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The Debt Collector (2018) Movie Review

Above: The Debt Collector USA DVD cover.

Above Pay Day, the German Blu-Ray edition!

Following the rise of Jesse V. Johnson's career for the past decade and a half, watching the progression of his films is a case study in persistence and fortitude. Jesse has weathered the storm of indie film trials and tribulations as good as any man. Jesse breathes life into his characters and breathes fire into the film business. Unabashed and honest, Jesse lays out truths. If you suck, he will let you know! If you kick ass, not only will he tell you, Jesse will make sure that your name is known. Honorable and resolute Jesse will rise and the people who work with him will as well.

With several films releasing in the last few years, Jesse has made his mark on independent cinema. The black and white version of 'The Beautiful Ones' is my personal favorite, until they decided to colorize it, UGH! Now Jesse finally has his masterpiece, 'The Debt Collector' represents a HUGE step forward in Jesse's film making. The movie flows, as the audience sees Scott Adkins cruising in his classic car and not just beating up thugs but really putting in the work to make the audience delve deep into his character French. Issues arise of course and some are solved by talking things out and some haha are solved by means of displacing another human through a solid object.

Perhaps Jesse's finest moment comes in his tight direction of the expressions of the actors, a particular scene involving Selina Lo was gritty and showed a side of her I had not expected. She is intense, seething under, she curses and spits, and of course the obligatory nut shot kick. Selina can mix it up with anyone, nice to see her kicking some ass now in 'Boss Level'. Read Selina's older interview she did with me back when Scorpion King 3 came out: http://dansmoviereport.blogspot.com/2012/01/selina-lo-interview-c-2012-dans-movie.html she put in the work and now, reaps the rewards! Just took someone like Jesse V. Johnson to bring her personality out, and give her a push!

Jesse is a rare action guy who expects the ladies in his films not to be just wall flowers but get into the action, and he picks ladies who will, a prime example is Amy Johnston in Accident Man! Amazing film. He directed the amazing Monique Ganderton in The Package as she took many swings at Stone Cold Steve Austin tied to a chair! Now Monique is the stunt coordinator on the 300 mil dollar Avenger series films! Again Jesse will give you the push, depends how motivated you are to take it!

The stunts, and action are finely crafted once again by Luke LaFontaine, as he works in detail with the actors strengths. Luke also crafted the action fights with 'Savage Dog' and Sword work with the new 'Blindsided: The Game' film.Watch for Tony Todd, to grace the screen with his magnanimous presence! Louis Mandylor is stellar as the character Sue, yeah I know odd name ha! 

The Debt Collector represents a culmination of hard work, sweat, and extreme passion for truculent and vituperative subject matter undulating with a bit of sardonic humor. We all know Selina can just kick all of their asses hahahaha. I am not going to be one of those reviewers who details the whole plot going into a ridiculously long soliloquy breaking down each scene, thus trying to show how erudite they are, in the process spoiling the film UGH! Just buy the damn film, do not download it, 'The Debt Collector' Drops hard in the USA June 5th! on Sony Home Entertainment~ The film rates a solid 9 out of 10, and has a repeat watch-ability factor!

I got mine! Both German Blu and USA now on order! Go hard or go home and support indie films http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Debt-Collector-Blu-ray/198593/

Amazon had the DVD for 10 dollars! What is that, two large coffees?  Come on, order it!

Like Jesse V. on his official Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/actionjessevjohnson/

Facebook Page for The Debt Collector: https://www.facebook.com/The-Debt-Collector

Watch for more as soon 'Triple Threat' will fall out of the sky from Thailand! Hah!

The Debt Collector has a limited theatrical Release starting on the 5th June, 2018.
Laemmle Monica Film Center.
1332 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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