Saturday, November 17, 2012

Veer! Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for Veer!

Although 2012 is the year of action on Dan's Movie Report, to change it up a bit I decided to take a chance on an independent dramatic film called Veer! Initially I actually heard about the film from actress Corsica Wilson (Dead Season) as she mentioned it in her interview. Please see link @

Veer is the story of skateboard star Jesse Sorenson. Jesse had it all at a young age, only to see his dream world come crashing down after his skateboarding contract expired. Jessie was the star of the DieNasty Skateboard team, and trained many of the younger skaters.

After the brief opening Veer is appropriately named, as his life is veering off course, he is living with his best friend and was eventually forced to leave by his best friend's wife. He moves back in with his grandmother, only to find his 17 year old niece staying there too, and actually in his old room.

Veer is an astonishingly effective drama because the various characters in Jesse's life are given the amount depth and screen time for the audience to care about the characters. Jesse (Jesse Gay) is a complex character, a man torn between family, as he has a son he loves and sneaks into his room at night with out his ex knowing about it, and creating his own line of skateboard team and company Veer! Jesse jumps into the role with ease and breaths life into the characters with his determination and intense character changes, the loving father, the caring uncle, and the kid inside skateboarder.

Actress Corsica Wilson portrays Jesse's Niece Sammie. She has moved out of her parents house and dropped out of school, but has a job at a local bistro. Corsica is amazing in this role as her character even though she is holding down a steady job, at 17 she puts on a blonde wig and is out all partying. A double life veering off course. Corsica's face and eyes well up with empathy and emotion throughout Veer!.

Even Jesse's Nana portrayed by Ellen Trent, is given depth here, a loving home, yet her nurturing nature, is seemingly saddened by the loss of her son, Jessie's father. Jesse's son (Bryan Carson) is adorable and has the love and desire to be like his father, even as a young actor understands the subtle nuances of his character.

The other aspect of Veer! that is particularly enjoyable is the multiple formats the film is presented in. The Black and White imagery is used when the scenes with Jesse are featured, the color is used when the big DieNasty Skateboard team is featured, and classic 8mm is used during the Veer skateboarding sequences. Actually it all merges together properly and makes perfect sense as it is a clever to set the tone of the film. Director Patrick Berry and writer Jesse Gay, craft an expertly written, and detail oriented film. Sometimes humorous, at times sad, always mirroring real life, Veer! is watching a world unfold and refold in 90 minutes.

Veer! is meant for a large screen with the music up. A story of hope and dreams, on a bumpy road. I am not going to spoil the film, but I give Veer! a 9.5 out of 10 and rate it as my TOP independent feature length film of 2012.

Veer! is currently making the film festival rounds, I recommend seeing it there if at all possible. Official Facebook page @  Official Site @

For further information on the production company go to

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Beer Tale Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster from A Beer Tale (C) MTI Home Video

Direct from MTI Home video comes a relaxed paced tale of twins, Luke and Corey Frankenstein who literally grew up around beer. Beer humor such as "I got to be careful last time I fell in love with beer I gained ten pounds!"  is prevalent, along with the obvious drunken material.

Below is a wall paper sized screen cap of the brothers running away! (C) MTI Home Video.

There is some laughs, a bit of silly humor, the obligatory guy fueled, or shall I say beer fueled adventure, culminating with them being locked up for a situation, which you have to witness, no not going to spoil it, thinking they are going to get raped in solitary confinement haha.

Luke has a lady who leaves him, and Cory wants to drive a wedge between his relationships, and ultimately the film actually manages to become somewhat of a metaphorical social commentary on sibling relationships, all be it an over the top sarcastic and exaggerated one.

The two lead actors are solid Lee Roy Cruz as Corey and Cru Ennus as Luke, as both are put through several iterations ranging from dramatic, action, and comedy. There is enough story and pace, and the fact the film is a tight 75 minutes is perfect for a tale that does not need padding.

A Beer Tale is a definite rent, and rates a sudsy 5.0 on the hops scale.

Currently the film is available on MTI Home Video. For more info go to

Ang Lee's Life Of PI Exclusive Photos!

 Above Pic: Film Poster of Life Of PI

Below: Exclusive Wallpaper images of Ang Lee Behind the scenes! Click to enlarge. Right Click on enlarged image, select View Image, The left click and bam a hi-res wallpaper exclusive from Dan's Movie Report!

Greetings film fans worldwide, Keep checking back on this post for Dan's Movie Report for more upcoming exclusive behind the scenes material from Life Of PI, the latest film from acclaimed, and Academy Award Winning directer Ang Lee from the novel by Yann Martel. Watch for other Life of PI surprises!

Above Pic: Novel Cover of Life of PI

Check out the cool new trailer for the film on youtube @

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Krystal Vee, New Photos, New Film, "The Cop" !

Above Pic: Behind the Scenes of "The Cop" (C) 2012 FUKDUK Productions.

Actress Krystal Vee is currently in the middle of production on a new Thai film entitled "The Cop". The feature length film is from FUKDUK productions   a major TV and film producer in Thailand. She plays a police officer in the film. Currently the "The Cop" is almost wrapped principal photography and should be out by the middle of 2013.

Above Pic: Behind the Scenes of "The Cop" (C) 2012 FUKDUK Productions.

Krystal has posted several behind the scenes photos on her official facebook page @ This page is monitored directly by her. Please follow Krystal on twitter @ She is consistently updating those two social media sites with the latest info and more exclusive photos!

Above Pic: Behind the Scenes of "The Cop" (C) 2012 FUKDUK Productions.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Black Biscuit Movie Spotlight

Above Pic: Poster for Black Biscuit

Got an interesting email from a film maker named Fabrizio Frederico, he has created a feature length film entirely filmed on cell phone and children's cameras featuring a variety of society's downtrodden.

Black Biscuit features a cast of street superstars (homeless people, prostitutes, handicapped folk, and an ex child ping pong champion) to represent the feeling of being left high & dry by life.

The film recently premiered at the Raindance Film Festival (2012) 20th anniversary, and been featured on BBC radio and Sight & Sound magazine as 'Rebel Cinema'.

The entire film is available for free on Youtube @

 For more details visit the official  site @