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Bastard Son Of A Thousand Fathers Movie Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

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'Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers' is a film about a new super drug, called 'Bastard Son' that is forcing people to take it and become so addicted to it that if they go without it for a week they will die.

I purposely did not read up too much on this film in order to get a fresh perspective. Writer/director/star
Lanre Sarumi plays a doctor who has turned to a life of selling a new drug compound. His character Koda is ruthless and not trusting anyone. Koda developed the drug but initially has a hard time bringing the supply to market so he has to wheel and deal with established manufacturers, and he does not want to let his secret out.

'Bastard Son', as I will refer to, is a solid effort, there is a cool concept, I just wish that the film had more character development and at barely an hour and twenty minutes was too short for a suspense build up. The audience is thrust into the action right away when Koda is performing an illegal abortion. The thing is, it happens so quickly, it is like there is hardly time to catch your breath till the next scene.

The film skirts the line between action and crime drama, with several unsavory characters popping up throughout. We see rival drug dealers, addicted people, and even Koda's own crew, and no one is trusted. It is important to keep your circle small when dealing in illicit activities, but to not trust anyone will make sure that your time as a drug dealer is short. In 'Bastard Son', many lives are cut short for various reasons, not gonna spoil them, so watch it!

'Bastard Son' is a hard R rated film with copious amounts of blood spilling and numerous adult language scenes, so definitely not for the kids. I am curious to see more from Lanre, as 'Bastard Son' is a decent effort, especially for someone wearing many hats. As for an overall rating, 6 out of 10, rent it.

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