Thursday, July 25, 2019

Tamiko Brownlee New Action Reel! #StandUpForStunts (Dan's Movie Report)

 Above Photos: Left -- Tony Chu, Right: Tamiko in Son's Of Anarchy

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. In light of the recent serious injury to stunt man Joe Watts in the U.K. On the set of Fast & Furious 9, I am think it is so important as journalists to name stunt people for their achievements and undeniable importance to the film world. Stunt people risk their lives, not only to save the actors from dangerous situations which can end their career., but often are asked with increasing pressure to do more daring physical actions for the enjoyment of the audience. 

With the overtaking of Avatar as the top grossing film of all time, Avengers: Endgame has some truly amazing stunts. Today I must spotlight one of my personal favorite stunt action professionals: Tamiko Brownlee. Tamiko recently doubled Mantis in Avengers: Engame, doubled the Ghost character in Ant Man & The Wasp, and a did a brutal fight sequence doubling the actress Lauren Cohen in Mile 22, where she literally was thrown and slammed against the wall so hard that it would have probably put a normal person in a hospital.

Tamiko has a new stunt action reel out now and it showcases her talent and willingness to fight for herself, and on film. Tamiko is a professional, I also hope to see her in more speaking roles, like she was a character on the show Mistresses. Tamiko has a clear speaking voice and could easily play the parts of the characters she doubles.

Her latest video reel is edited by the amazing Vlad Rimburg, please blast his YouTube Channel for more information @

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