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Quantum Break (TV Series 2016-) Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

Above image credit: Microsoft, used for review purposes only.

Quantum Break is a Microsoft X-Box One exclusive game, however, the game unlocks to the 4 live action episodes. Being a lover of anything time shifting, I will discuss the series as a stand alone entity. Special respect and thanks goes to the fantastic Courtney Hope, showing me the game/series. Check out her exclusive interview for another fantastic time travel film 'Displacement', watch for a new one soon on Quantum Break!

The uniqueness of this time shifting property, is that it is micro-spacial, temporal, anomalies that open, thus time itself is breaking down. Another quite interesting element, the game unlocks live elements on what you choose, eventually unlocking the 4 episodes.

Playing all of the 20 minute episodes as a feature film is the way to watch, of course it makes the viewer want a full series. Without spoiling it, there is a super cool element called the Life Boat Protocol. Expect the unexpected, time shifting entities, dialogue that will challenge the thought process of the viewer or game player. The show presents a dichotomy, complete with adult vituperative words, some 'ass-kickary', gun violence, and blood, yeah this is a non kid friendly show, nor game.

A person in the series can end up in a shift, a stasis, or anywhere. The Monarch Corporation seems to be at the crux of the issue. There is a detailed philosophical discussion at the beginning of episode three, which answers some questions, but presents many more new ones. 

Above photo Courtney Hope in Quantum Break (C) 2016 Microsoft (used for review purposes only)

Everything about the game and series screams stand alone entity. This much detail crammed into a total of under two hours, is a whirlwind. The bold entity, makes a stand, and like 'The Matrix' and 'Prometheus' will free your mind, and blur the lines between realities, often providing undulating, disturbing, and yep moral vexing, pissing off the simpletons.

The elements are all there, seat of your pants decision making, solid acting and action, palpitating music, a new media success. Realizing they are separate entities, Microsoft and Netflix should work together to develop a show/game streaming partnership. Perhaps this would allow new material like 'Quantum Break' develop a global, platform across mobile and TV based content.

Overall rating the series as a must purchase, obviously it is contained inside the game. Time will decide literally if the world is currently ready for this new medium, in a world of lightning fast internet, Imax quality televisions, and the must have it now mentality of action 'Quantum Break' rates a 9 out of 10. 

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