Wednesday, November 28, 2012

40 Days and Nights Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for 40 Days and Nights

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Admittedly, I am a lover of low budget cinema, and it is time for an end of the world mock-diasaster film, from the folks at The Asylum comes 40 Days and Nights. No this is NOT 40 Days and 40 Nights!

The world is going to get "Biblically" wet and the film begins appropriately with a tidal wave in the desert, sweeping away four unsuspecting youngsters out on a jeep off-road ride.

Above Pic: The four Jeep passengers await a huge, and I mean a huge wave! (C) 2012 The Asylum, Screen- Dan's Movie Report

40 Days and Nights is family film, and is also very basic, due to the sadly lackluster CGI coupled with the intrinsic, for the most part, lack of direction for the actors. The scenes were just thrown together rag-tag and strictly by the book, with a mixture of the big budget 2012 type thrown in on a micro scale. While the CGI is getting better on some of The Asylum films, 40 Days and Nights sets them back a few years, lower quality and obviously rushed.

The one redeeming quality, and it is a big one, for those of my readers with families and small children, there is no, zero, zilch, in the way of objectionable material. No curse words, no blood, nothing,  40 Days and Nights could easily play on a Disney Channel or Hallmark Network. This fact, sadly, makes it rather boring for adults.

Wait, my audience asks, I did not wax poetically with regards to the plot, haha, figure it out, it is The Asylum, low budget, disaster film. While I can recommend 40 Days and Nights for families with children, I have to give it a barely rent 4 out of 10 as it is one of the weaker efforts in 2012.


  1. The Costume Department failed in the selection and wearing of collar devices and Warfare Pins. (Half Submarine Dolphins, Half Surface Warfare} I was available as a Naval Advisor but was never called!

  2. No offense...but your review was kind *far* in excess of what the movie deserved. The CGI sucked, the scripting sucked...and the acting was even worse. I can't understand why anybody goes to the bother of spending money making such unmitigated crap, much less releasing it.

    I saw it for *free* and I still feel like I paid too much....

  3. They could have avoided filming on a sunny day in many scenes as often the ground isn't wet and you can see shadows created by bright sunlight, it looks like some rain is CGI generated including the clouds while some scenes are filmed with a sprinkler over a small area. Anyway, it's still better effects than many very low budget Asylum productions, although it's not a touch on 2012 with poor acting and script as usual. I rate it 3/10 as it is still entertaining even though it's low quality.

  4. This has got to be THE worst film I've ever seen... and this is coming from someone who grew up on the sci-fi films of the 50's. If this film EVER gains "cult" status, it will be for the same reason that "Plan 9 from Outer Space" did - it is so bad, it's hilarious.

    1. Doubled over at this comment! At least Ed Wood was earnest. And why on earth did the "Tessa" actress go and fill her self with Botox and lip injections so close to filming. Her mouth hung open in every scene because the muscles required to close it were paralyzed.

  5. Jesus, what a crape. One hell of a bad movie!

  6. I give this movie 5 out of 100. The best bit was when everybody died - the worst part was that some survived at the end.


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