Saturday, May 12, 2018

Anon (2018) Movie Review NETFLIX!

Above Photo: IMDB poster of Anon

One of the most intellectual films on Netflix, Anon is a pause the screen and read the information about each object film. The near future tech, old cars with Hydrogen fuel cells mixed with high end 'minds eye' technology, a future tech which allows police officers to have full background on people and objects. Andrew Niccol writes and directs Anon, which allows his singular vision to be on full display, hopefully an extended DVD will come out next year, would love to hear his commentary.

Honestly, pausing and reading is the way to go. Each object and person has a history, by doing this the 1 hour and 40 minute film takes about 2.5 hours to fully 'learn' what Sal (Clive Owen) knows as he travels through the mean streets. He runs into various characters, savory and unsavory. Amanda Seyfried, plays 'The Girl' who is a walking ghost with no history, etc. Turns out she is a pro at erasing memories, and people. Amanda is really good in this one, mysterious and sexy.

Many plot twists and turns abound, as Sal hunts for people hacking into the minds eye ala Strange Days style and committing crimes. The movie is seething and crazy. No Spoilers, I loved it an 8 out of 10.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Blindsided: The Game (2018) Movie Review

Actor/Writer Eric Jacobus as Walter Cooke and director/Producer Clayton J. Barber have crafted an amazing new action film for 2018. Eric has been known for doing many action shorts and even an amazing feature Death Grip, but I must say this one is just incredibly well produced, slick and polished for an indie flick. Walter Cooke is a blind man who has incredible sense development and as we soon see some epic fighting skills. 

A shop owner is into debt with a loan shark, and soon mayhem erupts, I mean you name it, ha! Having just obtained a Shih-Tzu myself my particular favorite scene is a gentleman who is a thug, a stylish challenged thug, with a pineapple or some sort of Hawaiian shirt open is holding a gun in one hand and his Shih-Tzu in the other hand, so I am not sure, I mean what is happening! Of course this is a dark comedy, yet I will say this, never point a loaded Shih-Tzu at, a blind man, or any one! Watch for David William No as well, he gets in some cool action!

Above: One loaded gun, and one loaded Shih-Tzu. Blindsided: The Game

A multitude of fighting, cool moves and many cans of whoop ass are emptied. Nice to see actress Michelle C. Lee as a cool bartender, get ready, she is back. will she join the fight also, if she does many thugs will die? Look for the cool as a cucumber and deadly Luke LaFontaine, who serves as the film's sword fight coordinator, and action legend Roger Yuan as the shop keeper Gordon. This is a great film. professionally acted, and check out actress/stylist Karen Pang, as she jogs by and does the hair and make-up well not at the same time. HAHA! I love this- as in indie flix everyone does multiple things. 

Finally, it is important to note the tight editing and transcending musical score that makes this a winner when it comes to DVD. I am sure there will be many out takes and fun stuff. I rate 'Blindsided: The Game' a solid 9 out of 10, yeah it is damn amazing, film surprised me! A must own!

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More information to follow closer to the official release! Film Will release free to YouTube May 17th! Watch entire film!