Monday, February 2, 2015

Alpha Girls Movie Review

Before I start this review of 'Alpha Girls', if blood, guts and nudity bother you do not read on, If low budget, offensive, and vile material bother you, do not read on. Now with the formalities out of the way, time to get into the nuts and bolts of 'Alpha Girls'. Basically what you have is a psychotic sorority Alpha Beta, who is hell bent on making 'hell week' for new pledges miserable.

Thankfully what we have is four pledges, ie young ladies, who will not stand to be treated like that. The lead lady is a young lass named Cassidy ( ) decides to stand up to the tyrannical leader of Alpha House. By standing up she has much more sinister things than just small talk and throwing a shoe at her. We are talking some bizarre satanic ritual and perhaps even.... gasp... murder. Apparently the school's charter book is actually a gateway to evil and evil has been there all along, not to spoil it as we find out in the end!

'Aplha Girls has it all, you know the usually accoutrements found in a low budget horror, nudity, sexy ladies, and in this movie there is only one male character, serious, this is a female driven film all the way.

Ok I admit the acting on 'Alpha Girls' is not great, but actually it was decent for the type of film, as these actresses are young and inexperienced. I really liked Beverly as Cassidy, as she had a spirited role and I mean that in the literal sense, she was pretty damned maniacal. She was brooding angry and psychotic all roles we look for in a relationship, HAHAH!

For the small budget, the producers,Tony Trov, and Johnny Zito, actually put together a watchable film, my main complaint was that there was not as much action and material to keep up the horror, and intensity thus the film needed a bit of tightening. Although 87 minutes is pretty short, I would say trim 8-10 minutes off and add one more dastardly act, and definitely it would be better.

I was in a B frame of mind when I watched 'Alpha Girls' and rate it a 5.5 out of 10, worth a rent if you like B movies. I hope to see more of Berverly, she is sassy and aggressive, and needs to be given another chance at a meaty roll...Bring on the axe! Oh yeah Of course Ron Jeremy plays a priest! Nw that was funny, forgive me father I have um you know, SINNED! HHAHA! Check out the film on Facebook @

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