Saturday, December 10, 2011

Actress Shinead Byrne News

Updated news: August 11th 2012: Shinead takes a role in the upcoming Jesse Ross short film entitled Thirst. Follow the facebook page @ for more info, and watch the 90 second teaser in HD on vimeo @

Updated news: January 20th 2012: Snow White finishes successful stage run after being held over an extra week! Shinead reports that the production was given a full extra week run due to the success! Below is a behind the scenes Pic!

Shinead From her Facebook page, a very cute Snow White!

Actress Shinead Byrne (Dragon Crusaders)is currently in a stage production of Snow White. She is playing Snow White! Ironically Cecily Fay, who also was in Dragon Crusaders worked on the new Snow White and the Huntsman film as a stunt double and sword trainer. Actually I think she has a great look to play the lead character of Snow White. Shinead is a talented actress and I predict success for her either in movies or theatre!

To learn more of her activities follow her on her twitter @!/ShineadByrne

If you will be in Dartford, U.K. is the website to buy the tickets:

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