Monday, October 21, 2013

Blonde Squad, Brings Out Hot, Big, Guns! Exclusive, Sexy, Action Pictures!

Hot new poster for Blonde Squad!

Above pic: More action, more violence, more blondage! Blonde Squad! Click above pictures for wallpaper size!

Hi tech, sexy sardonic humor mixed with action and, very large chest wielding weaponry! Blond Squad looks like a fun time! Check out this wild and wacky trailer on Youtube: Full on action from Havoc Operation International and New GenerAsian Pictures, get ready for violence, crazy stunts, and copious amounts of tight outfits! Elizabeth Starr, is the full cup action lady Sabrina Steele and Summer Cummings also stars as Brandy Nash!

Blast that video Link! Kick ass fights sexy girls, haha what more could you want!

Of Course every film has an evil and super sexy dangerous villain! 

Linda Wang, smokin' hot in black, looking threatening!

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