under a parboiled pot of maniacal humor! Robert Parham, and the rest of the cast push this drama mixed with action yarn forward with poignent dialoge and surprisingly well planned out action. Watch for some kick ass scenes by Ander (Chyna) McCoy and several other, as the story rolls on. A hard slap in the face from the 70s is coming your damn way!

Get it, watch it be awesome or watch out for the MF Hammer! Go! Jackson Bolt rates a solid hard and muscular 7 out of 10. BOOM! Hammer time! Watch the Hammer nail the bad guys!

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