Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catch .44- Movie Review

Catch .44 has a reverse time-line, we see the outcome at the beginning and the entire movie is set up to how we get to that point. I like these type of movies, but this one was very uneven. Also part of this film was apparently made in 2005 and part in 2011 according to the credits crawl date. This was before actress Nikki Reed made Twilight, Deborah Ann Woll made True Blood, and Malin Akerman was in Watchmen. This was probably meant to launch their careers, but ha all it does is line the pockets of the producers. (Correction) I re-watched part of it, the name Catch .44 was copyright in 2005, but according to actress Jill Stokesberry she worked on the film in 2010.

Bruce Willis plays Mel, a smarmy drug dealer who employs Kara(Reed), Dawn(Woll), and Tess(Akerman. They mess up the previous assignment and he decides to give them one last chance to do an out of town job. Things are obviously not what they seem, and even Kara has reservations about going to an out of the way place for this job.

Forest Whitaker plays an odd mix of a black guy trying to do various accents, but honestly his dialogue ends up being annoying, not his fault, but this role was miscast.

Catch .44 had some potential but was severely bogged down, by repeating the same scene three times thus spoiling the flow of the film. It is one thing to show the very end, but another to spoil part of the shoot-out and standoff is idiotic.

Some of the acting was pretty good, but it was lost in the sometimes too long winded, and mostly bad dialogue. I did like Malin Akerman, and actually a very minor character, the owner of the Diner named Francine played by Jill Stokesberry. Jill is a stunt-woman and a photographer, hope to see more of her in front of the camera.

Jill Stokesberry plays Francine a Diner owner with a shotgun!

Unfortunately I cannot say this film is worth a purchase, maybe a $1 rent at a Red Box, or Blockbuster. I give this film a 4.5 out of 10. If you are a fan of any of the lead actors, I do recommend checking it out.


  1. Great review, Dan! Your comments are valuable and spot-on!

  2. Nice review and very informative about the production of this movie. I'm thoughtful about seeing or not this.


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