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Actress Stéphanie Gérard Interview Exclusive (C) 2014 Danny Templegod - Dan's movie Report

Stéphanie Gérard is ready to burst on the action scene with her dynamic role as Gabriela Dresden in The 'Chemist'. Stéphanie is a kind talented lady with boundless energy and a strong desire to explore new horizons in the entertainment world. Stéphanie takes time out of her busy schedule to chat exclusively about her acting and singing career on Dan's Movie Report. 

Chat a bit about your childhood and did you always have a desire to perform.

Since I was a little girl, I was an artist, I was the one dancing, singing, putting up small plays, my mom saw that in me and took me to ballet lessons, singing classes, acting classes besides the normal school, she wanted me to be prepared in case I decided to become a singer/actress.

Did you sing in talent shows as a kid?

No, never in talent shows, but I remember when I was like 10 years old, a tv producer heard me singing (he had a tv show airing at the moment) and invited me as a special guest to the Show, I sang with a live band, and they invited me like 5 more times, and I loved it!! I picked 3 of the songs I sang, and he picked the other 2, but the experience was really fun, and just the beginning of my career!

Who are some of your musical influences?

Paul McCartney, (The Beatles, obviously), Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, David Foster, I'm very old school when it comes to music, I love oldies!! And the music style I go from country, to pop, to rock, bossa nova, jazz... Music is a part of my life, people tell me I'm a jukebox because I know almost every song that's playing wether we're in a restaurant, or the car, on the radio, or iTunes...

Did you take formal singing lessons, self taught?

I was formally trained, I started singing lessons when I was 8 years old, and have had many teachers and vocal coaches throughout my life.

Chat about the the desire to be an actress as well as a singer, natural progression?

I can't remember wanting to be anything else but a singer and actress, since I went to the movies being a kid, I dreamed about appearing on the big screen, the same happened when I watched tv, I wanted to be the one appearing in there, when I went to concerts or shows, I imagined I was the one on stage... It was always clear to me what I wanted to dedicate my life to... 
You know how kids dream of being an astronaut and then when they grow up they realize they can't and then focus on a more "real" career? 
Well for me that never happened!!! Hahaha, I always knew what I wanted and I knew that it would be hard but I just couldn't see myself doing something else.

So much competition for acting work in Hollywood, at times do you feel frustrated?

I feel frustrated that I'm not auditioning for "A list movies"!! The BIG ONES, I know I have the talent and I've studied hard, I'm disciplined and professional, I just need one chance, someone who gives me the opportunity, who believes in me... I think there's no such thing as competition, I believe if it's meant for you, it's meant for you! I compete with myself only, that's why everyday I try to be the better version of myself... Daily improvement... 

Getting current, chat about The Chemist, how did you get the part and, what attracted you to the film?

The process was very fast... I've worked with one of the producers Al Bravo before, and he called me on a Monday and invited me to the audition on Tuesday, so I went in, auditioned, they called me for the call back on Wednesday, and by Wednesday night they called me to tell me I got the role, and that we were going to start training all Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and begin the shoot on Monday! I read the script, before my callback and loved it! The story is great!! And Action is something that I had never done before and what a better way to get into it than with the Master himself Art Camacho!!

I noticed many night shoots, did the night shoots actually intensify your character, did you go at it with more force and attitude?

The night shoots where because there are tons of night scenes in the film!! And to be honest it didn't bother me at all, I'm a night owl myself, so as I said before, this character was made for me!! It was perfect!! But day or night I bring always my best attitude wherever I go!! :D

Discuss the fight scenes, have you ever trained for this type of action before? Share a story from the set.

I had never done anything like this before!! But I'm a dancer and fight scenes are choreographies, a different type obviously!! I noticed there were muscles in my body after training and rehearsing that I didn't know I had!! Hahaha I was so sore!! I had all types of fights, with guys and running, chasing, hitting, getting beat!! The fight scene I did with Nina was the one that we rehearsed over and over, because it was so long!! And it involved a knife... So lets say the choreography was hard and required a lot of us! I worked great with Nina, she was there 100% like me, our fight scene was shot in every single angle, and we did it for 12 hours!! The whole night!! We wanted it to be as perfect as we could and we were so focused all the time, I think that night was one of the toughest ones, but very enjoyable and unforgettable!! The next day I remember talking to Nina and we both said we couldn't move!!

Chat about working with Art and the rest of the production team, must be easier when they are patient understanding people on set?

The production team was amazing!!! Every one of them! I enjoyed my time with them... And specially with Art Camacho, he is an awesome director and fight choreographer, he knows what he wants and that makes it easier for the actors, cause there's no hesitation, he is focused all the time and thinks ahead of all of us!! It was a true honor to work with him!! 
Also with Carmen Cabana, she is so talented and knows also what she wants, it was amazing to have her behind the camera, she has a sweet personality, and an awesome attitude, she made me feel comfortable, she noticed everything, even the smallest details, that on the big screen make a huge difference! 

What makes it easy on the set is to have profesional, dedicated people, who have always a great attitude and know what they want and that was definitely what we had with Art and Carmen.

Chat about your character on The Chemist, who is she, what is she like, and how did you prepare for the role?

Gabriela Dresden!!! She is a college student with a deep dark secret, that I shall not talk about till the movie is out!! Hahahaha, I don't want to be a spoiler! Her mom died when she was 13 years old, and when her story begins in the film we learn that she lost her dad one month ago, she falls in love with Ronus Steele, (The Chemist) cause they go to the same place every night, so they start talking and the two of them are really lonely so they find that comfort in each other... I analyzed my character, she's got earth in her, and a lot of fire... She's naturally bubbly, she gets noticed when she wants to, and she can go under the radar easily too! I created her after reading the script, went through her life, where does she want to go? What does she need? Which obstacles does she have? And what she can do about her situation...

Gabriela is always prepared and she knows things... That I can't reveal!!

Did you learn some new acting tricks or techniques from filming The Chemist?

Of course every new project teaches you new things... But acting wise, I just put into practice everything I've learnt, everything I know, but in the fight scenes/choreographies, absofreakinlutely!!! I learnt everything!! It was all new to me and I felt like a baby absorbing everything I was being taught!! Now I know how to kick your ass and make it look good on camera!!

Are you interested in being in more action films in the future, or it does not matter the type of film, as much as the experience? 

I LOVED action!! I would do it again for sure!!! I want more!!! Art created a monster!! Hahaha!! I love acting, so anything good that comes my way it doesn't matter what genre it is, but I know it will be tough to top this one! The adrenaline and everything that action gives you is just insane!

Moving past The Chemist, any new films or singing projects on the horizon?

Yes!!!  I have some shows in Mexico in December, I have a song that will be a part of a soundtrack for an animated film, I have 2 more films that I'm going to shoot this year, commercials, and keeping myself busy with interesting projects!! 

Wrapping up the interview perhaps share some advice for people wanting a dual singing an acting career, and how to balance the two.

Balancing acting and singing can be hard!! But it is possible, if you want to do both, you have to know they're very both demanding and that you just need to let one of them be the priority for a bit, and then let the other one advance too, don't leave one of them behind!! Always try to work one project in the acting, one project in the singing, that way you don't loose yourself or your passion for one of them, let them shine when its time.

Thank you Stephanie for your insightful interview, watch for more from her in the coming months on Dan's Movie Report. Stéphanie is very active on social media and has a variety of ways for her fans to keep in touch with her and to learn about her latest projects.

Facebook Connect @ https://www.facebook.com/stephaniegerardsg
Official website @ http://www.stephaniegerard.com
Youtube @ http://www.youtube.com/user/StephanieGerardSG
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