Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chyna McCoy Chats Bayne Legacy Apocalypse! A Dan's Movie Report Exclsuive!

Above Photo: Poster for Bayne (C) 2013 Chyna McCoy

For the past 12 years I have watched Andre McCoy on screen, after our interview in late 2013 http://dansmoviereport.blogspot.com/2013/10/andre-chyna-mccoy-exclusive-interview.html Chyna told me he has decided to go in full hard on his own personal Bayne Legacy Apocalypse project. Over the past year Chyna has developed books, screenplays, a full budget plan, comics, game ideas, everything needed to create an entirely new franchise. We had an informal chat, rather than dressing it up, here is the chat as it happened! Get It, got it, go!

How are the prospects for Bayne LA?
Have you had some people check out your work?

Chyna Mccoy

Prospects are always good and everyone always checks it out its just getting more exposure and financiers to back it, but people wanting it and liking it isn't an issue.

Any firm commitments, actors/actresses interested in Bayne at this point?  I saw Carly's name mentioned. I feel surrounding yourself with a quality team is so important.

 Chyna Mccoy
Carly is just my good friend, Currently my promoting takes place on Twitter. Twitter has all the needed sources. Actors are easy to find if the source material is good, they aren't the issue. Actually it is the promotion of the film, and the financial package and budget which they look at. For now, more promoting to film executives, studio heads, horror sites, and cosplay fans etc...

Cool, do you feel the comic or horror conventions are a viable option for promotions, or do you see more of a film based promotional aspect.Twitter is a powerful tool, that is how I get interviews, no agents needed and 'Direct Messaging' to the person.

Chyna: And yes Twitter, it is a great tool for promotion.  Bayne is action
horror, and supernatural, as well as Cosplay, video games, and comics.
On twitter I am able to hit all areas, all people on all levels.

  • So more all encompassing
  • Chyna Mccoy

    Yes, I just don't attack one area.

  • By doing the huge 3d photo books, and a story board book you can see what sells best
    is that the idea?

  • Chyna Mccoy

    Well, I did the books because they needed to be done, but the animated book is for everyone.
  • as well as the 3d animated book

  • To document your work?

  • Chyna Mccoy

    Then I did two screenplay Bayne books.

  • Yes

  • Chyna Mccoy

    Exactly, so if one goes, the others are already prepared, and on the shelves
    I have it fully encompassed.

  • I saw a short scene in one of your LBTG (Life Behind the Grind) is that a scene from Bayne?

  • Would you ever want to shoot a 5 minute scene kind of like Vlad does for action?

    Chyna Mccoy

    Everyone shoots a five minute scene all the time, and then they put it on youtube. These films have very little impact in the film business unless you are looking to do stunts.
    Bayne needs to be shot as a whole film. I already have worked on clips for it in the end. This package I created is more professional than any Hollywood package I have ever seen in my life in this business. Bayne Legacy Apocalypse needs money, definitely, no more theatrics.

    Yes I agree with you. I have to ask you to be honest, what is a secondary plan to Bayne, back to China to work with Tiger? I just want to see you succeed, in what ever capacity you desire. like I still work in retail, but I write so, that is where I am going with this question?

  • Chyna Mccoy

    Secondary,  there is no secondary its all or nothing!
    I go back and forth to China for work, that's always going to happen.
    Even China has my Bayne Package, I have my word and self ready to go at all times.

    I love doing my Dan's Movie Report site solo, thus my work is always ready, No BS!

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