Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sheena Chou Spotlight

Above Photo (C) 2016 Ben Burton Sheena Chou in 'Savage Dog'

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, fresh on the heels of the 4k trailer release of Savage Dog it is time to learn a bit more about Savage Dog actress Sheena Chou. Sheena is a humble lady, and has acted in a wide variety of films, TV shows, and commercials. Sheena has a mysterious look and striking personality. Black Salt is a great jumping off point to be introduced to her career. Check out this cool production video, featuring Sheena in Black Salt:

Sheena also is one of the stars in an action oriented 100 Proof music video, check it out on YouTube:

Finally Sheena has a really cool slate of commercials she can be seen in, one of my favorites is the Walmart one, where she is stuffing a suitcase, and gifting a GoPro cam, sadly it has been removed from YouTube.

Check out Sheena's company Forever Love Flowers, a beautiful flower that is arranged in a small bouquet, which will last for eternity. Also follow her on social media:

Sheena social media:

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