Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sharknado 2: The Second One Movie Review

Sharknado is of those dumb guilty pleasures, The Asylum has managed to worm and swirl their way into the lexicon of modern pop culture, with the ludicrous premises, ultra-schlock movie making, and ridiculous over acting.

Once again I grade The Asylum films on a scale compared to other low budget films, not compared to 100 million dollar Hollywood productions. Apparently Tara Reed, is now an author, and she wrote a book on how to survive a Sharknado, and not an Alligahane, Chinchillaquake, or for that matter any other combined animal and natural disaster. Get over yourselves people this is pure silliness from the beginning.

After a plane crash lands at JFK, Fin  that lands the plane claims it was hit by a shark, that gut sucked into the engine, or as he puts it weird turbulence. Of course, there are crazy cameos, like Downtown Julie Brown as a nurse and Kelly and Michael talking about the Sharknado on their "live" morning show.

Of course filming in NYC for a low budget production means, you have to make nice nice with the big players in the city. The baseball game, is the initial part of the film where we see the fury of the Sharknado, AKA City Field.

Watch for cameos from Kelly Osbourne as a flight attendant, and Al Roker, chats about an EF5 Sharknado, haha. He actually reports that two EF 2 Sharknados can merge and form  and EF 5 single Sharknado! When Al Roker reports something it must be true, or not haha! The idea of reporting this as a news event is hysterical, and perhaps the most entertaining part of the film. Al gets into "weather" mode, even has a map of the locations of the Sharknados!

The CGI folks at The Asylum are actually getting a bit better, merging some sharks and wind, but again this is low budget rendering. At least they use a variety of render engines, with decent shading and even some, wait for it, dithering. Below is a sample of a shark rain haha!

Overall the movie is not bad, a worthy cable watch, and that is about it, perhaps a Redbox rent, to avaoid commercial. A third Sharknado is in the works, hopefully, South Florida will get it's dose of madness next! Sharknado 2: The Second One rates a 6 out of 10.

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