Sunday, July 29, 2018

Fingerpaint (2018) Movie Review (C) 2018 Dan's Movie Report (Exclusive)

Above: Link to the FINGERPAINT on YouTube, with all the credits! 

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, today the amazing Bryan Sloyer dropped a short film masterpiece on YouTube. With the myriad of short fight vignettes on YouTube Bryan and his team have created a short that should play at film festivals due to the plot and imagery.

Introducing Claire, who is the innocent child, yet the foreshadowing in the mind all leads to a fight in the literally the middle of nowhere with a fridge being the tie to the reality.

The film has just the right artistry and action mix. When the fighting is on it is amazing, tight moves, crispy strikes from performers Bryan Sloyer and Joseph V. Oreste. Yet the striking visuals coupled with poignant music makes this a huge leap forward in fight concept films and can easily be seen as a full feature if they want to expand.

Camera work from Bryan and Kyle Potter is top notch. The audience is literally floating around the actors, giving a tone of being in the action yet not to close to be able to see the scope. It is tricky to film fights, Bryan and Kyle have the eye. Gravity & Momentum do the blood FX, which look pretty cool almost like a mix of smeared paint and blood! Claire is adorable and this is kind of like the film starring Amy Johntson The Gate as we see an innocent child be the backdrop to the action. Clever yet not obtrusive!

Bryan proves the importance of practicing your trade all the time, being creative, yet being collaborative. Fingerpaint rates a very strong 8 out of 10!

The entire film is on YouTube now! Watch for more from Bryan on Dan's Movie Report! All Exclusive, all the time! 

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