Friday, March 21, 2014

Ghost Bride Movie Review

Director David Blyth describes  Ghost Bride, not as a horror film, but as a "supernatural romance". The unique and very entertaining Ghost Bride provides an aspect rarely seen in Ghost/Horror films detailed character development, and excellent acting, especially from the two leads  as Skye and  as Jason. 

Rather than spoil the story which revolves around an arranged marriage and a crazy psychic and a pretty young wife wanna be named May-Ling  , I ask my valued  readers to watch this cool trailer,  and get ready for a wild ride!

Even though Ghost Bride is a relatively low budget film, the ancillary aspects such as cinematography, costuming, locations are excellent. Pacing is appropriate, fast in the right places, relaxed in others. As soon as the official release date is announced in the US, watch for more exclusives, and interviews! I ask my valued readers to check out this fish eye view for devious May-Ling below! I give Ghost Bride a 9 out of 10, Ghost Bride is a wonderful story with soulful characters.

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