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The Defenders- (2017) Season One T.V. Show Review (Netflix Series) Exclusive

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I had to binge! Here are my thoughts! 3-2-1-Go!

Right from the opening bell, the eight episode Netflix series Marvel's The Defenders takes off and blasts the underground running. We witness a massive fight with a kick ass cameo by a character called Shaft played deftly by amazing Chilean actor Marko Zaror, I kind of wish his scene was longer, who knows maybe for a new series they will bring him back.

What we have here, is an amalgamation story uniting all of the heroes, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and of course the Immortal Iron Fist. The elements from all the shows are there, but the cool thing is an added supreme ruler of The Hand Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra emerges to control an evil yet confused Elektra known as The Black Sky.

In early interviews actress Elodie Yung actually made it clear she never wanted to even return unless she was an evil character. The important thing and takeaway here is to speak up as a talent. Take a stand! Not wanting a stand alone series for Elktra was absolutely the correct move, in The Defenders, Elodie, along with her action double Lauren Mary Kim are just brutal and scary. No enigma, no BS, they are just a force, what is cool, the heroes are scared! As Jessica Jones says "Oh Shit" when The Black Sky cruises down the hallway!

The elements of epic are here Stick is back, well most of stick hahaha, watch and see! Of course we have the ever stready, cool as the other side of the pillow, Rosario Dawson. While only a mini series, The Defenders manages to pack enough in there for a massive scope without the set up and BS. Smartly the writers realized that if you have watched all four of the other series, you will be well versed on the main character backgrounds.

A few surprises and of course some truly memorable action permeate The Defenders. I few lengthy dialogue fill ins from Stick fill in the gaps nicely. Eight episodes is like a tease, but a lengthy one! Look for some cool cameos, and thankfully the action seems to be clearer and even more up close than in many of the other series. Elodie herself said she took more time to prepare herself for the action. Obviously, the other characters also are now more comfortable in their roles and it shows.  I will state that if anyone has not seen the other four series, it is suggested that you do so prior to wartching The Defenders or at least read up on it, that said it does work as a stand alone series

Overall, the series is 8 hours of violence, yet thoroughly enjoying story and engaging to watch. The Defenders Season One rates a slicing 9 out of 10! I suggest to run from The Black Sky!

Def order Netflix right now! if you do not already have it or sign in and watch!
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