Friday, January 27, 2017

FAN FILM: Wushu Ranger - feat. Janice Hung [Power Rangers] Movie Review

Greetings fans of Power Rangers worldwide. Over the past year I have been checking out some of the amazing content on YouTube by the Chris Cantada Force. They have produced so many cool fan films  related to the Power Rangers universe, I felf compelled to share their work and their YouTube channel.

Wushu Ranger is a 2 minute blast of insanity where a nerdy guy sets out to protect Janice Hung from what can be called a gang of small time thugs. Janice, elegant and strong, not to be deterred by these guys, quickly dispatches them, in a flurry of high kicks, and graceful yet brutal punches. Swift justice delivered! The creative team behind Wushu Ranger and in fact all of Chris Cantada is really unique and have great original ideas and creative choreography, displaying the particular talents of those in the projects. Wushu Ranger has over 1.2 million views on YouTube now, people are watching!

Above Photo: Janice Hung in 'Wushu Ranger'

Working on original content for YouTube, or any other outlet, requires a certain attention to detail and a savvy social media knowledge how to promote the final product. With over 168,000 YouTube followers and 120,000 Facebook likes, Chris Cantada understands the power or the social marketing tools, and directs content straight to his audience.

Above Photo: Chris Cantada Force from the Facebook page.

Wushu Ranger is expertly filmed, clear and easy to see. The action is close, but not too close. Cantada knows how to film the action. Janice is a really strikingly beautiful lady, yet enjoys the fight scenes and though this is strictly humorous, her ability is no joke, I am sure she can kick some ass for real if need be. Wushu Rangers rates a 7 out of 10, pretty funny and full of action.

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