Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ratchet Point Movie Review

Above Photo: (C) 2014 Chamia Lane from 'Ratchet Point'

Greetings my fellow readers, and the multitudes of purveyors who revel with insanity. Today my friends we take a short film trip into the twisted mind of Chamia Lane. Apparently Chamia wants to have a throw down fight with sexy Sachiko Ishida and the parameters of the fight are quite interesting!

Poking fun at some stereo types, 'Ratchet Point' gets down and dirty, haha, the ladies a ready for fighting, but first the set up. The girls are ready to fight, of course and the boyfriends are just window dressing! "Here Pookie hold my lolly" proclaims Chamia, as she prepares for battle. Ah what battle would be complete without the obligatory removal of the large hoop earrings! Of course Sachiko has to remove her gum, and purse and states "Come on bitch step to me" Haha,

More articles of jewelry come off, as does a wig from Sachiko, hahaha etc... and trust me it gets funnier with each one. They ladies begin to tussle, and eventually we are treated to an odd black and white slow mo fight, with the boys in the background assessing the action, you know, the way guys just seem to back off when women fight. Chamia, the writer, has the astute vision to recognize that particular fact. Constantly showing the guys' reactions to each and every combat or simulated combat move, with gestures and provocative facial expressions. In fact, all of the actors in 'Ratchet Point' do a stand up job, haha, selling the action.

The fight gets kind of sexy and silly at the same time, fun to watch, a clever take on the absurdity of fighting, I kind of look at it as a Jerry Springer spoof type thing, 'Ratchet Point' pokes fun at the lurid level of combative realty TV, without the idiotic story set up. Basically, 'Ratchet Point' cuts through the bull crap, and gives viewers just the 5 minutes of action, and boom, the crowd cheers! HAHA!

The filming quality is solid for an outside shoot, some spur of the moment style fight choreography, nothing wild and crazy, just the flailing arms and legs things, with a few martial arts material thrown in. Jason S. Williams directs 'Ratchet Point, and blends Chamia's story on screen with ease, seamlessly melding the physical comedy with sardonic action.

Overall I really liked the film, never taking itself too seriously, and showcasing rising talents of Chamia Lane and Sachiko Ishida. 'Ratcher Point' rates a 7.5 out of 10.

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(Thank you to Elizabeth for correcting Jason S. Williams as the director of Ratchet Point, review has been updated 12-15-2014.)


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