Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jeff Centauri Unleashes Girls of Action! (Exclusive Pics!) Updated for 2014!

Update August 26th 2014: 
Check out Baliw Crazy Style on Youtube @

Check out Manilla Assassins Creed on Youtube @

Check out the latest blast of madness from the mind of Jeff Centauri Models and The Crazy Photographer! Wow is this a wild short!

Above Pic: Upcoming action star and fitness expert Leigh Guda (C) 2012 Jeff Centauri (Dan's Movie Report) Click on pic for exclusive sexy wallpaper image!

Leigh Guda Full Interview @

As the 2012 year of action rapidly draws to a close, it is time, to get rough, time to get sexy, and time to reveal Jeff Centauri and his exclusive (C) Girls of Action series! Watch for more exclusive videos, and photos only on Dan's Movie Report! Jeff has been around film for many years working on all aspects from behind the camera filming, acting on screen action, and fight choreography. He has a wealth of experience filming action, stunts, chase scenes, and sultry, hot, talented and dangerous ladies. Jeff's film Fear of Speed is groundbreaking, with dangerous car stunts and sexy action in the same scene.

I Highly recommend Fear Of Speed to all budding film makers and action folk, who are not afraid of sexy girls and fast cars!

Actually Fear of Speed is just a starting point, Jeff has more than a half dozen action films out on AMAZON! Blast your way, and search his name! He did the Kung Fu Fighting Series of Short films! Check out Action Angels as well!

Check out this new youtube video of Jeff @ 

More Girls of Action series @

Watch for more of Leigh Guda, exclusives! Photos video and interview in 2013! Drop what you are doing and grab a hand held device, (No not that one) and click, click, CLICK! on Dan's Movie Report!

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