Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Sentient Movie Review

From executive producer Allene Quincy and writer/director
comes a 9 minute blast of sci-fi action called The Sentient. The film opens with Tzara Foster (Quincy) in a bathtub with a transceiver on her arm, as she awakes, she has no idea who she is or where she is. Tzara soon realizes she is in trouble, however, coming to her aid is Chloe () an attrative prostitute, with some knowledge of the events.

Turns out in The Sentient, things are not as they seem as Tzara is being hunted by military types with big guns, and drones. She has to run, and escape.

All aspects of the Sentient are top notch. Quincy looks the part of an ass-kicker, not some waif who will wither at the prospect of getting rough.  According to the website the film was shot in only 4 days, an amazing feat.

Another aspect of The Sentient, is the fantastic visual effects. More often than not in a short or indie film, the effects are sub par, and that can detract from the story. By working with seasons effects wizard  Scott E. Anderson
Quincy has teamed up with a pro, thus tightening the action on The Sentient and furthering the message. Many effects shots such as flying and hovering drones are used effectively. Actually all who worked on the film should be commended for their hard work, much detail was taken to set up each scene, with clever lighting and shadow techniques to the cyber-tech used.

The short ends abruptly, thus leaving open the possibilities for an ongoing series. Tzara is being chased by drones and soldiers, who is she, why is she being chased, apparently there is some sort of cyborg angle, but again it is left open, allowing for a myriad of future incarnations.

Overall, The Sentient an excellent example of how to do an original sci-fi short. I rate The Sentient a 9.5 out of 10, a must watch. Full of action and fantastic special effects, The Sentient should be made into a TV series or feature film.
To watch more of Quincy's work look no further than to Raze a hyper-violent action horror film where 50 women are abducted and have to fight to the death to survive.

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