Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rest in Peace Rod Johns, Thank you for changing Dan's Movie Report!

As a writer I love the underground films, Rod was such a pioneer, a true visionary, he worked for the love of film, he  could not be bought, sold or disrespected by anyone. I am giving hi priority from this day forward to high quality non studio productions, yes, I will drop a big thing now and then, haha, but I want to focus my main efforts to indies, shorts etc! I love movies, I enjoy variety Rod, please watch me from above and guide me..... More to follow, oh his photo is behind the blog! Please say hi to Ronnie James Dio for me! Just walk towards the "Silver Mountain"   Keep reading Dan's Movie Report in 2014! BTW Stunt people are the reason action films rock! Keep on with the action, fun, and live for happiness! BTW I would like to extend an olive branch to Xavier Kantz, I am sorry, I saw the light!

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