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Actress Priscilla-Anne Forder Interview A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive! "The Pineville Heist" Chat

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Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers, another worldwide exclusive interview    for your reading pleasure. Hailing from Australia, Priscilla-Anne Forder had a breakout performance as Amanda in the new thriller 'The Pineville Heist'. Her character is thrown into the middle of a small town maelstrom of crime and murder. Today the actress is thrown into the textual madness that is the Dan's Movie Report interview. Fasten your seatbelt, time to get inside the mind of Priscilla-Anne and her unique words of wisdom.

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Chat a bit about your childhood and what made you want to become an actress? 

My Mom and Dad were both international models, so I was kind of born into the entertainment industry. My mother was also a professional Ballerina, and then went onto teaching acting and ballet, so I was in my first show playing a little dancing chicken at the age of two. I grew up in the theatre and then studied Drama in high school, after leaving I tried to give up acting after listening to people say that I could never make a career out of acting. I studied Human Biology at University, with the intent of becoming a doctor but woke up every morning dreaming of acting. After 6 months I changed my degree to Film and Television and Performing Arts in the hope of working behind the scenes as a director. While directing my actors, all I wanted to do was act, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and chase that dream that was placed in my heart! I have never looked back since. I am a massive advocate for following the dreams that are placed in your heart, no matter how big! 


I agree, following your dreams is the way to go. Speaking of acting, chat a bit about your character Amanda, who is she and how did you formulate ideas to portray her? ‘

Amanda Becker’ is the Drama teacher at Pineville High. She grew up in Pineville and hopes to one day leave Pineville to become an international actress. So far, these dreams have yet to come into fruition, but Amanda will never give up hope. She refuses to let the bitterness and hopelessness of the town she lives in damage her dreams. Three words to describe Amanda Becker? Determined, protective and relentless.

Delving deeper Into the Amanda character, she has to go through a myriad of emotions including fear and rage at times in the same scene, how did you channel your energies to convey the feelings on camera?

Some of the scenes were quite heavy and required me to really let my emotions go, so I needed alone time in between takes to take control of my thoughts and truly understand the weight of what was happening in each scene. Most of the time Amanda is fighting for her own survival, so it was incredibly draining and emotional, but exciting at the same time!.The old abandoned school was actually really scary and dark so some of it was actually genuine fear!

There is a scene where you character seems not afraid and actually fights back with weapon, without spoiling it, how did you manage to turn to the raging angry side in such a quick manner? Can you share a behind the scenes story from the film?

    There was a scene where my character smashes a beaker over another characters head, which I was really excited about doing. I would do all of my own stunt work if I could! It was sugar glass and we only had a couple of takes, so I had to get it right. The first take, it didn’t smash, so the next time I was instructed to swing with more force. I was totally up for that! Unfortunately, I swung a little too hard and it cut the other actors face a little bit! I felt SO bad, but the take apparently looked fantastic, so everybody was happy in the end.


    In actuality, the events in 'The Pineville Heist' seem entirely plausible, as it is a small town with very little judicial oversight. What would Priscilla-Anne do different from Amanda in a similar situation?

    I would like to think that I would act the same way Amanda did, if I was taken hostage in Pineville! She did everything in her power to stay alive and tried her best to take the control of the situation. I admire her fire and courage… perhaps, If I am honest, I may have shed a few more tears…

    I see from your bio you are quite an active person, what are some of the hobbies and exercise regimen you like to do throughout the week? 


    I love exercise and I am always on the lookout for fun and new activities! My staple routine is running, I run around 6k’ms 5 times a week, and then add in boxing and Personal Training sessions whenever I have the time. Beach runs would have to be my fave though, with a cheeky dip in the ocean at the end for a treat!

    Is it exciting to be in the US promoting 'The Pineville Heist'? What are some of the things you want to do and see here?

    I love America! It is my third time here and it really does feel like home. If I could plan the best day ever, it would include a swim and sunbathe at Santa Monica Beach, watching a Disney movie at El Capitan’s, eating a big slice of cake from The Cheesecake shop, and then running it off in the Hollywood Hills!

    What is next for your projects, new films, tv, etc...


    I am working with a few directors and writers on developing Features and Shorts in Australia, as well as working on a couple of TV mini-series, alongside various modelling jobs. A few opportunities have opened up as a result of staring in the Pineville Heist, so time will tell! I love every aspect of film making, so I try to keep busy both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Sometimes when there is no work, you just have to start creating it yourself!

Thank you for the great insight to you career and 'The Pineville Heist'. Any final statements from Priscilla-Anne, words of advice, wisdom for the Dan's Movie Report audience? 

You have the power to turn your dreams into a reality. If you are passionate about something, go for it because nobody else is going to do it for you. Use your gifts and you will fly!

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