Monday, December 2, 2013

The Expedition Premieres New Footage At MCM Comic Con!

Check this out! New coverage of The Expedition on Dan's Movie Report!

We're very excited! So excited in fact that... well... we might burst! We premiered our first footage at this years MCM Comic Con event in BIRMINGHAM UK! The response to the footage was overwhelming! 

The film is now very close to completion, with the focus right now being on completing our Colour Grade, Visual FX elements and some final tweaks to the Sound Design! We expect to release a trailer for the movie very soon and we have some very exciting news on possible release dates, plans and our next appearance on the expo circuit in the pipeline, so as soon as those details are confirmed, we'll announce them to you!

We had a great day at MCM Comic Con, where over 3000 people visited our stand alone and over 500 people took part in our CREATURE EXPERIENCE, where they could have their photograph with one of the critters (courtesy of the awesome DAVE and his team of animal friends) super-imposed onto our rain forest background!

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Watch for further updates and exclusives from Dan's Movie Report in 2014!

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