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Rock Of Ages Movie Review (Guest Reviewer-Shadoe)

 Above Pic: Rock Of Ages Poster (C) 2012 Warner Bros

I must recuse myself from this particular review because I had a small role in Rock of Ages. Here is a special review from the mysterious "Shadoe", who had entrance to the Miami Premiere!

The sets were amazing, outstanding! the filmmakers transformed Florida into California!!!  Rock of Ages should receive an award for scenic work, to turn the Pompano Beach garbage dump and Pompano Beach Florida into Hollywood California took, precision and art, whatever they did, they did it right! The music was 80s style and 80s Music that everyone of that era either loves or hates, but the music was given a more Broadway stage twist, certain scenes as in the church scene was like watching a broadway show live at the movie theater.

One scene that stands out is the introduction of Stacey Jaxx to the audience, over the top excess.  I forgot to add another element of the film is  the greed in Hollywood and how sleazy agents take a person and mold a person into what Hollywood wants them to be, for fame, and personal gain.

My opinion of the music was pure nostalgia. I knew every word to every song I had records etc at that time period, I remember the controversy with the music back then and the fights between Rock Music and the Boy Bands and Hip Hop, who was my favorite star Mary J Blige shine singing, For this Movie Tom out-shined but his character is over the top, Tom's character was a love lorn, hurt, confused and depressed with his lack of love in his life and loving all the sex he was getting but lacking the love. His character shows the God like air and power that rock stars had at the time and the crazy life they lived, his character became introspective a few times during the movie.

Sherry, Julianne's character is a naive girl going into the world to become not only famous but to find herself as a woman as what she actually craved was true love and acceptance, she looked great for the role her character was a grease version character. Her singing style in this movie didn't quite fit the mainstream music in that time period, her voice was more country style and higher pitched. I don't know if she was the right musical pick for the character, but her acting was great! Her looks for the character helped to diminish her lack of pop vocals, but the songs she sang were 80s, and of course it fit the nostalgia.

Diego's character is a boy who lived and dreamed to live in L.A. and all he wanted to do was to be famous and to do what it takes to get there until he came into realization, that there was more to fame than just that. Russell Brand was awesome hilarious and his and Alec Baldwin were great! Alec Baldwin is the fabulous actor he always is, they both truly made the movie funny and entertaining. It is hard pick the one that I think did the best acting or performance, because they all to me seem to be in sync with their characters.

Overall Shadoe rates Rock of Ages a 7 out if 10, and recommends a theatrical outing!

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  1. I am not a huge fan of 80's music, but I can easily say that this flick had me tapping my toes and singing along to just about every jam. The story itself was weak, but whenever they focused on the music and Tom Cruise, the film won me over. Nice review Dan.


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