Saturday, May 11, 2024

Rest In Peace Daniel Zirilli - 1965-2024 - Thank You For The Inspiration! Rest In Action Power!



I will be honest, a year away from this site has been interesting, my interest in music is once again coming to the forefront.  Not sure how much I will be on here, but I just want to thank you sir for allowing me to see an insight into indie films. The highlight of my writing career is introducing you to actress JuJu Chan and Director of Photography Carmen Cabana for Hollow Point. I am thrilled you got to work with them! Also you were able to Use Zom Ammara for Time Rush. Never think that indie films cannot be great with the right people, to his children:

 May you find peace, love and happiness throughout the rest of your lives. There are always avenues to allow for growth.

For more info on Daniel Zirilli, I invite my readers to check out my 2016 interview.

My 2016 interview:

Words fail me, all I can say is thanks for this spectacular interview, inspiration to write this site.