Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie News... and New Zealand's nightmare 'Wound" !

First up in the news Writer/Director/Producer Kantz is putting the finishing touches on Wasteland. The post apocalyptic western is scheduled for an October release. Look for a future review in Dan's Movie Report. In the mean time point your burning browser to the brand new you tube trailer.

The Van Damme, Scott Adkins feature length action film "Assassination Games" was released July 29th. I watched it, rather than do a complete review, I have a few comments. The fighting scenes and action were impressive for the 4 million dollar production. Honestly, I did not care for any of the secondary roles, nor the main villain role. I found the characters to be so unemotional that it made the plot lines rather tedious to view. On the other hand, Van Damme had a pet turtle who unlike the other characters had emotional parts, hiding in his shell when Van Damme touched his back and when the cute neighbor lady caressed him softly he poked his head out.
So the action, fighting and the turtle rate "Assassination Games" a 5 out of 10 on my reptile scale!

On the other hand I witnessed perhaps the most disturbing movie since "In My Skin", and "Irreversible" with "Wound"! What a mind blowing psychotic trip of a film! This New Zealand production one will get a future detailed review, and hopefully cast and crew interviews! This was a high quality production from cast to filming, and lighting techniques. In the mean time. Enjoy these bizarre screen caps!

This is one disturbing mind trip! If you have the guts to point your warped browsers to:

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