Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Alyzee - My Life CD Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

Above photo: Alyzee Pre-order!

Greetings Dan's 'Movie' Report readers! I am not sure where to begin. Years ago, after watching Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne 3, I felt I had to connect with singer/actress Alyzee. Last night to my complete and utter shock, the Frankfurt based artist sent her new CD, among other items, which actually releases August 26th. I actually was totally unprepared for the surprise! Normally I do not like surprises at all, but this one kept me up all night listening!

This is a very preliminary review, and actually I kind of want to keep the mystic charm that is Alyzee going. I will say the following:

Alyzee has successfully merged styles in virtually all genres of music. Rock, some classic Turkish and Middle Eastern Rhythms and blended with a tinge of hi art and refined vocal abilities. This is one of those if this song does not move you the next song will move you CDs,

Many of the songs are much higher quality arrangements of the previous material she has released, one of my personal favorites is the tune off of the Bloodrayne 3 film 'Never Let You Down'.

'My life'  also represents a huge step forward in the quality of recording for Alyzee. The vocals are much less produced, yet have a more fluidity, the musical bed plays well in headphones, as many instruments, initiate out of a particular wavelength in a spacial location, far more than right or left ear, think of as bottom right, top left. etc...

There are bonus tracks from her earlier release as Safiya including One Blood (Gonna Win This Fight) Which is perhaps my favorite of all of her tunes as it has a deep meaning. The tune successfully mixes dance and rock with Alyzee's undulating vocal prowess.

One other thing that is cool, is to support independent musicians worldwide! They release their own music and the best of them give back what the get in revenue.

The CD releases August 26th 2016. Please connect with Alyzee at the following websites:

Support awesome, and heartfelt music from all over the world! ONE BLOOD! ALYZEE! THE CD rates a near perfect 9.5 out of 10! I love it! A masterpiece!

ALYZEE - Queen Of Oriental Rock
  Debüt Album "My Life".
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