Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear Trailer Online! ScreenShots!

Above Pic: Scott takes out two! (C) 2013 Millennium Films

Back in 2009 I reviewed a Scott Adkins film called Ninja, I got lots of crap for liking that film, fast forward 4 years, Scott Adkins is back with a vengeance with Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, with Issac Florentine directing and Tim Man as a Fight director and taking on the role of Myat. 

Above pic: Scott Adkins & fight choreographer Tim Man analyse the replay of a take. (C) 2013 Ninja:  Shadow of a Tear Facebook Page

The trailer just posted online on youtube @ and the film just had it's world premiere at the Fantastic Fest 2013, to a rowdy appreciative crowd.

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Check out the high flying expert talent of Tim Man @

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IMDB page is:

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