Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Them Movie Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie report

Above photo: Title credit from 'Them' © VULPINOSFilm, 2016

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Direct from Uruguay comes a fresh new horror short called 'Them'. Clocking in at a bit over 6 minutes, this black and white descent into madness can be described as an experimental horror film with esoteric subject matter. Star Claudia Rivarelli is the only actor in the film and 'Them' follows her downward spiral to the depths of insanity, or a private alternate reality in her mind.

It is always difficult for a first time actress, yet Claudia manages to convince the world of her insanity on film at least Claudia reminds me in voice and appearance of Monica Bellucci, even her mannerisms. Sometimes overly dialogue laden films can become tedious. 'Them' however, comes in to the 'wanting more' category, a bit like a Edgar Allen Poe story, we are thrust into the middle of the action. 

Above Photo: Screenshot from 'Them' © VULPINOSFilm, 2016

The film's creator Charles Bolprand takes a minimalist approach and this allows the viewer to create his or her own picture of horror. The film is a a very strong first effort for all involved, Claudia has a good look and displays her character openly. Claudia has a desire to branch out beyond her home country and 'Them' is a great way to begin her acting career.

Overall 'Them' is a very cool short film, the audience may be limited to horror genre, but fans of dramatic films may like the fact that this horror film spills no blood, just theater for the mind. 'Them' rates a 8 out of 10, great work, looking forward to seeing more.

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