Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kantz's post apocolyptic Wasteland burns to home video October 11th 2011!

Full movie review up on Dan's Movie Report on October 21st 2011! blast your browser to @ http://dansmoviereport.blogspot.com/2011/10/wasteland-movie-review.html

DVD art for Wasteland. Now that I have the team assembled time to bring the pain!

Megan Nguyen (one of the Lee Sisters), Short skirt: check, covered in dirt: check sexy sneer: check, prepared to kick some ass: Checkmate!

It is easy to see that Heidi Mari is the vicious evil Mutant Priestess in the Wasteland! Who knew evil could be that cute!

Feel the end of my spear!

Indie movie wild man Kantz's latest feature Wasteland is currently in final preparations for release. The film's basic setting is "It's the near future and The chemicals that we have been pumping into the environment have caused our ecosystem to fail and collapse..." Wasteland was written by Lucas James Culshaw and promises more action in the vein of The Book of Eli. With Garret T Soto as Keo Tanaka emerging as the hero from the desert, Wasteland should be a over zealous ride in more ways than one. Enjoy the pictures!

Garret T. Sato (Keo Tanaka) begins his journey in a humble fashion

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