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Actress Jet Tranter Interview (Exclusive) (C) 2015 Dan's Movie Report

Greetings fellow action lovers worldwide, here is another exclusive Dan's Movie Report interview. Sultry and talented Jet Tranter chats about fitness and her work on the new action film 'Lady Bloodfight'. Enough of my babbling, time for Jet to take off!

Was there a film or TV show that inspired you as a child to take up Martial Arts? If so what? If not what did inspire you?

Almost every martial arts action movie I watched growing up resonated with me. As a kid I loved Monkey magic, The Karate Kid & Ninja Turtles. In my adolescence it was Bloodsport, Kick Boxer, Rocky & Bruce Lee films which drove my curiosity & passion further. Besides that I was determined to build my strength & confidence through martial arts as I was bullied in school.

Describe a typical daily Jet Tranter fitness regimen? Stretching techniques, diet, exercise? Please be as detailed as possible.

I have no regime. These days I'm self aware & educated enough to know what my body needs to stay in good health. It took me years to be at peace with my body & find balance. Now I enjoy a varied guilt free diet full of fresh good quality food, wine, chips, chocolate & ice cream if I want. As for supplements I take the best GSH booster on the planet, I call it the secret remedy. I practice yoga 1-3 times a week followed by meditation. I swim & surf 1- 3 times a week & I also hit the gym 1-3 times a week depending on how I feel & what gigs are coming up.

Chat about weight training, I interviewed Carly Sunae and she comes from a power lifter background, curious as to your philosophy on weights, I notice you are toned, but not overly body builder muscular. What is your secret to balance?

The secret to balance is listening to your body & being kind to yourself, push yourself when you need to be pushed but don't punish yourself unnecessarily. For me weight training is a supplement for martial arts, to increase strength & power in my technique & to even muscle development. I don't train for aesthetic purposes & I don't judge anyone who does. Looking fit & healthy is just an outcome of what I love doing.

Being a positive influence on others I noticed is a common theme among the best trainers, discuss how you impart on your students, the attitude to be healthy.

Over training and restricted diets are a common trend these days, this can lead to body image disorders and metabolism damage in the long run. When asked for advice I encourage people to be kind to themselves. Guilt, negativity & judgment are the most toxic things for the mind & body. Train smart, eat well, rest, don't stress & practice inner peace. As a trainer I not only strengthened peoples physical weakness but also their mental attitude.

Shifting about Lady Bloodfight, your character Cassidy, time in HK, and meeting and hanging out with Amy Johnston.

My character in Lady Bloodfight is Cassidy Young - a 25 year old Aussie/Asian MMA Champion. She is happy, cocky tomboy who doesn't know when to shut up. There was a lot of improve in my scenes. It was a fun role to play. Leading lady Amy Johnston, Producer Justin Bursch, Chris Nahon, all the fighter girls, uncle Harry and the crew - I adore them all. We were like a family during this project and our bonds will last a lifetime.

What new fighting techniques did you learn on the set of Lady Bloodfight? I saw some double swords!
Yeah double butterfly knives - Working with Master Yan Yan and the stunt team was an incredible experience.
Do you want to act in more films?
YES. But with less blood, I still have nightmares about being covered in that sticky corn syrup from head to toe.

I know you love Australia, but are you open to moving to the USA? For film, TV or training?
If an opportunity arises I'd move anywhere. But Australia and Thailand will always be my home.
Are their directors or producers you want to work with?
My favorite director is Quentin Tarantino. I'm a big fan of his artistic genius in movies. It's my new dream to work with him one day.
Ok Quentin, Jet wants to work with you! Wrapping up this interview, chat about upcoming 2015 projects? Fitness or acting related.

As of 2015 I am a represented actor by AE Artist management. They are keeping me in the loop with upcoming projects & auditions. This year is about keeping the momentum of my first feature film to build a larger profile. I also just started a Youtube channel where I will be featuring food, fun & fitness ideas.

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  1. Why doesnt she mention Bey Logan who produced Lady Bloodfight?

  2. I asked her about her film character, this is how she described the film, in her eyes I did a separate interview with Bey,


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